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Pipeline: The Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

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Surf’s up at SeaWorld Orlando! The Coaster Capital of Orlando is expanding its lineup with its totally tubular and innovative attraction, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster. Read more about what is in store!

What is Pipeline: The Surf Coaster?

Ready to catch a wave? Pipeline: The Surf Coaster will be a first-of-its-kind thrill with a dynamic restraint that keeps you secure and simulates wave movement for the ultimate surfer experience on land. The coaster will reach top speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and extends up to 110 feet in height.

Take in the scope of this surf in our initial announcement here.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster – height restrictions and other factors

Height requirement is 54 inches minimum and 78 inches maximum.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster – – what you wish you knew before you experienced it

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster is the first of its kind in the world! Guests mimic the stance of professional surfers as the coaster replicates carving some gnarly waves while reaching 60 miles per hour on this 2,950-foot track.

What is Pipeline: The Surf Coaster Opening Date?

We will be able to hang ten on Pipeline: The Surf Coaster starting May 27! Get ready for this tide to roll in by purchasing discounted SeaWorld Orlando tickets in advance through Orlando Informer!

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster – real guest reviews

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