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Dark Universe at Universal Epic Universe

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What is Dark Universe? 

Step through the Dark Universe portal and find yourself in a world where the line between legend and reality blurs. Here, Universal Monsters aren’t just tales whispered in the night – they are a living, breathing part of this world. 

Dark Universe is a world where Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s experiments are intricately woven into every aspect, offering guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in these legendary tales.

In keeping with the immersive design of Epic Universe, all worlds are ingeniously separated by berms with “portal” entrances. These portals act as magical gateways, transitioning guests from the central hub of Celestial Park – a world between worlds – to the distinct realms of each area.

While many specifics about this new world are still under wraps, rest assured that we will be ready to share as soon as they emerge from the shadows.

Where is Dark Universe Located? 

In Universal Epic Universe.

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