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Constellation Carousel at Universal Epic Universe

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What is Constellation Carousel? 

Constellation Carousel inside Universal Epic Universe
Constellation Carousel inside Universal Epic Universe

This carousel isn’t your typical merry-go-round; it features a variety of celestial creatures like lions, dragons, and peacocks. As each creature rotates 360 degrees, riders are gently lifted up to 6 feet in the air, adding extra excitement to the ride. This imaginative twist on a classic theme park attraction is designed to captivate visitors of all ages.

Where is Constellation Carousel? 

In Celestial Park, which is in Universal Epic Universe

Constellation Carousel – height restrictions and other factors

A supervising companion is required for riders under 48 inches, and handheld infants are not permitted. 

Constellation Carousel – OI fun facts

The Constellation Carousel’s ceiling features an enchanting Star Tracker, showcasing rotating celestial star patterns. At its center, the Mesmerizer creates a captivating ribbon cone effect overhead. 

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