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Phone Charging at Universal Orlando – complete guide

In this day and age, theme park guests of all types want to be online and ready to share photos, videos, and the thrills of their vacation. (We don’t blame you – after all, Orlando Informer is on many social networks ourselves, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.) This is especially the case now that Universal Orlando offers free resort-wide wifi. However, after all this sharing, we are commonly asked how guests can charge their phone while visiting the resort.

As of August 2015, Universal has a new answer to this. Go Puck is now available for rental at both parks.

What is a Go Puck?

A Go Puck is a lightweight, square-shaped portable charger. It has two USB outputs – 1 amp and 2.1 amps, respectively. While they come in two models, the one available for rent at Universal is the 5X. This version has a capacity of 6000 mAh, or, in other words, enough juice to charge a small phone (e.g., iPhone 7s) around five times or a large phone (iPhone 7 Pluses) twice.

Go PuckCourtesy GoPuck.com

How much is it to rent a Go Puck?

Currently, Go Pucks are $20 for a full day or $12.50 after 3:00 pm. A hold of $100 is placed on your credit card; if you don’t return the device, it is charged to your card.

Where can I rent a Go Puck?

You may rent the device at Island Traders Market in Islands of Adventure’s Port of Entry area or the Men in Black: Alien Attack gift shop at Universal Studios Florida. The device must be returned to one of these locations or the CityWalk Universal Store.

Can I buy a Go Puck?

Yes, Universal Studios Florida’s On Location has them for sale at $100. (If you just want the one that you’ve rented for the day, the $20 rental fee is applied to the $100 total.) You can also find them on Amazon for less.

It’s also worth noting that you may want to consider cheaper, more powerful chargers on Amazon – for example, this 16000 mAh charger.

Can I just use a nearby outlet at the resort to charge my phone?

While it’s unlikely for it to be an issue, outlets at the parks are not for guest use and you may be asked to unplug your device by a team member.

What about Volcano Bay?

Volcano Bay, Universal’s new water theme park, doesn’t offer Go Puck rentals at all – but since you probably won’t have your phone on you during your aquatic day, this shouldn’t be that big of an issue.