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Comic Strip Cafe (quick-service) at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

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Comic Strip Cafe
Comic Strip Cafe

What is Comic Strip Cafe?

You’ll find this comical quick-service cafe sitting just in front of the scenic Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls. When you aren’t reading one of the many larger-than-life comic strips printed on the walls, you’ll have a surprisingly diverse choice of entrees with an international twist.

Where is Comic Strip Cafe located?

In Toon Lagoon, which is in Islands of Adventure.

Comic Strip Cafe– hours and reservations

Comic Strip Cafe at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.
The ordering area of Comic Strip Cafe

Comic Strip Cafe is typically open from 7:00 am to park close, but this is, of course, subject to change. No reservations are necessary.


Platters are served with fries. Make it a combo with fries and a regular shake

Bacon Cheeseburger Combo – $17.49

Bacon Cheeseburger Platter – $13.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo – $14.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Platter – $11.49

Pizza and Salad

Combos served with a side Caesar salad

Individual Cheese Pizza Combo – $15.09
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, house-made dough 

Individual Cheese Pizza – $10.99
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, house-made dough 

Individual Pepperoni Pizza Combo – $17.09
Mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce, house-made dough

Individual Pepperoni Pizza – $11.99
Mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce, house-made dough

Chicken Caesar Salad Combo – $12.49

Chicken Caesar Salad – $11.49


Served with rice, vegetables, and egg roll

Dragon Platter  – $16.49
Combo of Sweet & Sour Chicken and Beef & Broccoli


French Fries – $3.99

Egg Roll – $2.99

Breadsticks with Marinara – $3.49

Side Caesar Salad – $6.99


Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup – $16.99

Extra day of refills for Freestyle Cup – $9.99

Single Serve Coca-Cola Freestyle Cup – $4.19

Powerade – $5.00
Choice of Fruit Punch or Mountain Berry Blast

Minute Maid Juices – $2.89
Choice of Apple or Orange

H20+ Premium Water – $5.00


Draft Beer – $10.50
Bud Light, Goose Island IPA, Heineken 

Souvenir Pilsner – $13.50
Bud Light, Goose Island IPA, Heineken 


Chocolate Chip Cookie – $3.29

Milkshake – $3.99
Chocolate, vanilla or swirled

Toppings – $1.49

Comic Strip Cafe – photo gallery

Comic Strip Cafe – real guest reviews

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Comic Strip Cafe
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Anastasia
Nothing to Write Home About
Date Of Last Visit: July 15, 2013

I visited here for lunch and was expecting mediocre, overly salty food. I got what I expected. The Caesar salad was over dressed but tasty. The pasta and garlic bread was very salty and the pasta was mushy. I understand cooking pasta for the masses is difficult but it was overly mushy. The garlic bread was good though.

Nothing special from this place.

 by Sarah Q.
Variety of Food
Date Of Last Visit: October 2013

We ate there twice, once each time we visited Orlando. The first time, I was overwhelmed with the variety of food offered so I ordered a cheeseburger. The second time, we both ordered sweet and sour chicken with jello for dessert. Both visits were surprisingly yummy. I'm impressed.

 by Lunie Love
Apple Pie Fail
Date Of Last Visit: April 2014

The comic strip atmosphere in this place gets and A, but the food is theme park food. I was trying to decide what to get and the cashier suggested the combo which was a burger, fries and apple pie. I thought it included a drink but was wrong. The burger and fries were ok, but the apple pie was cold and the crust was like wet cardboard. Wish I would have ordered the burger then splurged on dessert in another location.

 by Michael Conda
A delightful dining experience!
Date Of Last Visit: July 2012

I just love getting to dine at The Comic Strip Cafe at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure. From the moment you step in you can just feel 'the fun', there is such a light and fun environment inside and the amount of food options is just top notch; Pizza, Fish, Pasta, Salad, Chinese, Italian, American and MORE! From the wonderful playful soundtrack, to the great view of Toon Lagoon, Comic Strip Cafe is a great place to chill for a few and grab some grub.

 by Shannon
Great Fish and Chips
Date Of Last Visit: 9/2011

This was a great place to relax / cool off / spread out with the kids. There was something for everyone....normal kid fare, but the fish and chips were REALLY good.

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