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Rumor round-up for July 11, 2014: Universal’s Volcano Bay water park, Disney expansions, and Comcast buying SeaWorld

Volcano Bay, the future, and you Three years ago, HHNRumors, of all sites, came across a trademark filling for a new water park called, oddly enough, WonderSea Island. Nothing ever came of the request – until last week, that is, when Parkscope noticed a new filling for something called Volcano Bay, which has to do […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for July 5, 2014: Why Star Wars Land is still delayed, and why you may not see Luke Skywalker there

Do you remember Star Wars Land, which was originally supposed to debut at Anaheim’s Disneyland in 2017 and at Orlando’s Hollywood Studios in 2018? The last we heard, some eight months ago, the entire project was indefinitely delayed, at the least, or outright scrapped, at the most. Well, just this week, Disney and More decided […]

Rumor round-up for June 27, 2014: Universal is building three more hotels, all the HHN 24 scare zones, and a few Diagon Alley updates

Hotels, hotels, and more hotels It has long been known that Universal has been interested in eventually developing five hotels on its property – that’s been in the books ever since the mid-’90s, when the company first hatched plans to transform Universal Studios Florida into Universal Orlando Resort – and it’s even been thoroughly accepted […]

Rumor round-up for June 6, 2014: More Diagon Alley stores and their locations, casting spells in the wizarding world, and conversational goblins

At last! The most exact(ing) layout of Diagon Alley yet If you’ll recall from last week, we were on something of a tear to find out all we could about the specific shops and their various locations all along Diagon Alley’s four(!) streets. After getting our preliminary batch of intel, we’re excited about getting an […]

Rumor round-up for May 30, 2014: New details about Gringotts, limiting the Hogwarts Express, and the latest intel on wands, drinks & shops

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts: The good Just recently, the wonderful Bob Wadd posted some pics and video of his latest helicopter fly-by of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley (done while the dragon was being installed last weekend) at his equally wonderful Pixels at the Parks site, and one […]

Rumor round-up for May 2, 2014: New Harry Potter food & souvenirs, clues to Early Park Admission, but where’s the grand opening announcement?

Eating, drinking & buying your way around Diagon Alley It’s already May, which means that (more than likely) the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley will be open next month. So it should come as no surprise that Universal employees got a special sneak peek at future culinary and merchandise offerings this past […]

Rumor round-up for April 25, 2014: Building more Potter, replacing KidZone, canceling Jurassic Park, and starting King Kong

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear (wizarding) shades We all know that this summer’s opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley is going to be a massive step forward for both the commercial success and theming sophistication of Universal Orlando, but what most probably don’t realize is that this second […]

Three incredible ways Diagon Alley is lavishly improving on Hogsmeade’s wizarding formula

It isn’t just with park-connecting rides and compelling merchandising opportunities that Universal plans on expounding upon the Wizarding World of Harry Potter formula that it nearly perfected four years ago – there are a whole slew of other methods, both incredibly big and microscopically small, that will help transport you more fully into Harry’s wondrous […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for April 18, 2014: Interactive wands – the next generation of the Wizarding World

Pulling its own version of a rumor round-up, Central Florida Top 5 has managed to combine all previously-leaked information with some insider intel of its own to give us our most tantalizing glimpse yet of the new RFID-equipped wands that will be flooding the Wizarding Worlds starting (possibly) this summer. The information is impressive, compelling, […]

Rumor round-up for April 11, 2014: Diagon Alley’s soft openings, King Kong’s secrets, and Universal Orlando’s new ride (literally)

Harry Potter and the Soft Openings The exact opening date of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley has been all over the place as of late, and for good reason: there’s been delays, construction hang-ups, and other assorted craziness that happens on a project of this scale, making predictions a little on […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for April 5, 2014: Unlimited FastPass+ versus Potter’s third phase – the battle for the future is heating up

In case there was any doubt that 2014 will be the most important year yet for the theme park industry (here in Central Florida, at least), news keeps trickling in from both official and unofficial sources that only serves to bludgeon us over the head with the irrefutable fact. It’s simultaneously thrilling and painful. What […]

Rumor round-up for March 28, 2014: Sharpening our thoughts on Diagon Alley’s opening, first glimpses of King Kong & Jurassic World, Universal’s water park

Let’s figure out Diagon Alley’s opening date, shall we? A new source has dropped off an owl to us here at Orlando Informer, and the contents of the letter have us all atwitter. Several different topics were addressed, so let’s get to it in bullet-point-style, shall we? The attractions – the Hogwarts Express is ahead […]

Rumor round-up for March 22, 2014: Disney’s FastPass+ controversy – the good, the bad & the indifferent

Rumor FastPass+ round-up All four of Walt Disney World’s theme parks have been switched over to the new FastPass+ ride reservation system for the past two months, while all Annual Passholders’ MagicBands (the all-in-one bracelets that allow one to make her FastPass+ reservations in advance) will ship out next week. Now that we’ve fully entered […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for March 14, 2014: Hogwarts Express ride details reveal the world’s most authentic theme park attraction

At the beginning of this week, Universal teased that it was going to be sharing some new details today about the Hogwarts Express train ride that connects Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida to Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure. The company has certainly lived up to that promise, inviting several Harry Potter fansites to New […]

Rumor round-up for March 7, 2014: King Kong construction begins, Shrek at Orlando Eye, Cabana Bay’s fitness & Energon’s finale

The first proof of an Islands of Adventure expansion The goodly folks over at Parkscope have uncovered yet another permit, filed by Universal just yesterday. An engineering permit, it calls for “site work for project 340, to include demolition of existing site area, mass grading, asphalt modification, and utility improvements.” Just what is project 340, […]

Rumor round-up for February 28, 2014: Universal price increase, Star Wars Weekends, Leaky Cauldron’s food & Transformers-themed rooms

Save money on Universal Orlando tickets – for this weekend only Did you hear about Universal Orlando Resort’s price increases earlier this week, which were done to keep pace with Disney’s unusually-timed price hikes? And did you read our report that Universal’s website prices are still inexplicably set at 2013 levels? (You can seriously save […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for February 22, 2014: Will Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade Station be delayed until August?

Note from the editor: it’s the 100th installment(!) of our popular series, Rumor Round-Up, and, to celebrate, we’ve got some very special news regarding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley to go over with you all. So sit back, relax, and prepare to take in the culmination of nearly two years’ worth […]

Rumor round-up for February 7, 2014: Gringotts’ full story, riding Avatar Land’s boat ride, Diagon Alley signs & Seven Dwarfs Mine

Ready to visit your Gringotts vault? Breaking the story of Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts has been a long and laborious process – it’s still one of the best-kept secrets of the new Wizarding World, even after Universal’s big webcast last month – but we’ve been committed to digging through the dirt and […]

Rumor round-up for January 31, 2014: Previewing King Kong at Universal, touring Orlando Eye & delaying the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

King Kong and the Raiders of the Lost Ark In last week’s episode of Orlando United’s podcast, rumormonger HateToFly shared a bit about the King Kong ride that is purportedly arriving at Islands of Adventure sometime next year, and if even half of what he contends is true, we’re all in for a very exciting […]

King’s Cross Station to open May 2014 – if you believe the writing on the wall

Update – January 2014 Almost one year ago we published the blog post you’ll find below. At the time, we scarcely knew that the construction project at Universal Studios Florida was indeed Diagon Alley (remember, Universal didn’t official announce the project until May 2013), and we certainly weren’t ready to estimate its opening date. Yet, […]

RRU Special Edition: New details on Diagon Alley – story, food, actors, previews & the name of the Gringotts Bank attraction

Gringotts Bank coaster: The attraction’s story & name A week ago today, we lead you on a little tour through the complete Gringotts Bank ride using all of the information that was currently available. Though it was as complete as it could have been, we have to say: what a difference a single week makes! […]

Rumor round-up for January 11, 2014: Epcot gets Frozen, MyMagic+ at Universal, Beetlejuice’s resurrection, E.T.’s future & USF’s 25th anniversary

Epcot to get Frozen? Screamscape recently turned up the heat on the glacial pace of development at Epcot with news that a new ride has been greenlit for the blue-sky stage of development. Should Disney execs like what they see, they’ll then proceed to fund the design phase, with construction presumably following not (too) long […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for December 27, 2013: The legacy of Downtown Disney and the future of Disney Springs

Universal CityWalk and the Orlando Eye have been much in the news the past month, thanks to newly-announced expansions and, even, name changes. And at the beginning of the year, Disney Springs made headlines, as Disney announced the new complex would replace – and greatly expand upon – Downtown Disney. All three venues represent the […]

Rumor round-up for December 20, 2013: Diagon Alley’s secrets, Forbidden Journey’s changes & the FIRST Halloween Horror Nights 24 rumors

Rumor Harry Potter round-up for December 20 As we fast approach the five-month mark(!) until the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley opens, information is starting to bubble up from all directions at an ever-increasing pace. Given that it’s been two weeks since last we did a Rumor Round-Up proper (you should definitely […]

RRU Special Edition: Universal announces largest expansion in CityWalk history – we’ve got details and exclusive analysis

CityWalk opened in 1999, when the single-park Universal Studios Florida expanded to the full Universal Orlando Resort. And while it has seen its fair share of venues come and go over the past decade-and-a-half, it’s never had a major shake-up or rebranding – until now. Earlier today, Universal held a small press conference at the […]

Rumor round-up for December 6, 2013: Gringotts coaster details, exploring Avatar’s opening-day attraction & more

EXCLUSIVE: Shedding light inside Gringotts Bank A new source has recently conjured himself up here at Orlando Informer, speaking to us in the back alleys of Universal Studios Florida. He’s been most happy to share just a few tidbits with us – hey, we don’t want to get anyone exiled from the Wizarding World here […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for November 27, 2013: How Disney lost the battle for 2017 by cancelling most of Star Wars Land

Disney CEO Bob Iger was supposed to be publicly announcing Star Wars’s big arrival at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios right about now. Instead, he’s quietly put all plans on hold in Anaheim and outright pulled the plug on most of the Star Wars Land expansion here in Orlando. If it seems […]

Rumor round-up for November 22, 2013: The third Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Cabana Bay’s lazy river & some CityWalk morsels

The Wizarding World, Part III The opening of the original Wizarding World of Harry Potter in June 2010 exploded Universal Orlando’s attendance and launched it on a multi-year construction frenzy, building new rides, a long-awaited fourth hotel, and even a putt-putt course (or two) at CityWalk. This blitzkrieg of activity will be highlighted, though not […]

Rumor round-up for November 9, 2013: Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar at Citywalk, extensive Avatar details revealed, end of HHN originality & more [UPDATED]

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar coming to Universal CityWalk? Quick refresher: It has been rumored for several months that CityWalk’s Starbucks, currently positioned on the second floor (over the new Red Oven), would be moving to the recently gutted Endangered Species store on the first floor (right next to Red Oven). For a visual aid, the […]

Rumor round-up for November 1, 2013: Gringotts Bank coaster video, Universal’s theme park dominance, HP flame effects & JP midway games

Sneak peek at Gringotts Bank coaster Eager to get a taste of what the Gringotts ride may be like once it opens next year as part of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida? Well, feast your eyes on this “mine car coaster” concept video that was recently posted on YouTube — and be sure to […]

Rumor round-up for October 25, 2013: King Kong special report, Universal’s five-year road map, Meal Deal replacement, the Hogwarts Express & more

King Kong, Disaster, and Jurassic Park: The plot thickens… King Kong’s imminent arrival at Universal Orlando Resort is quickly becoming like some of our old favorite TV series, like The X-Files or Moonlighting: will he or won’t he? When and where? (And, I guess we should add, will he jump the shark?) The latest round […]

Rumor round-up for October 19, 2013: Skull Island the eighth Island of Adventure, Avatar details & theories, Potter construction update

Welcome to the eighth Island of Adventure: Skull Island King Kong, after an 11-year absence, is returning to Universal Orlando – that much all the various sources at all the various sites can agree on. It’s just everything else about the King’s return to Universal that causes all (rumor) hell to break loose. First, Kong […]

Rumor round-up for October 11, 2013: Tour through Hogsmeade Station, new Wizarding World artwork & Iron Man flies in Hong Kong

Let’s walk through Hogsmeade Station, shall we? Prolific rumor monger HateToFly is at it again over on the Orlando United boards, and this time, he’s going for gold: a breakdown of the Hogsmeade Station inside Universal’s Islands of Adventure, where guests will board the Hogwarts Express. (HateToFly is quick to point out that he’s simply […]

Rumor round-up for October 4, 2013: World of Warcraft coming to Universal, new infrared tech coming to Disney, construction projects around Orlando

Welcome to Azeroth, the newest Island of Adventure? Ever hear of a little videogame series called Warcraft? It started as a real-time strategy game for the PC all the way back in 1994, though most people are probably familiar with its latest incarnation, World of Warcraft (November 2004). This long-running installment is a massively multiplayer […]

Rumor round-up for September 28, 2013: Pulling the plug on WWE Hall of Fame, NextGen & Avatar Land updates, SeaWorld show 20 million years in the making

Is Universal pulling the plug on the WWE Hall of Fame? Over the past few months, we’ve been reporting on the possibility of NBA City in CityWalk being demolished and a WWE Hall of Fame replacing it. It turns out, though, that those plans may be getting the bulldozer, as well. According to Wrestling News […]

Rumor round-up for September 20, 2013: Advance scoop on HHN, New Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland, images of the Hogwarts Express & more

HHN 2013: The good, the bad & the ugly In case you hadn’t already heard, Universal had a technical rehearsal this past Wednesday that also doubled as a preview night for team members and select media. And while their input can’t be ruled as a direct review of the various haunted houses and scare zones […]

Rumor round-up for September 13, 2013: No more Cars Land, Universal adds one new ride per year, Harry Potter movie & Hogwarts Express opening date

Goodbye, Cars Land – hello, something else? Theme Park Insider has something of a bombshell announcement this week: according to its inside sources at Walt Disney Imagineering, the long-proposed and oft-hoped-for Cars Land expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is now dead. What happened? A couple things, it turns out, but the biggest seems to be […]

Rumor round-up for September 6, 2013: Seuss Landing expansion, Disney axing FastPasses, Terminator, CityWalk, Starbucks & #NothingTaller

Project 301 at Islands of Adventure It may seem like Jurassic Park has been getting all the attention with its long-awaited new ride, but Universal Creative hasn’t forgotten about the other land at Islands of Adventure that is in desperate need of an expansion: Seuss Landing. While details are very limited, Screamscape tells us that […]

Rumor round-up for August 30, 2013: Hogwarts Express detailed, Universal’s third park revealed, Jurassic Park expansion plotted, HHN houses exposed!

You may have already seen the Hogwarts Express engine car Many pictures have been streaming in over the past few weeks of the Hogwarts Express cars being delivered to Universal Orlando, including six passenger and two coal cars, but up until today no one had been able to snag a shot of the engine cars […]

Rumor round-up for August 22, 2013: Diagon Alley, HHN Reveal Week, D23 Expo park news, Disney’s Polynesian Village & more

Fleshing out Diagon Alley… a little Robert Niles, the editor-in-chief of Theme Park Insider, knows a thing or two about the upcoming Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley. He was the one, after all, who initially broke the story over a year-and-a-half ago, well before Universal officially made the announcement. Now Robert has […]

Rumor round-up for August 9, 2013: Replacing Lost Continent with Willy Wonka, Universal CityWalk developments exposed & more HHN goodies

What should replace Lost Continent? The answer may surprise you… Let’s update Islands of Adventure, shall we? With Universal Studios Florida getting a bevy of new attractions – Transformers, Springfield, Diagon Alley – it’s only right to balance out the equation and give Islands of Adventure its first park-wide facelift since it opened all the […]

Rumor round-up for August 3, 2013: Soarin’ gets randomized, Universal gets Silly & the Imagination pavilion and Jurassic Park get new construction possibilities

Randomly Soarin’ over the randomized world Just to follow up on our recent Soarin’ news: Screamscape has swooped in with a juicy new report regarding Soarin’ over the Horizon, the rumored replacement for the current iteration of the ride that is slated to open in 2016. Thanks to the brand-new digital projector that it will […]

Rumor round-up for July 26, 2013: Closing Imagination at Epcot, expanding DHS for Cars Land & Star Wars, moving Osborne Lights, The Walking Dead rise

What’s replacing Epcot’s Imagination pavilion? Use your imagination A short, mysterious, but highly intriguing post by Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia on its Facebook page makes some rather bold claims: Disney is planning on closing the Imagination pavilion in Epcot’s Future World on January 2, 2014. Such news, perhaps, isn’t that surprising; Imagination has easily had the […]