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Anyone ever add a beach day?

Share & Discover More Today, 07:04 PM
Hubby, older daughter and I love the parks. Younger daughter (age 16), not so much. I am trying to incorporate other activities that might please her and was hoping for suggestions. Especially from anyone who has added a day at a beach to their Universal vacation. Thanks!
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Birthday Discounts at CityWalk resturants?

Universal CityWalk Today, 03:59 PM
Are there any dining discounts for your birthday for any restaurants in CityWalk? Like free app or dessert...similar to Earl of Sandwich offering a free sandwich for your birthday? 
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Finnegan's Reservation 3:15 way too early?

Halloween Horror Nights Today, 01:23 PM
I finally got off my behind and called to make a reservation and am now kicking myself for not doing it the moment I knew our dates.  Anyway, the latest they had on any of the days we are attending was 3:15 p.m.  So I scheduled it, but am not sure if I'll keep it... particularly since t...
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Touring Plan Question..Diagon Alley First

Universal Studios Florida Today, 10:13 AM
We (family of four...husband, two daughters, 10 and 16, and myself) are going to Universal for the first time spring break 2016. We are planning to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. So, as I'm looking through the touring plans, I noticed that the Universal plans have you using early entry and waiting...
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Park opens at 8am-- Does Early Admission still happen?

Touring, Planning & Two-Park Topics 03 Jul 2015
According to the Universal website and app the opening hours for the park are 8 am in July. Does that mean that there is not early entrance for guests at Universal hotels? I'm not staying at one, but I would like to know for planning purposes what exactly is happening.
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Express Pass - Is it really necessary....IF....?

Touring, Planning & Two-Park Topics 02 Jul 2015
Hello Everybody!  I was hoping I can get your honest opinion on this topic.   Is it really necessary to purchase the Express Pass if:   1. I bought 3 days Park to Park tickets. 2. My family does not go on any roller coaster rides....no roller coaster, no Free Falls, no major thrill...
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What age does universal start finger scanning?

Islands of Adventure 02 Jul 2015
Does universal only scan adults or children too? I believe children ticket ages stop at 9 or 10 years old I was just curious if they finger print 4 years olds or they just get green lighted and enter
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Water taxi for non resident

Hard Rock Hotel 01 Jul 2015
Does anyone know if we can use the water taxi to get to Hard rock hotel and back again? We are not staying onsite but do have park to park tickets. Also, is there a hard rock merchandise shop at the hotel? My friend would really like something from there if I can get there! We have a car but it w...
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Help Deciding...which deluxe?

Universal's On-Site Hotels 01 Jul 2015
My family of four including my husband, two daughters ages 17 and 11 are planning to take our first trip to universal the first week of April (6th-9th).  We would like to stay at a deluxe with club level (from what I read the cl could be really beneficial with my kids). For reference we like...
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Looking for people for VIP RIP Tour - Thurs Sept 25

Halloween Horror Nights 01 Jul 2015
Hey everyone. My wife and I and another couple are wanting to do VIP RIP Tour on Thursday Sept 25   We have possibly 6 people, leaving 4 spots open in a VIP RIP Tour group   If you call Universal they will give you the price breakouts for VIP vs nonVIP, but if you can fill a group of 10...
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  • Hpfanatic14's Photo
    Why the Wizarding World is the most magical place on Earth

    Hpfanatic14 - Today, 06:13 PM

    I also grew up with Harry Potter in a way. I was 11 when the book was read to my class and 12 when the first movie came out. I owned all the books, however I never read them until much later. I even stood in line at midnight to buy the books even though I didn't read them. My mom read them and wa...
  • RAB2018's Photo
    Why the Wizarding World is the most magical place on Earth

    RAB2018 - Yesterday, 08:34 PM

    I completely agree.  The WWoHP is one of my favorite places.  My son is now 7, but he was 6 this past fall when we visited the parks.  Prior to going, we read the first three books and watched the first three films.  On the day that we left I had him get the mail.  In it,...
  • Bernadette's Photo
    Why the Wizarding World is the most magical place on Earth

    Bernadette - Yesterday, 03:39 PM

    I remember all of the Harry hulabaloo but didn't grow up with Harry, either, so to speak, like Potterluva. I loved the films from day one then I was anxious as anything to get to the park. In love from stepping foot into Hogsmeade. It was a solo love at the time until when we returned and my then...
  • POTTERLUVA's Photo
    Why the Wizarding World is the most magical place on Earth

    POTTERLUVA - Yesterday, 02:36 PM

    I have to agree with this article......however, I did not grow up with Harry.........I discovered Harry for my kids and fell in love with him right away.....I read all the books and listened to them on tape and saw all the movies numerous times......I became infatuated with anything Harry which l...
  • Future Boy's Photo
    The theme park queue of the future

    Future Boy - Jul 04 2015 02:08 PM

    I think this is an idea that has a tremendous amount of potential. My personal favorite for the queue theming is Spider-Man. But I'm also a massive comic geek. Harry does take the cake though, at least until Kong gets back in the parks. Dudley, however, takes the pastries.
  • MattLynch91's Photo
    3 massive holes Universal needs to plug

    MattLynch91 - Jul 03 2015 02:49 PM

    Great article as always Marc, very interesting!   I love Universal most of all for it's theming, I would say quite obviously Universal and Disney are the best "theme parks" in the world.   Where the Cedar Points, Six Flags, Alton Towers and Thorpe Parks of this world are amusement and n...
  • Chuck Plagmann's Photo
    3 massive holes Universal needs to plug

    Chuck Plagmann - Jul 03 2015 11:14 AM

    Actually, I think the hole that needs to be plugged is more for those people who do not do thrill rides.  Both for medical reasons and personal inclination, my family can't -- no roller coasters, no multi-story drops, not even something as tame as a ferris wheel.  I know, it sounds ho...

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