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Universal’s Fresh Eats at Universal CityWalk Orlando – Full Menu, HD Photos, & Details

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Fresh Eats at CityWalk
Fresh Eats at CityWalk

What is Universal’s Fresh Eats?

Whether you’re just arriving at Universal Orlando Resort or on your way out, Universal’s Fresh Eats offers the chance to grab a quick sip or bite to eat. Located in the hub of the Universal CityWalk parking garages, this kiosk serves up pastries, sandwiches, and Starbucks coffee. (The coffee selection is limited, however. If you’re looking for the full Starbucks menu, you’ll find it at the location near the front of CityWalk proper.)

Where is Fresh Eats located?

In the hub of the Universal CityWalk parking garages, right next to the security checkpoint.

Fresh Eats – hours and reservations

Universal Fresh Eats is typically open during CityWalk’s hours, but this is subject to change.


Provided by Starbucks

Vanilla Cold Brew – $4.79 (grande)

Cold Brew Coffee – $4.29 (grande)

Coffee – $3.29 (grande)

Bottled Soda – $4.49
Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Fuze Sweet Tea

Frozen Slush – $4.19
Cherry, blue raspberry, lemonade, grape

Bottled Juice – $2.89
Minute Maid Orange Juice or apple juice

Powerade – $5.00
Fruit punch, Mountain Blast

Bottled Water – $5.00

Monster Energy – $5.25

Hot Chocolate – $3.29

Voodoo Doughnuts

Fresh Eats 1/2 Dozen – $13.00
Single doughnuts also available

Apple Fritter – $3.45


Raised yeast doughnut with glaze

Voodoo Doll
Raised yeast doughnut filled with raspberry jelly, chocolate frosting, and a pretzel stake

Little Pink
Raised ring dipped in strawberry-flavored icing and round sprinkles

Chocolate Ring
Raised yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting

Maple Bar
Raised yeast doughnut with maple frosting on top

Eight Mile
Plain cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and M&Ms minis

Ice Pops

Choose a Pop

$4.99 each

Cookies ‘n Cream, Mango, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Coconut, Sea Salt Caramel, Raspberry

Select Toppings

$0.50 each

Dip It
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate

Drizzle It
Raspberry Syrup
Caramel Syrup
Milk Chocolate Syrup
Peanut Butter Syrup

Dredge It
Graham Cracker Crumbs
Chocolate Sprinkles
Rainbow Sprinkles

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