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Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast at Universal Studios Florida

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It’s time to say “bello” as Universal Studios Florida is making way for more Minions and mayhem! The recently announced Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast will star our favorite henchmen in an all-new adventure opening in Summer 2023. Learn more about what is in store below!

What is Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast?

In Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast, evil forces join together for this year’s baddie conference – and the guest list includes the infamous Vicious 6. Rise through the ranks of bad behavior while traveling through the convention on a motion-based pathway and using an “E-Liminator X” blaster to earn points. It’s so much fun, it’s a crime. 

As guests move, or queue, through the trade show floor, they’ll take a gander at the latest and greatest in felonious gadgets, vehicles, and fashions before embarking on an unforgettable adventure battling the Vicious 6.

With a blaster in hand, guests will encounter each member of this wicked bunch in a setting inspired by their character. Don’t worry – your “E-Liminator X” blaster is equipped with Freeze Rays, Banana Bombs, Explosive Nunchucks, and more to aid in the skirmish of mischief and mayhem.

Universal Orlando Resort is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to create unforgettable experiences for their guests. At Illumination’s Villain-Con: Minion Blast, guests can sync their blaster with The Official Universal Orlando Resort App, unlocking a whole new level of engagement. With this trusty sidekick in tow, guests can track their scores, embark on special missions in-ride, and unlock evil perks and extra powerful blasts that will help them gain more points and earn digital collectibles.

You can read all about our initial experience here.

Where is Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast located? 

Illumination's Villain-Con Minion Blast
Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast

Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast will be hosting this convention in Minion Land, across from Despicable Me Minion Mayhem inside of Universal Studios Florida.

What is Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast opening date?

August 11, 2023

Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast & the Universal Orlando Resort App

Universal has recently launched Universal Play, which allows you to unlock a whole new level of fun in the palm of your hand during your visit to Universal Orlando Resort by syncing extra opportunities to interact with the park’s offerings with your mobile device.

Begin the Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast challenge by opening the Universal Orlando App and tapping on the purple “Connected Gameplay” block with the Villain-Con logo. You’ll be directed to a page with important instructions regarding pairing your blaster, which we will delve into later. Once you’ve read through, click play at the bottom of the page to begin your evil expedition.

Sync Your Blaster

Don’t forget to connect your “E-Liminator X” blaster to the Universal Orlando Resort app to unlock trophies and collectibles! Every point matters when it comes to becoming a member of the Vicious 6. Once you pick up your blaster in the queue, all you have to do is click on “Sync Blaster,” which is featured on the home page of the Villain-Con section of the app. Then, hold your phone near the blaster to begin syncing. By following this guide, you’ll learn that connecting your blaster and visiting the attraction is extremely important for your rapid rise through the ranks of evil infamy.


Track your score by tapping the number next to your avatar while in the home tab. Here, you’ll find a breakdown of the points you earned from your last play, your personal best for the day, and your overall score.

Check where you rank against other evil-doers in this Villain-Con challenge. Here you can see the top 100 villains of the day, month, and all-time while also competing in a friendly competition among your friend’s scores. 


Show off your villanous accomplishments with virtual trophies! The more you frequent the con and commit “evil” acts, the larger your digital cabinet will grow. Once you meet the requirements for a trophy, the lock icon will vanish, and your completion date will be displayed within the accomplishment’s description.

New Recruit – “Welcome to Villain-Con! We hope you enjoy your time at the convention.”

In Sync – ”Sync your blaster by tapping with your phone!”

Seized the Day – ”Reach the Top 50 of the Daily Leaderboard!”

Big Boss! – ”Complete the challenge without blasting any Minions. It’s harder than you think – they’re everywhere!” 

Bubbles! – ”Shoot bubbles during battle.”

Ele-mental! – ”Swap your Elemental while playing by blasting a new elemental crate… 25 times!”

Cold-Hearted – ”Freeze 25 targets with your Freeze Elemental!”

Fired Up – Set 25 targets on fire with your Fire Elemental!”

Shock & Roll – Electrify 25 targets with your Lightning Elemental!”

You da bomb! – ”Explode 25 bombs!”

Pick-Me-Up – “Blast 25 pickups from a bot or Minion!”

Early Riser – “Complete the challenge before 11AM. The early villain steals the worm!”

Evil Never Sleeps – ”Take the challenge after 7PM. Blast into the night!”

Vicious VIP – ”Take the challenge 3 times in one day!”

Repeat Offender – “Take the challenge 10 times!”

Bull-Dizzy – “Damage Stronghold’s Bulldozer till it goes haywire!”

Holy Shot – ”Change Nun-Chuck’s music 25 times!”

Derby Destructor – “Destroy 25 of Svengeance’s Roller Derby Bots!”

Record Breaker – “Break 25 records at Belle Bottom’s Disco!”

Fish in a Barrel – ”Destroy 10 of Vector’s Piranha drones!”

OH YEAH!!!!!!!! – ”You must complete mission Vicious 6 Super Fan to get this achievement!”

Minion Marksman – ”You must complete mission Minion Marksman to get this achievement!”

Muy Macho – “You must complete mission Guac ‘em Out to get this achievement!”

Swag Champion – ”You must complete mission Swag Snatch to get this achievement!”

Certified Smasher – ”You must complete mission Fists of Fury to get this achievement!”

High Flier – ”You must complete mission No Fly Drone to get this achievement!”

Claw Cracker – “You must complete mission Buried Treasure to get this achievement!”

Skate Star – “You must complete mission Svender Bender to get this achievement!”

Boss Battle – “You must complete mission Boss Battle to get this achievement!”

Hall of Infamy – “Complete all Vicious Six missions and prove your dedication!”

100% Evil – ”Can you do all the missions?”

Options Tab

If you want to be a supervillain, you have to have to show off your iconic style and have a group of fellow baddies alongside you. Here, you can customize your player name, design your avatar, follow other players, add new players, and receive gameplay tips. 

Players have the choice of customizing their avatar one out of a variety of Minion looks, from cosplays of famous Vicious 6 members to familiar movie moments, and choosing the solid color background they are set against. 

The Lab

The personalization doesn’t stop there! Design your blaster to fit your evil persona and unlock more customizations as you level up by creating mayhem. 

Elemental Blasts

Select your primary blast!

Force – ”Destructive blast of energy.”

Fire Ball – ”A ball of fire!”

Freeze Ray – “Ice out targets.”

Lightning Bolt – ”Shocking blast of electricity.”

Ultimate Blaster

A mega-powerful one-time blast!

UniBlaster – “A blast of each super-charged elemental!”

Unholy Guacamole – ”El Macho’s Unholy Guacamole”
You must complete El Macho’s mission to unlock his ultimate blaster!

Lethal Lava – ”Scarlet’s Lethal Lava”
You must complete Scarlet’s mission to unlock her ultimate blaster!

Piranha-sicle – ”Vector’s Piranha-sicle”
You must complete Vector’s mission to unlock his ultimate blaster!

BOOM! Box – ”Bratt’s BOOM! Box”
You must complete Bratt’s mission to unlock his ultimate blaster!

Standard Launcher

Select one special projectile!

Banana Bomb – “An eploading banana” 
Seasonal Skins will be available in February (Mardi Gras Beads), June (Hot Dogs), August (Ice Cream), and November (Turkey Legs)

Fart Bomb – “Releases a toxic fart cloud”
Seasonal skins will be available in April (Painted Eggs), September (Lunch Boxes), October (Pumpkins), and December (Presents)

Pulverizing Pinballer – ”Ricocheting steel balls”
Seasonal skins will be available in January (New Years Ball), March (Four Leaf Clover), May (Piñatas), and July (Fireworks)

Iron Fists – ”Stronghold’s exploding Iron Fists”
You must complete Stronghold’s mission to unlock the Iron Fists Launcher!

Bomb Chucks – “Exploading Nunchucks of TNT”
You must complete Nunchuck’s mission to unlock the Bomb Chucks!

Sonique Blast – ”An explosive wave of sound”
You must complete Jean Clawed’s mission to unlock the Sonique Blast!

Spiked Vengence – ”Sticky spiked ball”
You must complete Svengeance’s mission to unlock the Spiked Vengeance!

Laser Party Ball – “Spinning laser ball”
You must complete Belle Bottom’s mission to unlock the Laser Party Ball!


Mod your blaster to make it more powerful!

Starting off, you will only be able to utilize one perk at a time. As you rise through the ranks of villainy, you will be able to unlock additional perks at levels 5, 10, and 15. 

Force Multiburst – ”Activate a multiburst of Force!”
Get multiple consecutive blasts for the Force elemental. 

Fire Ball Multiburst – ”Activate a multiburst of Fire!”
Get multiple consecutive blasts for the Fire elemental. 

Freeze Ray Multiburst – ”Activate a multiburst of Freeze!”
Get multiple consecutive blasts for the Freeze elemental. 

Lightning Multiburst – ”Activate a multiburst of Lightning!”
Get multiple consecutive blasts for the Lightning elemental!

Force Supercharge – “Bigger Force blasts deal extra damage!”
Your Force elemental is bigger and badder!

Fire Ball Supercharge – ”Bigger Fire blasts deal extra damage!”
Your Fire elemental is bigger and badder!

Freeze Ray Supercharge – ”Bigger Freeze blasts deal extra damage!”
Your Freeze elemental is bigger and badder!

Lightning Supercharge – ”Bigger Lightning blasts deal extra damage!”
Your Lightning elemental is bigger and badder!

Force Spread Blast – ”Send out a widespread blast of Force!”
Your blaster sends out three spreading blasts of Force!

Fire Ball Spread Blasts – ”Send out a widespread blast of Fire!”
Your blaster sends out three spreading blasts of Fire!

Freeze Ray Spread Blast – ”Send out a widespread blast of Freeze!”
Your blaster sends out three spreading blasts of Freeze!

Lightning Spread Blast – ”Send out a widespread blast of Lightning!”
Your blaster sends out three spreading blasts of Lightning!

Launcher Supercharge – ”Bigger Launchers deal extra damage!”
Your Launchers are bigger and badder!

Increase Launcher Ammo – “Get four extra Launcher blasts!”
When you load or reload a Launcher, you get four extra blasts!

Increase Ultimate Ammo – “Get three extra Ultimate blasts!”
You get three extra blasts when you recharge your Ultimate!

Ultimate Rapid Charge – ”Recharge your ultimate blaster!”
Your Ultimate recharges 10% faster!


Outside Loot

Digital collectibles have been hidden around Universal Studios Florida. It’s up to you and your handy mobile device to search and find these virtual items. Locate various Vicious 6 tap points (shown below) and hold your phone to the medallion for collection.

Villain Network Channel Mug – (2,000 points) Find the tap point in the Villain-Con queue!

Binky Nelson’s Pacifier – (2,000 points) Find the tap point in the Villain-Con queue!

Gru’s Viscoius 6 Underwear – (2,000 points) Find the tap point at the Villain-Con Retail!

Gru’s Moon Heist Plans – (2,000 points) Find the tap point in the Minion Mayhem queue!

Space Killer Ship – (2,000 points) Find the tap point at Minion Mayhem retail!

Pop-A-Nana – (2,000 points) Find the tap point at the entrance to the Minion Café!

Minion Cupcake – (2,000 points) Find the cupcake tap point inside Bake My Day!

Papagena – (2,000 points) Find the tap point across from the Illumination’s Theater!

Stuart’s Ukelele – (2,000 points) Find the tap point by a certain Hollywood rockit!

Gru’s Wig – (2,000 points) Find the tap point at the Illumination Theater!

Inside Loot

Claim in-ride collectibles by using your “E-Liminator X” to aim and blast when they appear.

V6 Coin, Bronze – (1,000 points) Blast a bronze V6 coin!

Coconutties – (25,000 points) Look, sometimes Jumbotron operators get hungry, alright?

Bratt Bot – (25,000 points) Bratt is not a fan of Jumbotrons. Why are they so big and float-y? 

Mr. Gru’s Jelly – (25,000 points) The jars are waterproof – can’t let anything spoil the taste!

Cookie Robot – (25,000 points) The cookie robots like to hover above the competition!

Boogie Robot – (25,000 points) These sneaky little robots like to hide out at the disco!

V6 Coin, Silver – (5,000 points) Find a silver V6 coin!

V6 Coin, Gold – (10,000 points) Find a gold V6 coin – for the true fans.

Guacamole Sombrero – (25,000 points) Nothing goes better with fiery rock music than novelty food items.

Lipstick Taser – (25,000 points) A lightning round of synth music might reveal a lipstick taser.

Hypno Hat – (25,000 points) This hat could hypnotize someone to do anything, even destroy a giant skeleton!

Bratt’s Trouble Gum – (25,000 points) Bratt’s Trouble Gum is hidden in plain sight… with a bunch of other sweet treats!

El Macho’s Luchador Mask – (25,000 points) The mask is universally feared. 

Gru’s Pink Spacesuit – (25,000 points) Gru’s pink spacesuit isn’t on a shooting star, maybe try another spinning light. 

Sticky Fingers – (25,000 points) This hasn’t been used in ages. Maybe it’s in storage. 

Scarlet Overkill Lunchbox – (25,000 points) This one’s artfully hidden. 

Big Ben Snowglobe – (25,000 points) This one’s artfully hidden. 

Miss Hattie’s Box of Shame – (25,000 points) Miss Hattie hates art as well as children. 

Sleepy Kittens Book – (25,000 points) Why is this book in storage? It’s timeless!

Villain-Con Hat – (25,000 points) Wearing this hat is a sign that you’ve got sweet taste. 

Villain-Con Shirt – (25,000 points) Someone accidentally put these in storage… but they should be out for the convention!

Gru’s Scarf – (25,000 points) Gru’s scarf is in storage, depending on the season.

Manic Energy Drink – (25,000 points) Best served cold… and a little wet.

Stretch Arm – (25,000 points) This arm’s got reach – as does its hiding spot. 

Vicious 6 Action Figures – (25,000 points) These infamous villains deserve to rise on a pedestal!

Golden Guardian Statue – (25,000 points) Chandeliers are fine, but you know what’s *really* shiny? The Golden Guardian Robot!

Bee-Doh Megaphone – (25,000 points) A megaphone is useful when you’re flying above the competition!

Clive – (25,000 points) Sync the tracks to a hip-hop beat, and you’ll unlock Clive, which is pretty sweet. 

Replacement Unicorn – (25,000 points) This unicorn toilet brush may be shy, but it’s coming out of its shell. 

Otto’s Rock – (25,000 points) This rock likes to fly around!

Bob’s Teddy Bear Tim – (25,000 points) Oh no! Is Tim stuck in a water pipe? He needs to dry off!

Shrunken Moon – (25,000 points) This moon is hiding in a larger globe. 

Gru’s Vicious 6 Drawing – (25,000 points) Force Nunchuck to play only classical music and find some famous fan art. 

Bratt’s Heist Mixtape – (25,000 points) You’ll have to cut all the disco music to score Bratt’s sweet mixtape!

Drawing of Gru on the Toilet – (25,000 points) This drawing of a man on his throne might be found among the ruins of a castle.

Otto’s Tricycle – (25,000 points) This tricycle is boxed up. 

Dru’s Scarf – (25,000 points) If you’re lucky, you’ll find Dru’s scarf in storage. 

Queen’s Crown – (25,000 points) This may be the ultimate treasure. 

Zodiac Stone – (25,000 points) The zodiac is all about signs. And one big sign especially…

Fluffy! – (25,000 points) There’s nothing “under the sun” Gru wouldn’t destroy to get back Agnes’ prized possession. 

Dumont Diamond – (25,000 points) To search the skies for The Dumond Diamond, you might need a blimp.

Jr. Kung-Fu Badge – (25,000 points) They might be a little wet, but they’re still a mark of progress!

Sword of Excalibur – (25,000 points) A swinging arm may wield this famous sword.

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