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Rides and Attractions at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando offers a number of live entertainment options and high-thrill attractions, in addition to several notable animal exhibits. The blend of these elements is what makes SeaWorld such a unique place for families to enjoy. This guide will provide a brief overview of each of the attractions, what to expect from them, and where to find them. 

SeaWorld Orlando

Sea of Shallows 


This high-speed coaster takes guests through an experience you won’t likely soon forget. This ride mimics what it would be like to be a manta ray gliding through the ocean. Once guests are buckled in, this unique ride vehicle pivots to put riders on their stomachs, flying through the air head first. 

Turtle Trek & Manatee Rehabilitation Area

This walkthrough attraction features a large aquarium where guests can view beautiful sea turtles and manatees. SeaWorld Orlando rescues these animals and gives them a home, sometimes permanently if the animal can’t live on its own in the wild. At the end of the Trek, guests can step into a 360-degree theatre for a short video of a sea turtle’s life – from hatching from an egg to growing into an adult turtle enjoying the ocean. 

Mako at SeaWorld ride vehicle
Mako at SeaWorld Orlando

Sea of Mystery


Named after one of the fastests sharks in the water, Mako lives up to the hype. This coaster won its category in USA Today’s 10Best poll. This monster steel coaster reaches speeds of 73 miles per hour and a height of 200 feet. 

Infinity Falls

This raft ride is a more adventurous version than most of its kind. With a 1500 foot track and a 40 foot drop, it delivers excitement and thrill to all who dare come aboard. 

Flamingo Paddle Boats

For a small fee, guests can upgrade their SeaWorld experience and rent a paddle boat experience. This gives you the chance to view SeaWorld from the lagoon and relax for a few minutes. 

Sea Carousel 

Located near the boundary to Sesame Street, the Sea Carousel is a sweet attraction that any theme park would be incomplete without. Featuring friendly sea creatures, guests can pick their ride and hop on!

Dolphin Theater 

The Dolphin Theater currently houses one of the newest shows at SeaWorld Orlando – Dolphin Adventures! Guests gather here to learn about these beautiful animals, their nature, and what we can do to help protect them. 

Nautilus Theatre

The Nautilus Theatre houses a number of live shows and entertainment. In addition to a few of the well-established shows, this theatre is often where you need to go to see the holiday-specific or seasonal entertainment. 

Sea of Legends


Named after one of the most feared mythical sea beasts, Kraken will have you screaming from nearly 150 feet up! Your feet will dangle over SeaWorld Orlando as you move on this high-speed coaster. 

Orca splash zone at SeaWorld Orlando
Shamu Stadium at SeaWorld Orlando

Sea of Power

Ice Breaker 

With a new opening date of February 2022, Ice Breaker will be the newest coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. This unique ride will take you in multiple directions and features a vertical drop. 

Wild Arctic 

This walkthrough attraction brings guests face to face with walruses and beluga whales. You’ll find it hard to believe that you’re in Florida when you experience this exhibit. 

Shamu Stadium 

Home of the famous Orca Encounter, Shamu Stadium is the flagship attraction at SeaWorld Orlando. Here, guests have the opportunity to learn all about the impressive Orca whale. 

Bayside Stadium 

Bayside Stadium is the go-to spot for many of the nighttime festivities at SeaWorld Orlando. Featuring partially-covered stadium seating and a stunning view of the lagoon, fireworks have never looked better. 

Sea of Ice

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin 

Five species of penguins are featured in this unique exhibit. Guests can come just feet away from the penguins, and watch them swim up-close. Bring your jacket though – the enclosure mimics the conditions in Antarctica. 

Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando
Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando

Sea of Legends

Journey to Atlantis 

Guests will explore the lost city of Atlantis in this thrilling water coaster. Prepare to get soaked! Located near Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. 

Sea of Delight

Sky Tower

The tallest observation tower in Florida, Sky Tower gives guests the opportunity to view SeaWorld Orlando from 365 feet up. 

Sea Lion and Otter Theater 

Guests learn about California sea lions and Asian small-clawed otters. Through partnership with Pacific Point Marine Conservation Center, SeaWorld Orlando puts on an educational demonstration of these interesting creatures. 

Seaport Theater 

Located near the waterfront, Seaport Theater hosts the delightful show, Rescue Tails. This is an educational presentation of exciting and exotic animals. Here, in the AC, guests of all ages can learn something new about the animals we love. 

Sesame Street 

Sesame Street has its own collection of rides, attractions, and shows for little ones. For a full listing and description of everything Sesame Street has to offer, head on over to our guide!