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Universal Orlando Ride & Show Wait Times Based on Crowd Levels (including Diagon Alley)

You’ve used our Universal Orlando crowd calendar to determine how busy it’s going to be during your next visit to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Now use our handy timetables to see what kind of wait times you can expect for the individual attractions.

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Universal Orlando wait times based on crowd levels

Before you look at the numbers, please keep these two things in mind:

During the middle of the day… wait times will always be longest. It doesn’t matter if it is a busy day or a slow one – if you are trying to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at 12:00 pm, you’ll likely hit the longest lines of the day.

At the beginning or end of the day… wait times will always be the shortest. It doesn’t matter if it is a slow day or a busy one – if you are at the parks first thing in the morning, or if you are the last one leaving at the end of the night, you will experience the shortest waits.

Got it? Good! Now, let’s take a look at these “middle of the day” numbers:

Wait times based on crowd levels – Universal Studios Florida

Attraction wait times based on park crowd levels at Universal Studios Florida:

Wait Times at Universal Studios Florida
Wait Times at Universal Studios Florida

Wait times based on crowd levels – Islands of Adventure

Attraction wait times based on park crowd levels at Islands of Adventure:

Wait Times at Islands of Adventure
Wait Times at Islands of Adventure

Light blue: this is a water ride. Keep in mind that good or bad weather will significantly impact these wait times.

Wait times based on crowd levels – FAQ

We still have so much to cover:

How do I know how busy Universal will be?

Easy! Just visit our FREE 12-month Universal crowd calendar.

Can I check times myself?

Yes, you can – Universal’s mobile app allows guests to view attraction wait times.

(To find out more about internet access at Universal and the mobile app, visit this page in the OI Universal Center.)

I don’t want to wait this long – what should I do?

If you don’t like the wait times you’re seeing, consider getting Universal Express Passes (which can be purchased at a discounted price through Orlando Informer).

So, what if I have Express Passes?

We’ve been using Express Passes for several years in a variety of fashions – purchasing regular Express, staying on-site, using the Express access included with a Premier Annual Pass – and we have never waited more than 30 minutes for a ride. In fact, it’s rare that we have had to wait longer than 10 minutes. The only exception to this is Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios Florida, whose Express Pass wait can be up to half of the regular wait (so, if the standby line is 90 minutes, expect the Express line to be 20 to 30 minutes).

Three important reminders: Universal does not guarantee that you will wait less than a certain amount of time, Express Passes are not front-of-the-line passes, and some attractions do not participate in the Express program.

(Once again, to learn more, please visit our complete insider’s guide to Universal Express Passes.)

Do you have a question about the information on this page or would you like to provide feedback? Please let us know by posting in our Universal Community Facebook group.