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Expres pass for infant?

Tickets, Transportation, Vacation Packages & Promotions Today, 02:43 AM
Hi, we're thinking of booking a holiday in UO August 2016. If we book at Royal pacific, would our infant get an expres pass as well? There are a few family attractions in the parc. If all adults have expres passes, does the infant need one as well?
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HHN Newb

Halloween Horror Nights Yesterday, 09:41 AM
Hello Everyone!   I have been following HHN for years and used to live in Florida as a child. I have been to Universal a few times and attended IOA in its first year with my middle school. I now live in SC and will be returning Oct 9 and 10 for our anniversary. We have tickets to HHN Friday...
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Express Pass

Tickets, Transportation, Vacation Packages & Promotions 02 Oct 2015
Does the Royal Pacific give complimentary express pass? How does it work? Is there a limit to how much I can use it per day?
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On-site hotel availability weekend of 11/6 - 11/8.

Share & Discover More 02 Oct 2015
The crowd calendar indicates that crowd levels will be low during this weekend but the majority of the on-site hotels don't have any rooms available. Does anyone know why?
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Mardi Gras 2016

Annual Events & Special Celebrations 01 Oct 2015
Hi all hoping for advice, suggestions, and tips. Going to Universal first weekend in Feb and just realized Mardi Gras starts that weekend. Has anyone been and do you have suggestions, things we have to do or see, things to skip.
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Phone charge lockers

Universal Studios Florida 01 Oct 2015
Can someone tell me how these work please? Do you need to provide a cable - or is it on the same principle as the charge mats?
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Should we get Express pass?

Halloween Horror Nights 01 Oct 2015
Hi guys.. I've been trying to do a lot of research and I figured this was the best place to go. My friends and I are planning to attend HHN on October 14th (a Wednesday). I can't tell if we should get an express pass or not. Can anyone gauge how long the waits might roughly be on this particular...
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When do Christmas decorations show up?

Universal Studios Florida 01 Oct 2015
Hey,   I looked everywhere but couldn't find this.  When do Christmas decorations begin to appear in the park and also at the hotels?  I know that the Christmas "events" usually don't start until December.  But do actual decorations appear in the parks and hotels before then?...
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Halloween Horror Nights 01 Oct 2015
Any reports of what is happening at Finnegan's... are people just walking up for a table on HHN nights?  And if so, what is a good time to get there to avoid a long wait?   I do have a reservation for 3:15 on 10/4, but I might cancel if I could get a table later by just showing up.
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EP question

Universal's On-Site Hotels 01 Oct 2015
When we stayed onsite in may, it was only EP to Hogsmeade. Now ive been reading that a bunch of people are getting to use it for Diagon Alley as of late. Is this just on HHN mornings or is there some sort of schedule on which day they do it?
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