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Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience at Epic Universe

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What is the Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience?

Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience at Epic Universe

In a realm where the boundaries of reality blur, guests have the opportunity to transform into their favorite Universal Monsters—be it werewolves, vampires, mummies, or creatures even more fashionably monstrous. Here at the Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience, skilled artisans have repurposed Dr. Pretorius’ old lab into a makeup parlor, continuing the spirit of his eccentric experiments.

Earlier in 2024, Universal Studios Florida unveiled a limited-time makeup experience at Five & Dime in the Hollywood area of the park. This seems to have served as a preview of what was set to debut at Epic Universe in 2025.

Where is the Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience?

In Dark Universe, which is in Epic Universe.

Fun Fact

The Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience showcases original creations by industry-leading and award-winning makeup and special effects artists. These experts bring your favorite monsters to life with their extraordinary skills

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