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All the different deals lead to so much confusion!

Tickets, Transportation, Vacation Packages & Promotions Today, 12:29 AM
Hello - Confused newbie here.   I am in the process of planning my family's first trip to Universal Orlando for mid-July. Our main goal is to enjoy Wizarding World, anything else will be a bonus. We will be staying in Orlando for four nights and visiting the parks on Sun - Tues. We are...
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Queue Theming and Express Passes

Touring, Planning & Two-Park Topics Yesterday, 03:02 PM
Which queues at Universal feature theming? Or which queues don't feature theming, and can be safely ignored using the Express Pass? Any info would be appreciated. 
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What to expect for Pitbull concert weekend

Annual Events & Special Celebrations 22 May 2015
I booked my trip months ago and recently found out that Pitbull will be perforning the weekend that we will be there.     We are staying at the Hard Rock and usually like to go back to the hotel for Happy Hour/dinner.    In the past we have seen Ne-Yo and Huey Lewis and n...
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Favorite Houses from the past

Halloween Horror Nights 21 May 2015
As we wait for more official announcements regarding HHN25, I think it might be fun to find out what people's favorite past HHN houses are.  I have been attending Horror Nights for almost 15 years and therefore it's very difficult for me to narrow down my list of favorites.  Also, I rea...
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What days are you attending HHN 25?

Halloween Horror Nights 20 May 2015
Since the planning thread is getting large and cumbersome, I thought this would be a way to break it down a bit and help us plan.   Seeing that not everyone is going on every night HHN that are in Orlando (weirdo's )   Plus yesterday's announcement has me all hyped up.    So...
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What's happening at Universal on June 3rd?

Hard Rock Hotel 20 May 2015
I noticed that Hard Rock is fully booked the week of June 1st.  I also noticed that the park has reduced hours on Wednesday of that week.  What is going on people?  Anyone know?  Booked up hotels?  Parked with reduced hours.  Is there a company renting out the park a...
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Universal Studios in 25 years time...

Universal Studios Florida 20 May 2015
We all know that USF is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year and in that time a lot of rides and attractions have come and gone which has left only E.T and the Horror & Make Up show (by & large) that are still there in their original form. Who would have guessed that 25 years ago?!...
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How far in advance to book Universal Vacation (and by pho...

Touring, Planning & Two-Park Topics 20 May 2015
I am planning to visit Universal Orlando for 4 days (3 nights) this December (the crowd calendar says I'm going the week of December 6, 2015).   How far in advance should I book my hotel, park admission, extras (and flight)?   At Disney, it is recommended to book 6 months in advance, pa...
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Where can I find Universal's park hours?

Touring, Planning & Two-Park Topics 19 May 2015
Does anyone know what time the parks open and close in June? I'm trying to figure out a schedule and it just states moderate. I'm hoping its 9 ot 10 pm close I would love to see the parks all lite up.
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Picking up tickets early?

Touring, Planning & Two-Park Topics 19 May 2015
Hoping you guys can help. We are going to Universal next week, Yay!!! We are checking into Cabana Bay Friday evening and are not going to the parks. Saturday we check into Royal Pacific for two nights. The tickets are part of the Royal Pacific portion of the trip. Can I get my tickets and Express...
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Latest Blog Comments

  • ParksByDoom's Photo
    How Universal dropped the ball with Harry Potter

    ParksByDoom - Today, 10:42 AM

    It always did bother me it was night for the forest and Whomping Willow scene but light for the others...
  • P. Umbridge's Photo
    How Universal dropped the ball with Harry Potter

    P. Umbridge - Yesterday, 10:19 AM

    I think your article completely misses the "marc".  Continuity be darned, the question should be, did it transport you to the fantasy in your mind the first time you experienced it?  And for me, that was a resounding YES!  I was astounded at all the tiny details they had included a...
  • Saloria's Photo
    How Universal dropped the ball with Harry Potter

    Saloria - Yesterday, 09:51 AM

    We just got back from Universal last night. It was my second trip (but first time in Diagon Alley) but my kids and brothers first trip there. I am definitely the hugest HP nerd out of everyone I know but my brother does have an appreciation for the series (movies - he has never read the books). H...
  • ThoroughbredOfSin's Photo
    How Universal dropped the ball with Harry Potter

    ThoroughbredOfSin - Yesterday, 08:15 AM

    I had no problem with Hogwarts not being exactly laid out like the films and books. I never thought it would be. I appreciated as an homage to the concept. All theme parks require a suspension of disbelief, and I found Hogwarts' queue to be a fine place to suspend disbelief. However, I'm not a fa...
  • Narcissa's Photo
    How Universal dropped the ball with Harry Potter

    Narcissa - Yesterday, 07:26 AM

    I love it.  I know a lot of people nitpick the storyline of FJ, and the continuity flow of Hogwarts itself.  I'm with my pals above me here.  I'm such a Potterhead, I absolutely adore it.  It's probably my favorite place to go in both parks.  I may or may not have flatten...
  • Kathy1's Photo
    How Universal dropped the ball with Harry Potter

    Kathy1 - May 22 2015 08:16 PM

    It didn't bother me at all because I never expectedly it to be authentic. In fact, I expected a Cinderella's castle (a pretty building with a gift shop inside.) So it exceeded my expectations in every possible way! I've never teared up in a Theme Park the way I do every single time I walk into...
  • BangBang!!'s Photo
    How Universal dropped the ball with Harry Potter

    BangBang!! - May 22 2015 05:53 PM

    Hogwarts and FJ is basically a Potter Greatest Hits. I know they're all off different albums but it's great to have them all in one place!

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