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Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe (Quick-Service)

Former Location
Universal Studios Florida

Dates of Operation
May 21, 1998 to May 13, 2022

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Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe.
Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe at Universal Studios Florida

What was Classic Monsters Cafe?

Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe served up an entertaining mix of theming and above-par quick-service food at Universal Studios Florida. Having been around for most of the park’s life, it’s been both a hallowed tradition and something of a dynamic presence; it became alive in 1998, got an architectural update in 2017, and a menu upgrade in 2019. This long-standing eatery closed its doors on May 13, 2022.

Its interior was loaded with Classic Monsters memorabilia and photo-ops and even featured different themed mini-sections, including Dracula’s castle and a sci-fi/flying-saucer hub.

Where was Classic Monsters Cafe located?

In Production Central, which is in Universal Studios Florida.

Classic Monsters Cafe – former hours and reservations

Classic Monsters memorabilia
Classic Monsters memorabilia

Monsters Cafe was typically open during park hours. No reservations are necessary.

What was Classic Monsters Cafe’s opening date?

May 21, 1998


Mesquite Seasoned 1/2 Chicken Combo – $17.99
1/2 a chicken served with two sides and choice of dessert or fruit.

Mesquite Seasoned 1/2 Chicken Platter – $13.99
1/2 a chicken served with two sides

Smoked Sausage & Chicken Combo – $19.99
Served with two sides and choice of dessert or fruit

Smoked Sausage & Chicken Platter – $15.99
Served with two sides

Smoked Turkey Leg Combo – $19.49
Served with two sides and choice of dessert or fruit

Smoked Turkey Leg Platter – $15.49
Served with two sides

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Combo – $17.49
Tender roasted pulled pork, crunchy slaw and savory BBQ sauce on a toasted pretzel roll. Served with one side and choice of apple cobbler or pineapple.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Platter – $13.49
Tender roasted pulled pork, crunchy slaw and savory BBQ sauce on a toasted pretzel roll.

The Mummy Combo – $16.99
(Vegan) Slow-cooked jackfruit, crispy onions, and crunchy slaw on a kaiser roll. Served with choice of peach cobbler or watermelon

The Mummy Platter – $12.99
(Vegan) Slow cooked jackfruit, crispy onions, and crunchy slaw on a kaiser roll

Salads and sides

Rotisserie Chicken Salad – $11.49

BBQ Roasted Jack Fruit Salad – $12.49

French Fang Fries – $3.49

Franken Mac ‘n Cheese – $4.49

Creepy Spice Roasted Cauliflower – $3.49

Coffin Cornbread – $3.49

Gory Green Salad – $3.49


Phantom Apple Cobbler – $4.49

Pineapple Cup – $4.29

Crypt Cookie – $3.99
S’mores chocolate chip cookie


Single-serve Coca-Cola Freestyle Cup – $4.19

H20+ Premium Water -$5.00

Powerade – $5.00
Fruit Punch, Mountain Berry Blast

Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup – $16.99
Extra day of refills for Freestyle Cup – $9.99


Draft Beer – $9.50
Yuengling or Bud Light

Souvenir Pilsner – $12.00
Yuengling or Bud Light

Canned Beer – $8.99
Miller Lite, Angry Orchard, or Goodwood Spruce Tip

Classic Monsters Cafe – real guest reviews

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Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Jim Hayes
Monster Mash
Date Of Last Visit: September 2010

Pretty cool place if I must say so myself. I was drawn to this place simply for the fact that I've always loved Universal's monster movies over the years. It was neat seeing the environment of some of cinema's greatest creatures surrounding you. I got the pizza which was delicious. The staff was kind and I didn't have to wait long in line. You can't ask for more then that. The Universal Studios Classic Monsters Café is a scary good place to kick back and chow down among your fellow creatures!

 by Universal Bob
Classic Monster Fun
Date Of Last Visit: 12 June 2013

The Classic Monster's Café is one of the greatest places to eat at Universal. Not for the food but the atmosphere. From the moment my wife and I entered the café, we were blown away with all the classic monster props and photos. I should say we are very big fan of old sci-fi and monster movies and were in heaven here. Don't get me wrong, the food was good. I got the hotdog and it was really tasty. The service was fast and the people behind the counter were very friendly. We ended up taking a ton of pics and are making plans to stop in the next time we're there.

 by fiona
Spooky & fun...... A must
Date Of Last Visit: SEPTEMBER 12 2012

Classic Monster Cafe at Universal Studios where do I start it looks amazing from outside with the electric chair and then you go in and I think it's just amazing. The decor and the artifacts are out of this world love watching the tv's with the old films on and all the different statues, posters, pictures,. The are actors payment stubs on the wall. The creature from black lagoon looks great and the other statues are so well made.. Now the food I love the fact I can have something different from burgers I love the chicken and the mashed potatoes (you used to get it with potato wedges and corn) but it still tastes really good and moist and you get plenty of it. My husband loves the burgers here as they serve crinkle french fries which you don't get in many of the theme parks. I would say this is a place you really should try. Always easy to get a seat and not as noisy as some places and always CLEAN . I would say overall between the decore and the food it had to be a TRY on your list of things to do at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS....

 by Amy Webber
Classic Monsters Cafe
Date Of Last Visit: 07/15/2013

The Classic Monsters Café located at Universal Studios has some really good food and atmosphere. It is quick service so there is little waiting for your food. The lasagna is amazingly delicious. The chicken is also very good. My kids love the pizza and chilli cheese dogs (Nathan's). But, the atmosphere is the best. I love seeing all the old fashioned scary monsters from black and white film days. My kids think that it is exciting just to sit and see the monsters everywhere you look. After leaving this place I always catch myself singing the monster songs for the rest of the day. Also, it is a great place to get away from the rain.

 by chip chism
Stop in for a BITE....
Date Of Last Visit: 1/5/13

I bet there aren't very many restaurants on the face of the earth with an electric chair near the doorway. But then again there aren't many places like The Classic Monsters Cafe. Universal studios produced some of the greatest monster movies ever made and many props from those movies are placed around the Cafe. It's like a museum, but with great food!

All the Classic Monsters are represented: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and my personal favorite, The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Over the years these movies have been remade several times but nothing can touch the Universal versions. You can get a hotdog at any theme park in America. But where can you eat one near a mad scientist's lab? Where can you eat a slab of meat loaf under a bust of The Mummy? Where can you eat a slice of pizza under the mournful eye of The Wolfman? Only one place on the planet: The Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe.

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