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Das Stakehaus at Universal Epic Universe

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What is Das Stakehaus?

Das Stakehaus at Universal Epic Universe

Dine at Das Stakehaus, a cleverly named restaurant that plays a playful nod to one of the vampire’s classic weaknesses: the stake. This fast-casual restaurant run by “familiars” rests atop of the ancient catacombs where the Darkmoor vampires reside. As you dine above, they dine below. 

Where is Das Stakehaus?

In Dark Universe, which is in Epic Universe.

Fun Fact

This spot features numerous paintings that depict the world of vampires from their perspective, portraying them as heroes in their own stories. The artwork also showcases aspects of Darkmoor’s history and architecture.

What’s on the menu at Das Stakehaus? 

At this fast-casual restaurant, you can enjoy kebabs, burgers, sandwiches, and ribs, along with other offerings – all brought to you by the “familiars” of Darkmoor’s vampires. Stay tuned as we will sink our teeth into more details and update this guide once they are unearthed.

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