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Fievel’s Playland at Universal Studios Florida

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Fievel’s Playland at Universal Studios Florida

What is Fievel’s Playland?

Fievel’s Playland, based on the 1986 animated film An American Tail and its 1991 sequel, Fievel Goes West, is filled with oversized props and lots of opportunities for running, jumping, and climbing. This Wild West-themed area even includes a 30-foot spider web, rope-net bridges, and a 1,000-gallon cowboy hat.

Where is Fievel’s Playland located?

In Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone, which is in Universal Studios Florida.

Fievel’s Playland – height restrictions and other factors

Fievel’s Playland is accessible to all.  It should be noted that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this area is only partially open and available. The slides are open, but the jungle gym area is closed. Express Pass access is not offered, as this is an open play area with no queue.

Fievel’s Playland – what you wish you knew before you experienced it

Fievel's Playland
A large prop in Fievel’s Playland

This attraction was designed for children old enough to tackle large playground equipment. If the mouse-size Fievel’s Playland is a bit too big for your young child, remember that there is a smaller, more intimate play area inside the Day in the Park with Barney building.

How scary is Fievel’s Playland?

We rate Fievel’s Playland zero out of five cowboy mice in terms of fear factor. While offering sizeable slides, bridges, and stairs for children to conquer, there are no scary or intense aspects to this attraction.

What year did Fievel’s Playland open?


Fievel’s Playland OI fun fact

This playland is home to one of the park’s lesser-known rides: a 200-foot water slide. Children can plunge down this three-story slide on their own or share a raft with an adult. Parents, watch out – there’s a good chance you’ll get soaked!

Fievel’s Playland– photo gallery

Fievel’s Playland – real guest reviews

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Fievel’s Playland
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Daniel on Fievel’s Playland
Wet wet wet!
Date Of Last Visit: 8/18/2014

If you are an adult on the slide, your entire backside will get completely drenched. Be aware of this fact. It is unavoidable!

The play are is nice, extremely representative of the movie, though the source material is lost on just about everyone.

by Bonnie Mentel on Fievel’s Playland
Best Play Area out of any Park!
Date Of Last Visit: May 17, 2014

We found Fievel's Playground on our first visit to the park in November. My sons were 8 & 9 when we visited and they loved this area! We were there at night and I think they had the whole place to themselves! They climbed anything that could be scaled, flashed down the slides, and even hopped on the flume ride, although the ride operators were wearing jackets! Beware: the seat of your pants will get wet from sitting on the raft.

As I wrote this review, my son saw the pictures and said, "Can we go there again?! I liked the slides!"

by Melissa on Fievel’s Playland
Great for the toddler crowd!
Date Of Last Visit: July 2012

Perfect play area for my then 2 year old. She never wanted to leave the ball pit area. Also a favorite was the little mini bounce house. There was also some net climbing areas and that "water" ride. Preferred this play area over the Suess play area in IOA for my toddler.

by Universal Bob on Fievel’s Playland
Mouse Play
Date Of Last Visit: 13 June 2013

The grandkids liked taking a break and playing for awhile. It was fun watching them climb on all the oversized toys. There is a chance to get wet so be warned.

by Ryan on Fievel’s Playland
free play
Date Of Last Visit: 2/5/14

This is a good place to let your kids burn off some of the wiggles that build up while they have been waiting in numerous lines for what seems to them like hours.

Parents, beware of the raft waterslide ride thing. Kids that go on it won't get wet, but if you go on it with your kid you will have a wet butt at the end. We sat and watched this while our kids played and it never failed. 🙂

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