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Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando

Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando

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What is Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando?

Shark Encounter is a peaceful, educational walkthrough attraction that features some of earth’s oldest creatures. In Shark Encounter, you’ll be able to go through one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels and be up-close with a number of shark and fish species. 

Where is Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando located?

In the Sea of Mystery, near the back of the park. 

Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando

Shark Encounter – height restrictions and other factors

As a walkthrough attraction, there are no height restrictions or other factors to consider. Accommodations for guests in ECVs or wheelchairs are available.

Shark Encounter – what you wish you knew before you experienced it

Shark Encounter is tucked away to the side of Sharks Underwater Grill, so it can be easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. That being said, the reason it is on the perimeter of the park is so that there’s room for the large building to house the encounter. Just be on the lookout!

Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando

How scary is Shark Encounter?

While a fear of sharks is a completely acceptable, it’s important to note that there are several inches of glass and acrylic between you and the ones you’ll come across in Shark Encounter. As a peaceful walkthrough attraction, we rate Shark Encounter zero out of five guppies in terms of fear.

What was Shark Encounter’s opening date?

Shark Encounter originally opened in 1979.

Shark Encounter – OI fun fact

  • The building houses a 700,000-gallon aquarium
  • Sharks have been on earth for over 450 million years, long before dinosaurs

Shark Encounter – real guest reviews

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