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The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Marvel Superhero Island

Restrictions and access
40 inches; has Express Pass access and a single rider line.

Two sentence insider summary
When it opened, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man was considered a huge technological achievement, combining 3-D film, ride movement, and special effects for the very first time. Despite being over 10 years old, Spider-Man is still an incredible theme park experience, and one that you will likely want to experience over and over — especially since it is even more detailed after its HD upgrade in 2012 (more info below).

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Fear factor
3 out of 5. Lots of motion and special effects, but this one really manages to be far more entertaining than scary.



What you wish you knew before you experienced it
Even though this is a simulator style ride somewhat like Forbidden Journey, its motions are much more traditional. This makes it very family-friendly, and yet it’s still very thrilling!

OI fun fact
Look for Stan Lee cameos throughout the ride!

Spider-Man refurb press release:

Already one of the most popular and innovative theme park attractions ever created, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure continues to raise the bar for theme park entertainment – combining advanced motion-based ride vehicles, 3-D digital film and live special effects to create an unparalleled ride experience. It is widely acknowledged as one of the best theme park experiences in the world – and it’s about to get mind-blowingly better.

The newly reanimated, high-definition experience will unfold within the attraction’s towering visual spaces – taking on even larger than larger-than-life proportions. The new digital animation – combined with the new Infitec system and new set enhancements – will transform what is already one of the most technologically advanced attractions ever created into what will feel like an all-new experience.

Facts about the enhanced ride experience:

  • All-new digital animation done in 4K high definition – the highest HD resolution available
  • The new HD animation will allow guests to experience details they’ve never been able to before – from the flames spewing from Hobgoblin’s pumpkins to the electricity arching through Electro’s body to the stitching on Spider-Man’s gloves.
  • To take advantage of new HD clarity and detail, Universal Orlando is adding entirely new details to the film – and leaving it up to guests to find them.

“Guests will not believe their eyes when they experience the new Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man,” said Thierry Coup, senior vice president of the Universal Creative Studio. “We are talking about a larger-than-life environment and the HD animation will make it even more remarkable than it has been. It will seem brand-new.”

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – HD video

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – real guest reviews

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Average rating:  
 29 reviews
Do not miss!
Date Of Last Visit: 1/3/15

We came go Universal all ready for our Harry Potter experience but were so pleasantly surprised with the other parts of the park-Spiderman was fantastic! Exciting and fun with a great story line and the graphics are not to be missed. We rode it at least 6 times in our 5 day stay (pony up for the express pass friends- there is nothing better than walking into a ride that has a 60 minute wait)

spider man
Date Of Last Visit: 7/13

excellent ride, i think better than transformers, all ages will enjoy this attraction, it's a must see and do

Universal's Best
Date Of Last Visit: 7-12-14

This ride is easily the best experience the brilliant team at Universal has ever produced. The ride first opened with the park in 1999 and was well ahead of its time. The high definition upgrade it received a few years back really gave it new life to further enhance the experience. I've been on this ride numerous times since about 2003 and it has never gotten old. The ride is appealing to not only young children, but also to teenagers and adults. This is not only the best ride at Universal but probably the best ride made by anyone period.

Spidey Does It Again
Date Of Last Visit: 06/13

We are all big fans of Spiderman, both the new and old films will always be one of our favourites! We have been on both of the versions of the ride many times! The old ride was equally as entertaining however the new one seems to have more of a special and more innovate edge.

The queuing for us is one of our favourites, this is because you see inside the Daily Bugle! This is for sure a ride for all of the family! You will find yourself helping spiderman through the city! You feel like you are actually there and the ride is very interactive and fun to be on!!

We also love the gift shop after the ride, there are many spiderman and marvel related gifts and souvenirs to purchase. The que of the ride is often shorter than some of the big coasters, and most of the queuing is inside which is a massive bonus when it is warm!!

Date Of Last Visit: 03/09/2014

I love Spiderman! It has so many characters that comic book lovers will enjoy.

The only downside to this ride is that it is a bit bumpy for me. A lot goes on on this ride, and geesh sometimes it gets me woozy afterwards! Other than that, the plot is great! Makes you feel like you're actually there!

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