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Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and LEGOLAND close due to COVID-19

FINAL UPDATE (6:09 pm, 05.07): Disney has just announced the very beginning of a slow, phased reopening of its Walt Disney World Resort, starting specifically with Disney Springs. For the latest on this front, please see our comprehensive article, which will also be continuously updated with the latest information. – The state of affairs surrounding […]

Universal will reopen on June 5

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter celebrates its one-year anniversary

It’s no question that the story of Harry Potter has cast an enchantment spell on the theme-park and entertainment industry ever since The Wizarding World of Harry Potter first opened its doors to Hogwarts in 2010. Although one could argue that the franchise was already culturally significant prior to its theme-park era, I would state that one […]

Universal will reopen on June 5

Is there a documentary on Universal Orlando? 5 fun sources for Universal trivia

Whether Universal Orlando is practically part of your DNA or you’re a new fan, it’s always a blast to learn more about a destination that brings such joy and excitement to so many. With tons of franchises at its fingertips and a unique approach to ride concepts, it’s fascinating to learn how the resort unfolded. […]

Universal will reopen on June 5

6 best signature nonalcoholic beverages at Universal Orlando

Since bringing JK Rowling’s Butterbeer to fruition for guests’ enjoyment, Universal Orlando Resort has taken the lead in incorporating beverages to captivate yet another one of your senses during your theme-park experience – both Universal Studios Florida  and Islands of Adventure are home to bold, nonalcoholic beverages that help make you feel like you’re part of the stories that […]

Universal will reopen on June 5

Jason Bourne’s story explained

When The Bourne Identity was released in theaters in 2002, it heralded a whole new era in action filmmaking, shifting the focus from big, over-the-top set pieces (perhaps most perfectly exemplified by the Matrix trilogy) to smaller, more subtle sequences, with a particular emphasis on practical stunts and handheld, docu-style cinematography (as most effectively seen […]

6 must-try sweets and treats at Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is constantly evolving its attractions, experiences, and, most importantly (arguably), its desserts. These aren’t your average desserts, either – Universal dreams up the wildest flavors and combinations of goodies to bring unique character to each of its lands and destinations. The best part? Hustling around theme parks all day is the perfect […]

Universal will reopen on June 5

Ellen DeGeneres Show’s spring break at Universal Orlando

From her humble beginnings of doing stand-up comedy, Ellen DeGeneres has established herself as a staple in entertainment via her former sitcom Ellen and current daytime talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. During the latter’s third season, Ellen’s popularity became so immense that she filmed her show at Universal Orlando Resort. Given her fame and how […]

Universal will reopen on June 5

Transformers: Differences between Singapore, Hollywood, & Orlando

Transformers: The Ride – 3D is one of Universal’s most popular attractions, garnering enough fame over the past eight years to warrant its inclusion at three separate Universal locations across the globe (soon to be four, if we include the upcoming Universal Studios Beijing). And although Transformers’s queue story and ride experience are essentially the same […]

Universal will reopen on June 5