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Triwizard Spirit Rally & Frog Choir at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

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Frog Choir at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade

What are the Triwizard Spirit Rally and Frog Choir shows?

These two 10-minute shows are performed on the outdoor stage between Hogsmeade Village and Hogwarts Castle. Neither performance is overly impressive or engaging (the Spirit Rally features performances by the Beauxbatons and Durmstang students; the Frog Choir is just that – a frog choir), but fans of Harry Potter will enjoy seeing another aspect of the books and movies brought to life.

Where are Triwizard Spirit Rally and Frog Choir located?

In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade, which is in Islands of Adventure. The action takes place on a stage in between Hogsmeade Village and Hogwarts Castle, where the two shows alternate.

Triwizard Spirit Rally and Frog Choir – height restrictions and other factors

There are none, so every witch, wizard, and muggle can enjoy! (Also, please note there is no Express Pass access.)

What are the showtimes for Triwizard Spirit Rally and Frog Choir?

Generally speaking, these two wizarding shows alternate once an hour, with each putting in six performances a day (with a time range of, approximately, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, depending upon the season).

What was Triwizard Spirit Rally and Frog Choir’s premiere date?

June 18, 2010

Triwizard Spirit Rally and Frog Choir – OI fun fact

In December 2012, two-and-a-half years after the shows first debuted, a stage was finally added to the performance area. Now it is very easy to get a good view of the shows from any distance.

Triwizard Spirit Rally and Frog Choir – photo gallery

Triwizard Spirit Rally and Frog Choir– real guest reviews

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Triwizard Spirit Rally & Frog Choir
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Jacqui H.
Loved it!
Date Of Last Visit: 02/22/2014

Both of these shows are fun to watch and can be a great way to break up your day!

 by Arlene J
Date Of Last Visit: 03/09/2014

I love this! I love love loveee the Tri-Wizard spirit rally! I am a dancer myself and the little performances were great! Definitely reccomend this to anyone who wants to take a break from the rides(although, who wants to do that? 🙂 )!

 by Anastasia
Wonderful Addition...When You Can Catch the Show
Date Of Last Visit: July 15, 2013

Love this addition! It is so fun to watch and really brings one of my favorite books to life! The sound could be a bit better quality. If you aren't standing right in front, it just sounds jumbled with the noise of the crowds but what you can see is awesome! The biggest issue is that you don't know when it's going to happen so you can't prepare to stop there and witness the magic. Because of that, noticing it has started (again, because of the noise level during busy hours) is difficult so by the time you get over there to see it, usually you have missed most of it. For something that is marked on the map, it seems silly to let most park guests miss this.

 by Universal Bob
Wife's favorite
Date Of Last Visit: 14 June 2013

The Frog Choir and the Tri-Wizard Spirit Rally are my wife's favorite attractions in Hogsmead. She has a thing for frogs and thought they were the cutest ever. I thought the Team Members did a great job singing and acting for both shows. It's a must see when in Hogsmead and really show you support for them!

 by napnap
Date Of Last Visit: 10/13

The TSR & FC are really cute to watch. They bring back memories of the fourth book and movies. The costumes are very close to what they appeared as in the movies. It fits right in with Hogsmeade.

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