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The Burning Blade Tavern at Universal Epic Universe

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What is The Burning Blade Tavern?

The Burning Blade Tavern at Universal Epic Universe

The exterior of The Burning Blade Tavern draws inspiration from the fiery finale of the 1931 Universal Monsters film Frankenstein. An angry mob surrounded the old mill, trapping Frankenstein inside and setting it ablaze. Now, it has been transformed into a hangout spot for some of Darkmoor’s monster hunters. While enjoying tavern fare, you can hear stories of the infamous “Hounds” – boastful hunters from beyond Darkmoor – all while surrounded by an impressive display of monster heads they consider their “trophies.”

Where is The Burning Blade Tavern located? 

In Dark Universe, which is in Epic Universe.

Fun Facts

The windmill atop The Burning Blade Tavern erupts into flames several times an hour. Using two types of fuel in varying ratios, the spectacle is easily visible to guests both day and night.

The Burning Blade Tavern at Universal Epic Universe

As you listen to captivating tales of monster hunter conquests, enjoy a menu featuring burgers, wings, bratwursts, pretzels, and a selection of beverages.

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