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Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls will be closed January 25 – February 13 for annual maintenance.

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Restrictions and access
44 inches; has Express Pass access and a single rider line; there are lockers nearby that can be used for a small fee, but you are not required to stow loose articles in them — just be sure to note there is no storage on the Ripsaw Falls ride vehicles.

Two sentence insider summary
Join Dudley Do-Right (of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame) on this flume ride that is like Disney’s Splash Mountain on steroids. If you do not want to get wet, this one is almost as much fun to watch as it is to ride.

20151117-_DSC3726Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Fear factor
3 out of 5. You will be more worried about getting wet.



What you wish you knew before you experienced it
YOU WILL GET SOAKED. Luckily, Universal sells ponchos and even extra socks and shorts should you need them. And they have strange human-sized dryers you can stand in for a fee.

OI fun fact
There are water cannons staged along the bridge that overlooks Ripsaw Falls. For a quarter you can blast riders with even more water. There are change machines located on the bridge too if you forget to bring coins.

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls – HD video

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Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls – real guest reviews

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Average rating:  
 14 reviews
Mixed emotions about this one
Date Of Last Visit: 9/4/16

The ride itself is pretty good....quite a few exciting twists before the big drop. The props and story line were pretty cheesy. The biggest complaint is the que line. It is all indoors in a very dark, narrow walk way. There was NO AIR (not even fans) while we were there on a very hot and humid day, and being surrounded by hot, sweaty, stinky people did not help! We used express passes and still had about a 30 minute wait. We made it to the ride just in time, I only had about another 5 minutes left before i had to get out. There just wasn't enough free air....I felt like i was suffocating.

First Time Riders
Date Of Last Visit: 08/02/2014

The whole family plucked up the courage and rode this for the first time in 3 visits.

It's a great ride for a hot day but we all noticed the overpowering unclean smell of the dirty brown water. This was not a problem on Disney's Splash Mountain. Just make sure your mouth is closed tight during that last big drop!

Date Of Last Visit: 03/09/2014

I'm sure people who watch from the bridge know that they'd get soaked riding this.
I love this ride, and I was so bummed out when it was closed off for renovation... but now it feels like it rides faster during the "big drop!"

If you have gone to Disney, this is just like Splash Mountain, except it has a different theme.

No Splash Mountain
Date Of Last Visit: 4/26/2014

I normally prefer any Universal ride over it's Disney equivalent, but I have to be completely honest here. Ripsaw Falls is a pale copy of Splash Mountain with only about half the charm. It's nice on a hot day to ride, just for the great splash at the end, but I don't feel it has much else going for it. The line is usually very long, especially on a hot day, and the inside queue always feels damp and musty. The talking characters on the wall are kind of annoying. The Single Rider Line is the only reason I ever ride this one. It is almost nearly a walk on with the single rider line, and you get to skip the musty queue with the annoying characters. The ride itself is gentle at first, with a damsel-in-distress storyline that just doesn't capture the imagination. There is one nice thrill effect with an oncoming train, but other than that, the ride does not offer many thrills or even chuckles. The big drop at the end is pretty awesome, though, so my advice is take the single rider line and do it once just for the drop.

Favorite Ride at Islands of Adventure
Date Of Last Visit: January 22, 2014

I've visited Universal three times and this has always been my favorite ride hands down. Maybe it's because I'm old enough to know who Dudley Do-Right is, but even if I didn't have any idea who the characters were, the ride is just non-stop fun.

The first time I rode this was probably in 2004. We visited in an off-peak time and were able to go on this ride again and again with virtually no waiting.

The ride itself is a great combination of inside and outside, with mini splash drops and multiple times that make you think you're about to hit that big plunge down but you're not quite there yet. The ride is long enough and there are enough drops along the way that you don't realize how high you've actually climbed before the final drop and splash down occur.

Even after the drop, the ride isn't over. You wind through an area where the spectators can soak you with water cannons as you're making your way to the end.

A few tips. Be prepared to get soaked, there are enough splash areas on this ride that you will get drenched! There are lockers to rent outside that are perfect to store your belongings (or a change of clothes). They do have giant people dryers for $5 but I'd honestly save your money. I don't think it really dried anything for me.

Last tip - if there's someone in your group you want to soak, put them in the back of the log. I visited with a college basketball team and three of the biggest and heaviest guys climbed into the front and stuck a smaller assistant coach in the back. The added weight made it feel like the ride was going even faster. As they hit the final plunge, all the guys crouched as low as they could and the wave of water washed over them and drenched the guy in the back!

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