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Men in Black Alien Attack – How to Max Out Your Score at 999,999

Men in Black Alien Attack is one of the most popular attractions at Universal Orlando and is definitely a fan-favorite. But this shooter-style ride can be as challenging as it is entertaining, which is why we have brought together the best-kept secrets in the galaxy to help you learn how to blast alien scum with authority – and get your points to max out at 999,999.

In early December 2012, Universal lowered the overall points earned when hitting alien targets by 50 to 75 percent, making it extremely difficult, although not impossible, to max out your score. The strategy explained below is still accurate – just be aware you are going to need to practice, and have a nearly-perfect ride, to max out at 999,999 points.

We wish you luck – the safety of the galaxy depends on you!

Skip to: General tips | Room by Room ride-through | The Training Room | The Crash-Site Room | The Ambush Room | Fusion Exhaust Ports | Big Bug Bonus Room

MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack sign at Universal Studios Florida
Men in Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida

Men in Black Alien Attack – General Tips

Here are just a few declassified tips for the overall ride before we set out to save the planet:

  • First of all, never let go of the trigger, even when there’s nothing to shoot at (it will keep firing – just hold it down). Every 10 shots earns you 1,000 points, so even if you shoot at the ceiling for the entire ride, you’d still have a score, and there’s no penalty for missed shots. Also, keep in mind that your gun can determine a lot – some guns are just downright terrible, and with those you won’t do as well.
  • Secondly, while the big, nasty bugs on the ground look like the more threatening and obvious targets, they are worth little-to-nothing as far as points go. You will want to ignore them and focus on the smaller targets, like extraterrestrials in windows or eyes in the wall. Also, try to get a side seat, as the middle one makes it hard to shoot at things behind you, limiting your targets.
  • There are two “tracks” that each feature slightly different experiences. The tracks are marked on the floor – green on the right side of the loading dock, red on the left side. The red track will express significant more difficulty than the green, so we recommend sitting in the front row of your cart if that is possible.
  • Lastly, focus on a single target for as long as you can – you will get the same amount of points for zapping the target the first time as you do the 10th. If you have a good target that’s racking up the points, stay on it as long as you can; every time you switch targets, you’re losing at least a shot or two as you redirect your gun.

How do I max out my Men in Black score?

Ride loading area showing the red side and green side at MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida
The ride loading area Men in Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida

The Training Room

Alien targets hang from the ceiling in Men in Black: Alien Attack
These space invaders swing back and forth – shoot them until more pop out of the windows behind them

In the “training room,” you’ll start with three targets before the overpass.

Target #1: The large creature hanging on the ceiling. Continue shooting at this target until you are fully under the him.
Target #2: The alien in the middle window of the overpass.
Target #3: Depending on where you’re sitting, it might be hard to hit Target #1 (or it could be hard to tell who is hitting that first target). If this is the case, aim for the flat extra-terrestrial on the right wall.

After you go under the overpass…

Target #4: The other large bug hanging from the ceiling.
Target #5: The swinging creature in the right wall on the bottom row. He swings back and forth like a metronome, so it can be hard to hit. An important note here: be sure to hit both the red and the white target as it moves. After your cart aligns with this alien, immediately move to….
Target #6: The creature in the middle window above the garage door. Keep on him until your gun deactivates.

A good round in the training room should net you about 150,000 points – anything less than 100k, and you’ll have a lot of ground to make up in the crash sites.

The Crash-Site Room

The next room houses the crash site, one of the biggest rooms in the attraction. You will have a total of six targets in this part of the ride. Remember to keep the trigger held down once the zappers reactivate.

Target #1: The standing space creature directly in front of the crashed spaceship (he slowly pops-up). Aim for right between his eyes or on his forehead to get points.

If you are on the red track, at this point you will have a few seconds here without any alien opportunities. But remember – you will still get points for your zapper going off.

Target #2: The space invaders in the window on the far wall. One of these bad guys will appear between opening and closing slats. The other will pop up. Whichever you choose – pick one and stick with it. Now, some pros and cons for seating arrangements. If you were seated in the front row on either track, the window creatures won’t pop up (or they will be deactivated) until you are past the crash site. They’ll be ready for you if you are in the back row, though!

There are two additional space creatures easily accessible in this area for the green track. If you are on the red track, you can still aim for them, but it will be considerably more difficult. The best way to get points for these targets is to aim for the wide metal strips at the base of each alien and shoot for the “50p sized sensors,” which will give off a chiming, siren chirp instead of the normal “pew pew pew” sound.

Target #3: Aim your zapper towards the second story window of the tower block. There are several targets to choose from here, so just pick one and stay on him!

Target #4: The guns of the large tentacle creature coming out of the second-story window. Again, you will know you’re hitting the correct target when you hear the chiming instead of the normal sound.

Target #5: The extraterrestrial in the slatted doorway of the shop. He will emerge a couple seconds after you have passed the tentacle creature in the window.

Target #6: The alien behind the curtain in the top left window of the same shop. The curtains will open and close, of course. But if you keep a straight aim in the middle of the window, the laser should hit the target and earn you some major points.

It is worth noting that targets #5 and #6 might be difficult to get because your cart will start to spin. This room will definitely move you around a little – but not until after you’ve had a fair amount of time to aim at most of your targets. After you’ve gotten well past the crash site, you will hear a little creature begging you not to shoot. It’s your call whether or not to listen to him, but either way – smile, and get ready for a spin-out! There aren’t any high-scoring targets in this area of the ride, so just hold your trigger down and pick a target to aim at.

The Ambush Room

This section will move quickly – you don’t have much time, but there is really only one target in this section that matters. After you spin around several times, your cart will enter the ambush room. You will steady out and enter a tunnel, coming face to face with the cart on the other track. Once the ambush starts, pick one of the small guys popping out of a bucket/trashcan and zap him until the eyes in the bushes appear.

Target #1: Aim at the eyes in the leaves of the trees. Just pick any set and hold the trigger down until your gun deactivates and you enter the X-Ray scanner. Here, you’ll get a small break during the scan to kick back for a few seconds. After the scan ends, you’ll want your score to be around 400k to 500k to have a chance at maxing out.

Fusion Exhaust Ports

This next section is important. After the scan ends, you will have to aim at the fusion exhaust port on the other cart (this is at the very top of the opposite cart, and will have a red circle and flashing blue lights to show you where to aim). Keep firing as long as you can, even if you can’t see anything – there are no points when you’re approaching the big bug, and scoring an extra 25k from a fusion exhaust port shot can make a big difference. (This is another of the key areas where having a side seat is helpful.) Again, stay on this target for as long as possible, which might be difficult because your cart will likely spin out!

If you get spun here and don’t rebound, you can miss out on some serious points. Do your best, but there are some instances where missing out on points is inevitable:
1. The opponent’s exhaust port is deactivated, and no one gets points for hitting it.
2. There isn’t an opposing car, so you can’t aim and get points for hitting a target, since it isn’t there.

What to do in this situation?

Option 1: Shoot the glowing eyes in the posters on the wall as you go down Main Street. These can be difficult targets depending on where you are sitting in the cart, but they are great options nonetheless.
Option 2: Zap the set of eyes on the side of the market building. For best results, don’t shoot the eyes themselves, but aim for the sensor between the eyes to get big bucks. (The market building will be just past the sign that says “CLASSIC SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL”.)
Option 3: This one is only for the green track. Sorry, Rookies! Hit the parking meter on the sidewalk. It will have glowing eyes coming out of it, so it should get your attention. Stay on this target until you’re absolutely past it.

The Big Bug Bonus

Final large alien in MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida
Big, nasty alien at the end – get ready to PUSH that red button!

You’re almost at the end, recruit! This is the final challenge: when coming up to the big bug at the end of the ride, everyone can get the bonus if done correctly. When Zed says the word “push” in the sentence “Push the red button,” everyone in the car should continuously hold down the red button for multiple bonuses, as opposed to the normal single bonus people receive. Make sure you hold it until the bonus is awarded. If you get the points, your monitor will read “BONUS,” and if done correctly, it’s possible for the entire car to get those bonus points! This move is critical – pushing the button at the right time earns you 100,000 points.

Go get ‘em, boys!

If you follow even half of these instructions, there’s no reason why you can’t score over 500,000 points and earn your very own black suit for becoming a galaxy defender. And, hey – with enough practice, you may be able to become the best of the best and max out, like OI reader JT…

High score of 999,999 points at MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida
A maxed-out score on Men in Black Alien Attack
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