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World Expo at Universal Studios Florida

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The World's Fair observation towers hover above the Men in Black Alien Attack ride building
Catch the 1964 World’s Fair vibes at World Expo, Universal Studios Florida

What is World Expo?

The World Expo area of Universal Studios Florida was originally designed to replicate the set of the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens, New York, though it was meant as more of a catch-all premise (not unlike Production Central) to house such diverse experiences as (the now-closed) Back to the Future: The Ride and a recreation of the (now dismantled) mansion from the Pyscho film franchise.

Although this area has seen more than its fair share of changes over the decades – most recently when a giant swath of the land was given over to the expansion of Springfield: Home of the Simpsons, making World Expo just a tiny sliver of its former self – it still manages to blend the theme park’s past and future through architecture and ambiance, while the sheer fun of Men in Black Alien Attack makes up for the foreshortened acreage.

Where is World Expo located?

In Universal Studios Florida.

World Expo – Attractions

The entrance to the Men In Black: Alien Attack attraction
Test your sharpshooting skills on Men in Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida

Men in Black Alien Attack

The storyline for this ride has a fun layered element: as you enter a World’s Fair attraction called “The Universe and You,” your tour is diverted, and you end up as a new recruit for the Men in Black, descending into their secret headquarters and learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to defending the galaxy from alien scum. Each rider has a laser gun that allows for extraterrestrial target practice, and as you move throughout the ride, you’ll be able to challenge your friends and family members to see who can become the best of the best.

World Expo – Dining

This small building houses several Coca-cola freestyle machines
Fill up your Coca-Cola Freestyle cup next to Men in Black

Coca-Cola Refresh Shop

With an angled roof and retro-futuristic design, Coca-Cola has its own small building next to the Men in Black restrooms that fits right into the World’s Fair theme. Here, guests can fill up their Freestyle cups or just cool off in the air conditioning.

World Expo – shopping

Branded T-shirts and Men In Black toys for sale at MIB Gear
Pick up your own (toy) Neuralyzer or Noisy Cricket gun at MIB Gear

MIB Gear

As you exit Men in Black Alien Attack, you’ll walk through MIB Gear, which features a mash-up of MIB-branded merchandise, superhero souvenirs, and some more generic alien-type gifts, packaged candy, and Universal pins. Look up and around at the displays for some cool elements from the Men in Black films.

World Expo – OI fun facts

The two towers that rise above World Expo are replicas of the observation towers built in Queens, New York for the 1964 World’s Fair. (Local lore has it that the original towers in Queens still stand because it would be too expensive to tear them down.) These towers were featured in the original Men in Black film from 1997, where, as it turns out, they were actually interstellar spacecrafts installed at the fair to conceal their galactic origins.

Are there guest services available in World Expo?


There is a large restroom area located to the right of Men in Black Alien Attack, next to the Coca-Cola Refresh shop.


Ride lockers are provided at Men in Black, since no loose articles or bags can be brought on the ride. Standard lockers are free for the duration of your ride, while larger ones are available for $2.00 and up.

First aid

The closest first aid station is around the back of the lagoon by Fast and Furious – Supercharged in the San Francisco area, on the side nearest to the New York backlot.


To find the nearest ATM, head towards the London waterfront by the restrooms, just past the Fear Factor stadium.

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