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8 ghost and cemetery tours in Central Florida

Orlando’s world-class attractions make it the number-one tourist area in the world, but what if vacationers aren’t the only beings this destination attracts? Consider this: ghosts and spirits are believed to congregate here, too! I’ve consulted my Ouija board and conjured up Central Florida’s best ghost tours to satisfy those who seek the more spirited […]

Remembering DisneyQuest

In 1965, when a mysterious land deal was reported near Orlando, Florida for (what would become) 25,000 acres, no one could imagine the (Disney) world that would unfold before their very eyes between 1971 and today. Even with all this space, however, there comes a time when everyone simply moves on; Walt Disney World Resort is […]

How and when to tip in Orlando

When traveling, it’s always a good decision to research a few things prior to departure. What’s the weather like? What’s some native wildlife you might encounter? How should you dress? And, of course, do we tip, and, if so, how much? Tipping is customary here in the United States, and in Orlando, specifically, our hospitality […]