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REVIEW: Monster Makeover at Universal Studios Florida


A monster transformation is a quintessential moment in many horror genre films. Given that Universal Studios Florida celebrates the art of movie-making, it is only fitting that visitors would have the chance to experience this firsthand. By sitting in the Monster Makeover chair, guests can witness the creative process behind bringing these characters to life while honoring the craftsmanship of movie production. 

Nestled within the Five & Dime store in the Hollywood area, a red carpet welcomes guests to the Monster Makeover lab. This unique spot is open to guests aged six and above, offering a choice among 38 styles ranging from the eerily macabre to whimsical bat-themed designs. These transformations are $125 for a full face of makeup and $65 for a half-face (before tax). While seated in the makeover chair, you can be accompanied by one additional person. This arrangement not only allows them to witness the artistry in action but also enables them to capture the moment if they would like.

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Excited to explore this new experience, we sent our bravest souls, Anna and Tyler, to embark on this transformation into monstrous marvels. Anna embraced a striking, patchwork monster appearance, choosing option three, with Tyler leaning into the classic horror genre by selecting option two’s Frankenstein-esque appearance. 

The metamorphosis into these alter egos took approximately 45 minutes each. The magic behind these looks? Masterful application of makeup utilizing airbrush techniques. Before our eyes, the artists transformed their skin into living canvases, with each stroke infusing life and personality into their new personas. Considering the challenges posed by the Florida sun and the bustling activities of a theme park, the artists applied a sealant to keep these masterpieces in place. After all, even monsters deserve to enjoy the thrill of roller coasters without a smudge!

The end result? It’s nothing short of incredible. We wholeheartedly urge every monster movie buff to dive into this monster makeover experience, bringing the chilling thrills of the silver screen directly to your visage. This experience is all about stepping into the shoes of cinematic legends, bringing a piece of that dark, thrilling world into reality. Don’t miss the chance to see yourself in a new, monstrous light!

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