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Problems with extra 3 free months

Annual Passes, APHs & Loyalty Programs Today, 07:40 PM
First post, but long time reader. A quick thanks for keeping this site up and the same writers, some of the best information on Orlando entertainment out there. Anyone purchase a Florida pass online last year with the three months free offer? I found out I didn't get my extra 3 months. I called...
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Itinerary for touring Harry Potter?

Hogsmeade & Diagon Alley Vacation Planning Yesterday, 03:23 AM
Where's the best one-day Harry Potter itinerary for a busy day? We want to do it all.
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Is this within walking distance?

Royal Pacific Resort Yesterday, 03:18 AM
We are interested in one of the onsite hotels with the closest walk to Universal. We will be arriving the night before, and want to hit the parks for early entry the next morning, and just want to walk (don't want to worry about parking the car). Which onsite hotel would be closest? Would you adv...
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Upgrading Tickets?

Annual Passes, APHs & Loyalty Programs 27 Mar 2015
We bought 3-park 14-day passes for our recent trip.  After we left Uni I learned that my parents will be moving to FL so an annual pass would be a good deal.  I have returned home and tried to upgrade our tickets (there is still time left on them) over the phone.  Guest Services to...
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What characters are apart of the character dinner?

Universal's On-Site Hotels 27 Mar 2015
The Kitchen will have their character dinner on a Wednesday during our stay.  Since we are planning on trying The Kitchen anyway, I decided to go for it. This is not a must-do but a fun addition.  I know I've seen info but now of course I can't find what I'm looking for.    1)...
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Metal Detectors Test at Rockit

Universal Studios Florida 25 Mar 2015
Here is my thoughts on the recent test of Metal Detectors at the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket Today: While I agree this maybe a bit extreme. Universal is not doing this to prevent you from losing things on a ride, because they could not care less if you lose your stuff. What they do care a...
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Something special for wedding anniversary?

Touring, Planning & Two-Park Topics 25 Mar 2015
Hi. My wife and I will be spending the night at HRH and going to HHN this year, and we will also be celebrating our own 25th wedding anniversary on the same night. What suggestions do people have for something special that will make it even more memorable? Kenny
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Question about tickets delivered from UT?

Tickets, Transportation, Vacation Packages & Promotions 24 Mar 2015
We ordered 2 adult and 2 child 3 park unlimited tix from UT and got them in the mail today. The adult tix say 3 park unlimited but the child's tix say "14 day 3 park child". Just wanna make sure they are the same thing as far as using them for park to oark access, more than 1 park per day, etc. I...
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Why I won't be around for a while

Announcements & Terms of Use 24 Mar 2015
You have time for a story? 'Cause -- man -- I've got a dozy for you. I'd like to tell you about how my year has progressed thus far. Don't worry -- there's a payoff at the end (it isn't just for torture, I promise!). As many of you know, my father has been battling cancer off and on for the pas...
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Hulk Evacuation (3/24)

Islands of Adventure 24 Mar 2015
Just heard this on our local news - here's a live feed: http://www.wftv.com/...-event-1/v7PNh/   Update: Copter has left the site. If anyone gets more on the story, please post.
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