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Universal’s Volcano Bay Tickets – Complete Guide

This page in our OI Center is for you to learn about Volcano Bay tickets! Although Volcano Bay is Universal Orlando’s third park, it is a water park and, therefore features different admission from its sister parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

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What Universal ticket do I need for Volcano Bay?

Taniwha Tubes at Universal's Volcano Bay
Taniwha Tubes at Universal’s Volcano Bay

With the addition of Volcano Bay to Universal Orlando Resort’s iconic duo of theme parks, understanding what ticket you need to access the water wonderland is a bit complicated. Here’s the short answer: you can either get a one-day ticket for Volcano Bay only, or purchase a multi-day ticket that includes both other parks. (There is no way, for example, to choose Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay à la carte without also lumping in Universal Studios Florida, for example.)

How much do Volcano Bay tickets cost?

Swiping TapuTapu at Universal's Volcano Bay
Swiping your TapuTapu at Universal’s Volcano Bay

One day, Volcano Bay only

If you’re hitting up Volcano Bay and no other Universal Orlando parks, one-day Volcano Bay tickets cost $80 on most days, and $85 on peak days throughout the summer. To answer the question on everyone’s minds – yes, your Tapu Tapu is included with ticket price… but no, you don’t get to keep it.

Multiple days, including Volcano Bay

If you’d rather go the multi-park route and include Universal Studios Florida and/or Islands of Adventure in your journey, online store ticket prices currently begin at $349.99 for an adult, three-park, two-day park-to-park pass. (The children’s version runs $339.99.) This ticket allows you to hop from one park to the next as often as you’d like across two days, and while these two days do not need to be consecutive, you will need to complete that pass within a seven-day period (for example, you could visit Universal Studios and Volcano Bay on Monday, take Tuesday off, and then hit up Islands of Adventure on Wednesday).

If you’re interested in just hitting up one park per day, your cheapest multi-day option that includes Volcano Bay tickets is the three-park, three-day ticket (one park per day), which runs $369.99 for an adult and $359.99 for children. This ticket allows you to pick which park (including Volcano Bay) you’ll visit for that day, and then confines you there.

Are Florida resident discounts available for Volcano Bay tickets?

Universal's Volcano Bay
Universal’s Volcano Bay

Florida residents are able to purchase slightly discounted Volcano Bay tickets – with proof of residency, of course. The price for one-day tickets varies depending on the demand of your desired date, ranging between $70 and $85. The lower prices can be found during the late winter months, and the highest price pops up during the popular summer season. Falling in the middle, $75 and $80 tickets are typically available in certain stretches of the spring and fall.

Keep in mind that is is exclusively for one-day Volcano Bay tickets. If you’re hoping to spend more than just one afternoon splashing around in the Waturi’s home, you’ll have to default to the three-park option that we were just talking about above. Don’t worry, those tickets also feature Florida resident discounts.

Does my Universal Orlando annual pass get me in to Volcano Bay?

Welcome to Waturi Beach at Universal's Volcano Bay
Welcome to Waturi Beach at Universal’s Volcano Bay

With the addition of Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando, it became an option whether to purchase a two-park or three-park annual pass. In order to gain access to Volcano Bay, you must have a three-park pass, of course. Within the three-park passes, there are Seasonal, Power, Preferred, and Premier levels, all of which differ in perks and blockout dates.

Oh, one last thing: all of the AP benefits that you might already be used to at the two theme parks don’t necessarily carry over to Volcano Bay – specifically, Early Park Admission and complimentary Express Passes after 4:00 pm (for Premier passholders). Keep this in mind as you start to plan out your day at Volcano Bay.

(If you’d like even more info on all eight varieties of annual passes, be sure to check out our complete guide.)

How does Express work at Volcano Bay?

Kopiko Wai Winding River at Universal's Volcano Bay
Kopiko Wai Winding River at Universal’s Volcano Bay

Universal Express PLUS is available for Volcano Bay, with prices starting at $39.99 per day and going up to as much as $109.99 on those peak summer days. Keep in mind this is on top of your park admission. The good news? This allows you to skip the virtual lines at all participating attractions. You can redeem your Express once per day, per attraction.

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