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Shows and Entertainment at SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Guide and Overview

Throughout the year, SeaWorld Orlando hosts three permanent daily presentations and a handful of seasonal shows to educate and entertain guests. Find out more about those shows here and what to expect from them, as well as sample schedules. 

Year-Round Shows and Presentations

Orca Encounter 

Orca Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando
Orca Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando

Orca Encounter is an outdoor presentation of the Killer Whales and all their glory. This 30-minute show is filled with demonstrations of Orca Whales and their behaviors, which mimic hunting and working together to accomplish tasks. Guests will also learn about SeaWorld and the conservation efforts SeaWorld Ambassadors make every day. Audience members will have the chance to also sit in “The Soak Zone” – the first few rows of the stadium that fall prey to the splash of an Orca Whale tale! This is the flagship experience at SeaWorld Orlando, and one we know you’ll enjoy through the last moment. Orca Encounter is located toward the back of the park. 

Currently showing at 12:00 and 5:30

Dolphin Adventures in Dolphin Stadium 

Dolphin Adventures at SeaWorld Orlando
Dolphin Adventures at SeaWorld Orlando

Come see the Journey of the Bottlenose Dolphin in this stunning outdoor demonstration of these playful animals. SeaWorld Ambassadors will teach you all about bottlenose dolphins, including what drives their behavior and how they hone their skills in the wild. Guests will also learn about the natural habitat these dolphins thrive in, and what dangers and environmental challenges they face in the wild. Just as is the case with Orca Encounter, Dolphin Adventures provides the option to sit in a Soak Zone and cool off in the heat of a summer day. Dolphin Stadium is located near the front of the park, near Turtle Trek. 

Currently showing at 10:45 and 3:30

Sea Lion and Otter Spotlight in Sea Lion and Otter Stadium 

Sea Lion and Otter Spotlight at SeaWorld Orlando
Sea Lion and Otter Spotlight at SeaWorld Orlando

The Pacific Point Marine Conservation Center presents an outdoor demonstration of California sea lions and Asian small-clawed otters. This presentation will show off the fun characteristics of sea lions and otters, as well as their natural behaviors. SeaWorld conservationists will educate guest on the threats these animals face in the wild and what we can do to help prevent them from facing these issues. 

Currently showing at 1:30 and 4:00 

Theaters and Stadiums at SeaWorld Orlando 

Seaport Theater

The Seaport Theater is an indoor venue that hosts seasonal shows and presentations. Seaport Theater is — as the name would suggest — a proper theatre, complete with stage productions and stadium-style seating. Presentations will vary based on the time of year, with new shows rotating in frequently. The Seaport Theater is located near the Waterfront Village. 

Nautilus Theater

Like the Seaport Theater, the Nautilus Theater is an indoor venue that hosts seasonal shows. Unlike the Seaport Theater, the Nautilus Theater frequently hosts shows that are more entertainment-based instead of educationally-focused. Right now, the Nautilus is gearing up to host the holiday show “It’s a Wonderful Night: A New Story to Tell,” which brings together Christmas favorites and sing-alongs. The Nautilus Theater is located between Mako and Infinity Falls. 

Bayside Stadium 

Located on the far side of the park, Bayside Stadium overlooks the stunning SeaWorld Lagoon and is the place to be for night shows and fireworks presentations. With expansive stadium seating, the views here can’t be beat. Seasonal nighttime shows are held here.