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9 incredible photos around the water at Islands of Adventure


Being a photographer that is a fan of crazy colors and nighttime photography, my favorite park to visit when the sun goes down is Universal’s Islands of Adventure. From Marvel Superhero Island to Seuss Landing, each land provides plenty of color and immersion when taking a nighttime stroll. However, I believe that the real color from each land really starts to show when looking across the lagoon, situated in the middle of the theme park.

In fact, just about every land (excluding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) has a direct viewing point over the water that is easily accessible for guests during any time of the day. Not only do these viewing areas provide beautiful views of each land at Islands of Adventure, but they also provide an escape away from the crazy crowds on some of the busier days of the year. To showcase some of the beautiful views and reflections that the lands and the water give off at night, here are nine of my favorite photos around Islands.

1. The call to Adventure

Islands of Adventure lagoon

Taken from the front of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center back in December of 2015. The sky was just right and the Islands of Adventure Lighthouse was shining bright!

2. Hulk Smashed

Hulk across Islands of Adventure lagoon

At the moment, this is the current vision of the Incredible Hulk from across the water at Jurassic Park. It will be interesting to look back at this photo in the summer and see just how far Universal has come with this attraction.

3. Seuss Landing, Port of Entry, Marvel Superhero Island, and Toon Lagoon

Islands of Adventure lagoon

Personally, I love being able to capture multiple islands in one photo. It really shows off the diversity of this theme park. To others, it can be a bit of an overwhelming view and I completely understand!

4. A Sunset for the Superheroes

Marvel Superhero Island from across the lagoon

One benefit of shooting over water at night is catching the reflections of both the land and the sunset. Here, Florida was blessed with a crazy color palette in the sky.

5. Multiple Landings

Islands of Adventure lagoon

Again, there are quite a few lands in this photo. In the distance you can see the S.S. Olive Oyl and Jurassic Park River Adventure. Plus, a familiar green ride is just off to the left; can you see it?

6. The Old Hulk

Hulk from Islands of Adventure lagoon

I know that there were many reasons it was time for Hulk to be refurbished and reconstructed with brand new elements, but man do I miss the roar of this beast when wandering Islands of Adventure!

7. Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade from across the Islands of Adventure lagoon

Aside from Hogwarts being visible above the Jurassic Park tree-line and from Marvel Superhero Island (seen here), The Wizarding World is pretty much tucked away from the water around Islands of Adventure.

8. Views from Superhero Island

Islands of Adventure lagoon

Marvel Superhero Island provides a great view of Hogwarts Castle above the Jurassic Park jungle. Oh, and Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, and Lost Continent don’t look too bad either!

9. The Discovery Center

Jurassic Park Discovery Center from Islands of Adventure lagoon

This view of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center from the Port of Entry has to be my favorite scene in all of Islands of Adventure. Then again, I am a Jurassic Park fan!

We’ve taken you on a tour around the lagoon centerpiece of Islands of Adventure. Now it’s time to plan your own trip to Universal Orlando Resort to see these beautiful views and all of the nighttime colors of the lands in person. Check out the over 200 pages of Universal Planning information Universal planning information or let Orlando Informer Travel help plan and book your vacation by calling visiting or calling (844) ORL-INFO.

What was your favorite photo of Islands of Adventure around the water? Let us know in the comments below.

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Trevor Aydelotte is an aspiring photographer that lives in the Central Florida area. He enjoys anything Orlando, spending time in the gym, and watching his Florida Gators battle it out during the college football season. For more of Trevor’s photography, simply search for ‘orlandobrothas’ on Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram.

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