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A Day in the Park with Barney at Universal Studios Florida

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The entrance to A Day in the Park with Barney

What is A Day in the Park with Barney?

A Day in the Park with Barney is a lighthearted sing-along show where youngsters can see their favorite purple dinosaur in person. Featuring several classic kid songs and a “dance party” with Barney and his pals, this attraction is a great choice for families with little ones who love the TV show. There is also an interactive indoor playground designed for very young kids – called Barney’s Backyard – in the same building.

Where is A Day in the Park with Barney located?

In Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone, which is in Universal Studios Florida.

A Day in the Park with Barney – height restrictions and other factors

This attraction is accessible to all, and it also offers Express Pass access.

A Day in the Park with Barney – what you wish you knew before you experienced it

Barney performs a musical number on stage

A Day in the Park with Barney is very much geared towards toddlers and young children – older children and teenagers might not find the simple nature of the show to be as enjoyable. If you do not have littles ones in your party, you shouldn’t worry too much about fitting Barney into your schedule.

How scary is A Day in the Park with Barney?

We rate Day in the Park with Barney zero out of five purple dinosaurs in terms of fear factor – this attraction is as child-friendly as it gets! There is only a brief moment of darkness before the stage lights come up to welcome Barney and his pals, and a short segment that plays soft rain and thunder sounds. Neither scene, however, is meant to be frightening.

What are the showtimes for A Day in the Park with Barney?

The first show of the day is typically around noon; they then occur about every hour and a half after that. Please note that the doors for Barney close immediately when the production begins, so get there early!

Sample summer show schedule: 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 2:00, 3:15, 4:30

What was A Day in the Park with Barney’s premiere date?

July 11, 1995

A Day in the Park with Barney OI fun fact

Dialogue recordings of Bob West, the original voice actor for Barney, are still used in A Day in the Park to this day, despite his retirement from the television show in 2000 (which ended nine years later – though you can still catch reruns on the Universal Kids channel).

A Day in the Park with Barney – photo gallery

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A Day in the Park with Barney – real guest reviews

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A Day in the Park with Barney
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Susan Taylor on A Day in the Park with Barney
Amazing Show
Date Of Last Visit: October 2011

I took my 1 1/2 Barney Fan to see this show. Nothing was more amazing then to look at her reaction when Barney and his friends came out on stage and sang all of her favorite songs.
I know Barney is not the newest thing for kids, but he has so much more to offer then some of the newer toddler shows. Universal does a great job of making this show entertaining for all ages.

by Jake on A Day in the Park with Barney
Old IP, Quality Show
Date Of Last Visit: 6/22/16

It is a good, high quality theme park production. Sure the IP is outdated, but still a good show for the little ones.

by K Medrano on A Day in the Park with Barney
Barney Show
Date Of Last Visit: August 2014

Any parent knows that it is hard to keep a toddler entertained so when I found out the show was still there we went to see it 3 times! Thank you for keeping Barney because my son loves it!

by Elysia Benn on A Day in the Park with Barney
Keep him!
Date Of Last Visit: June 1998

Oh my gosh I cannot believe this show is still actually there. This show has fantastic memories for me. In 1998 (my first orlando trip when I was 6), I was the biggest Barney the dinosaur fan! All I wanted to do was meet him, when we found this show I was so excited! Not only did I get to see him, but he sang all of my favourite songs and even had leaves and snowflakes falling into the audience. I was mesmerized! Also, I'm not sure if they still have this, because obviously I am too grown up now to visit, but they had an indoor interactive playground too which was educational and fun. I remember lots of slides and some musical water. It was just so fun to a 6 year old girl.

by andy on A Day in the Park with Barney
Get rid of it!
Date Of Last Visit: 05/17/14

Seriously who watches Barney anymore. There are so many more educational, fun, entertaining toddler shows. Barney is over and dated. Either put a different show there or knock it down and put a fun toddler/small children ride that they will love. In fact that entire area of the studios needs a major face lift. Love what you did with Seussville. Now something like that needs to be done in the Studios as well.

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