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Talking Slime Time Live with Jonah Travick: Sliming, pieing & Gak-filled laughs at Universal’s Nickelodeon Studios

Nickelodeon’s Slime Time Live is fondly remembered by many of us as one of the shows taped live at Nickelodeon Studios, part of Universal Studios Florida theme park, before the studios closed in 2005 (the space eventually became home to Universal’s Blue Man Group show). [youtube_video]X2QekXgGivg[/youtube_video] Many of us also fondly remember co-host Jonah Travick […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for December 27, 2013: The legacy of Downtown Disney and the future of Disney Springs

Universal CityWalk and the Orlando Eye have been much in the news the past month, thanks to newly-announced expansions and, even, name changes. And at the beginning of the year, Disney Springs made headlines, as Disney announced the new complex would replace – and greatly expand upon – Downtown Disney. All three venues represent the […]

Exiting through narrative: How theme parks can improve an attraction’s final moments

The modern-day theme park attraction is a multi-faceted entity. There’s the queue, which, at the present moment, is undergoing a transformation from decorated-but-passive waiting room to fully-integrated-immersive experience. And the ride itself has, over the course of the past 20 years, taken on more complexities, often in the form of action-movie-esque thrills, in an effort […]

Universal Studios Florida: The transformation from a working studio to a traditional theme park

When Universal Studios Florida held its grand debut in 1990, it had a simple but distinguishable hook: it was a theme park that just so happened to double as a working production studio (just the opposite, incidentally, of its predecessor and progenitor, Universal Studios Hollywood, which had opened its backlot doors to the public in […]

Review: Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe at Magic Kingdom