Universal Orlando

4 best times to go to Universal Orlando

The number-one question Orlando locals likely receive (outside of, “Hey, do you know how to get discounted tickets to the parks?”) might be, “When is the best time to come to Universal Orlando?” It’s a heavy question. It’s a deep question. It’s… well, complicated, at best. And it might be the number-one question we locals […]

Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and LEGOLAND close due to COVID-19

Jason Bourne’s story explained

When The Bourne Identity was released in theaters in 2002, it heralded a whole new era in action filmmaking, shifting the focus from big, over-the-top set pieces (perhaps most perfectly exemplified by the Matrix trilogy) to smaller, more subtle sequences, with a particular emphasis on practical stunts and handheld, docu-style cinematography (as most effectively seen […]

6 must-try sweets and treats at Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is constantly evolving its attractions, experiences, and, most importantly (arguably), its desserts. These aren’t your average desserts, either – Universal dreams up the wildest flavors and combinations of goodies to bring unique character to each of its lands and destinations. The best part? Hustling around theme parks all day is the perfect […]

4 best times to go to Universal Orlando

Ellen DeGeneres Show’s spring break at Universal Orlando

From her humble beginnings of doing stand-up comedy, Ellen DeGeneres has established herself as a staple in entertainment via her former sitcom Ellen and current daytime talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. During the latter’s third season, Ellen’s popularity became so immense that she filmed her show at Universal Orlando Resort. Given her fame and how […]

4 best times to go to Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Hollywood vs. Universal Orlando Resort

Under my more theme park-oriented hat, I’m often asked by Universal Orlando Resort guests if it’s worth visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, and my answer is yes, absolutely. Sure, there are some similarities, but there are plenty of reasons to make it worth visiting – to assume otherwise could cause you to miss out on what may […]

4 best times to go to Universal Orlando

Transformers: Differences between Singapore, Hollywood, & Orlando

Transformers: The Ride – 3D is one of Universal’s most popular attractions, garnering enough fame over the past eight years to warrant its inclusion at three separate Universal locations across the globe (soon to be four, if we include the upcoming Universal Studios Beijing). And although Transformers’s queue story and ride experience are essentially the same […]

4 best times to go to Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando: Can staying club level actually save you money?

Everyone loves going to Universal Orlando Resort for vacation, and everyone loves saving money. Therefore, what could be better than doing both? I’m not great at math, but there are more than a few ways to save a little cash while visiting Universal, including not only staying at one of the many Universal hotels, but also […]

4 best times to go to Universal Orlando

Lagoon show announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2019

It used to be par the course for Halloween Horror Nights to feature multiple live shows, but when Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure was cancelled after its 27th season in 2017, Universal allowed its entertainment roster to dip to just one entry. This year, however, the company is setting the production ship straight again […]

4 best times to go to Universal Orlando

House of 1,000 Corpses announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2019

It’s the homecoming that we never thought we’d see: Rob Zombie is returning to Halloween Horror Nights, along with his signature creation, House of a 1,000 Corpses. We say “returning” because – well, it’s a long, wild story. You better sit back and strap yourself in. With Horror Nights really starting to take off at […]

4 best times to go to Universal Orlando

Bigfire is replacing Emeril’s at Universal Orlando

On May 8, 2018, word unexpectedly arrived that Emeril’s Orlando, that long-standing anchor of CityWalk, would be permanently closing up shop on July 7. Speculation immediately turned to just what would be succeeding the venerable venue, given its central location in the dining/shopping/entertainment district, specifically, and given the trend of what all the other recent replacements […]