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Swamp Snacks (quick-service) at Universal Studios Florida

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Shrekzel with Green Cheese from Swamp Snacks
Shrekzel with Green Cheese from Swamp Snacks

What is Swamp Snacks?

Indulge in an ogre-worthy feast at Swamp Snacks, a kiosk offering an array of Shrek-inspired delicacies.

Where is Swamp Snacks located? 

In DreamWorks Land, which is in Universal Studios Florida.

What is Swamp Snacks’ opening date? 

June 14, 2024

Swamp Dog from Swamp Snacks
Swamp Dog from Swamp Snacks


Far Far A Waffle – $11.49
Pepperoni or Ham & Cheese

Shrekzel – $12.29
Served with cheese

Swamp Dog – $9.49
Oozing green cheese hot dog wrapped in pizza tree bark

Mud Puddle Pudding – $5.99
Chocolate pudding, cookie crumbs, cookie cake, and gummy bugs

Frozen Ogre Sour Apple Ice Pop – $6.99

Chonkey Donkey Chocolate Ice Pop – $6.99


Bottled Water – $5.75

Powerade – $5.50

Monster Energy – $5.50

20 oz Draft Beer
Warsteiner Pilsner – $12.75
Miller Lite – $11.00

Angry Orchard & Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing – $11.00
Nütrl & High Noon – $12.00

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