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Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida

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Restrictions and access
42 inches; must stow loose articles in the free lockers adjacent to the attraction’s entrance; has Express Pass access and a single rider line.

Two-sentence insider summary
Men in Black: Alien Attack is a shooter ride, much like Disney’s Buzz Lightyear or Toy Story Midway Mania, where you are the newest MIB recruit. While this attraction may feel dated to some guests (especially when you hear the soundtrack they play around the entrance), it still has a massive fan base and many loyal riders.

Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida

Fear factor
2 out of 5.



What you wish you knew before you experienced it
Highest possible score is 999,999. To learn how to get it, click here (that link will open in a new window for your convenience).

OI fun fact
Men in Black uses the same ride vehicles as The Cat in the Hat over at Islands of Adventure’s Seuss Landing.

Best mashup ever
We don’t know who created this artwork, but we love it…

Minions in Black/MIB mashup.

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Men in Black: Alien Attack – real guest reviews

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 39 reviews
Retro Fun
Date Of Last Visit: March 2016

If extreme thrills are a requirement, this isn't the ride for you. This is a fairly tame ride, involving a few rapid spins but nothing that should cause motion sickness except perhaps in the most sensitive of riders. This is a bit like riding through a video or pinball game; you earn points by shooting aliens that pop up as you ride along. The scoring system adds a layer of challenge and competition without making it embarrassing for those who don't know where to aim there first time around. The decor has a retro 60s feel, a bit like Cabana Bay. This is not due to a failure to update the ride; it has a retro look BY DESIGN. It's fun in a playful, laid-back way (but still way more exciting than the majority of the rides you'd find in Disney's Magic Kingdom). And the interior queue is generally very cool, which is a plus when it's steaming hot outside!

Date Of Last Visit: December 2014

We all had great hopes for this ride but were sorely disappointed!. The outside and reception look great but the ride itself was boring and very dated.... really needs a revamp to bring back the excitement of the films we think.

by phil painter on Men in Black: Alien Attack
Date Of Last Visit: July 2013

been on this ride several times over the last four years, really enjoy this ride, great looking aliens, all ages will enjoy this and is next door to the simpsons ride which is also a great family ride,

Very Competitive
Date Of Last Visit: June 10 2014

My two sons and I love to compete on this ride!!!! So much fun!!!

by Brian Butler on Men in Black: Alien Attack
men in black alien attack
Date Of Last Visit: 6/15/02

I went to universal Orlando in the summer of 2002 with my best friend that just graduated from high school. When we were walking around the park i saw the men in black alien attack and i got excited because I love that movie and want to go on it. So we went inside the building into the cue line area. I was impressed with the theming and decorating that was done to make it look realistic. I thought the line seemed to move very fast to get to the loading area. I like how the ride vehicle looked and the seats looked cool.

The ride was awesome the monsters looked realistic and the guns were fun to shoot. Also I like the fact that you can shoot the other vehicles target and spin them around in circles.

After the first time riding it I rode it five more times and every ride felt a little different. I would definitely recommend everybody to go on this ride even if you didn't see the movie because it is a lot of fun!!!

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