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Where to go for the best seafood in Orlando

What’s a vacation in Florida without some great seafood? The Sunshine State is surrounded by water and is supplied with ample varieties of fresh fish, shellfish, and more. Throughout Orlando, you can find restaurants serving up fresh and delicious seafood. Take it from a local – these are the best restaurants to catch some fresh […]

Jason Bourne’s story explained

When The Bourne Identity was released in theaters in 2002, it heralded a whole new era in action filmmaking, shifting the focus from big, over-the-top set pieces (perhaps most perfectly exemplified by the Matrix trilogy) to smaller, more subtle sequences, with a particular emphasis on practical stunts and handheld, docu-style cinematography (as most effectively seen […]

6 must-try sweets and treats at Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is constantly evolving its attractions, experiences, and, most importantly (arguably), its desserts. These aren’t your average desserts, either – Universal dreams up the wildest flavors and combinations of goodies to bring unique character to each of its lands and destinations. The best part? Hustling around theme parks all day is the perfect […]

3 new additions to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2019

Over the years, Disney has almost perfected the art of maintaining classic elements while also introducing new ingredients at its sprawling theme-park resorts, perpetuating nostalgia while injecting just enough of the adrenaline of the new. It’s a heady brew, and it’s perhaps best exemplified by the crown jewel of its various holiday celebrations, Mickey’s Very […]

Transformers: Differences between Singapore, Hollywood, & Orlando

Transformers: The Ride – 3D is one of Universal’s most popular attractions, garnering enough fame over the past eight years to warrant its inclusion at three separate Universal locations across the globe (soon to be four, if we include the upcoming Universal Studios Beijing). And although Transformers’s queue story and ride experience are essentially the same […]

The ultimate guide to International Drive

International Drive has served as a major corridor for Orlando visitors since 1972. It was originally conceived by a lawyer and real estate developer, Finley Hamilton, and his partner, Jack Zimmer – the story goes the two named it “International Drive” because “it sounds important.” It would be difficult to dispute that I-Drive is, in fact, […]

8 ghost and cemetery tours in Central Florida

Orlando’s world-class attractions make it the number-one tourist area in the world, but what if vacationers aren’t the only beings this destination attracts? Consider this: ghosts and spirits are believed to congregate here, too! I’ve consulted my Ouija board and conjured up Central Florida’s best ghost tours to satisfy those who seek the more spirited […]

Remembering DisneyQuest

In 1965, when a mysterious land deal was reported near Orlando, Florida for (what would become) 25,000 acres, no one could imagine the (Disney) world that would unfold before their very eyes between 1971 and today. Even with all this space, however, there comes a time when everyone simply moves on; Walt Disney World Resort is […]