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The Oasis Beach Bar (limited-service bar) at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn and Suites

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Relax on the patio at The Oasis Beach Bar, Dockside Inn and Suites

What is The Oasis Beach Bar?

A refuge unto itself, right in the middle of Tower 1’s pool area, sits The Oasis Beach Bar – where friendly bartenders serve up beer, wine by the glass, cocktails, and frozen daquiris. Be sure to check out the Disco H2O, a drink mixed with house-made “Skittles syrup” and a test tube full of Skittles as a garnish. Guests relaxing by the pool will want to note that The Oasis only serves drinks, so those in search of food or snacks will need to head inside to Pier 8 Market.

Where is The Oasis Beach Bar located?

At Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn and Suites, one of Universal Orlando Resort’s hotels.

The Oasis Beach Bar – hours and reservations

The Oasis Beach Bar opens at 11:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm, daily.

Reservations are not accepted at this lounge/bar.

Pull up a chair under a yellow umbrella or take a seat right at the bar at The Oasis Beach Bar, Dockside Inn and Suites


All cocktails come with a souvenir hurricane glass.
$14.00 | Refills $11.00

Docks on the Rocks

Surf Rider
Castillo silver rum, blackberry brandy, crème de banana, pineapple, amaretto

Endless Summer Lemonade
Grey Goose vodka, lemon, thyme

The Surge
New Amsertdam vodka, lime, strawberry, mint, ginger beer

Disco H2O
Tito’s Handmade vodka, Skittles syrup, lime, soda

Mach Five
Bacardi Superior light rum, strawberry açai, lime, mint, soda

The Storm
Castillo silver rum, Captain Morgan spiced rum, orange, pineapple, passionfruit

The Flyer
Ketel One vodka, Blue Moon, apricot

Brain Wash
Castillo silver rum, passionfruit green tea

The Blast
Bombay gin, lavender, lemon, blueberry, soda

28 North 81 West
Don Julio Silver Tequlia, spicy mango.

Frozen Seas

Batten Down the Hatches
Myer’s rum original dark, New Amsterdam vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, amaretto, vanilla, chocolate

Ebb & Flow
Invitation sauvignon blanc, peach, lime

32º and Below

Served on the rocks. Also available frozen

Dockside Daiquiris
Bacardi Superior light rum and your choice of any all-natural fruit mix: strawberry, raspberry, guava, watermelon, banana, piña colada, vanilla, or mango

Mariner’s Margaritas
Jose Cuervo gold tequila, and your choice of any all-natural fruit mix: strawberry, raspberry, guava, watermelon, banana, piña colada, vanilla, or mango



16 oz. | 24 oz.

Bud Light – $7.00 | $9.50

Michelob Ultra – $7.00 | $9.50

Miller Lite – $7.00 | $9.50

Yuengling – $7.00 | $9.50

Blue Moon – $7.50 | $10.00

Stella Artois – $7.50 | $10.00

Corona Premier – $7.50 | $10.00

Modelo Especial – $7.50 | $10.00

Heineken – $7.50 | $10.00

Sunset Blonde by Veza Sur – $7.50 | $10.00

Kona Big Wave – $7.50 | $10.00

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA – $7.50 | $10.00

Orange Blossom Pilsner – $7.50 | $10.00

Ravenous Pig Lone Palm – $7.50 | $10.00

Swamphead Wild Nights – $7.50 | $10.00

Crooked Can Cloud Chaser – $7.50 | $10.00

16-oz. Can

Bud Light – $7.00

Budweiser – $7.00

Coors Light – $7.00

Miller Lite – $7.00

Pabst Blue Ribbon – $7.00

New Belgium Fat Tire – $8.50

Peroni – $8.50

Corona Extra – $8.50

Corona Light – $8.50

Angry Orchard – $8.50

12-oz. Can

Heineken 0.0 – $7.00

Truly – $7.00

White Claw Mango – $7.50



Sauvignon Blanc – Invitation, Healdsburg/Modesto, CA – $8.00 glass

Chardonnay – Invitation, Healdsburg/Modesto, CA – $8.00 glass

Prosecco – Lunetta, Venice, Italy – $8.00 glass


Pinot Noir – Invitation, Healdsburg/Modesto, CA – $8.00 glass

Merlot – 14 Hands, Columbia Valley, WA – $9.00 glass

Cabernet Sauvignon – Invitation, Healdsburg/Modesto, CA – $8.00 glass

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