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Dining at SeaWorld Orlando

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Where can I dine at SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld has 16 places for guests to take advantage of when they get hungry. These places range from casual takeaway eateries to sit-down restaurants. This is your guide to what’s available, when it’s available, and what to expect at SeaWorld Orlando dining locations! We should note that (from personal experience) opening times can vary, and frequently kitchens aren’t firing up until around 11:30 am, which seems to be the reliable opening time for almost everything in the park. 

Before heading to the park, make sure to have your ticket in hand! You can find discounted admission to SeaWorld Orlando through Orlando Informer here.

The signature pretzel at Flamecraft Bar

All-Day Dining Deal

The All-Day Dining Deal is an upgrade to regular park admission. Once every 90 minutes, participants in this program can grab one entree, one side or one dessert, and one regular-sized non-alcoholic beverage from participating restaurants. Children participating in the All-Day Dining Deal are eligible to grab one kid’s meal from participating locations every 90 minutes. That means if you spend 10 hours at SeaWorld (which is easier than it sounds) and get every meal you are eligible for, they will run you only about $7.50 each if you’re an adult, and kids can eat for $3.80 a meal. You read that right – it’s a fantastic deal if you and your family bring an appetite. 

Here is a complete list of restaurants at SeaWorld Orlando. Opening times can vary, as some restaurants may not open on particularly slow days. Those marked with an asterisk* participate in the All-Day Dining Deal.


Coaster Coffee Company at SeaWorld Orlando

Coaster Coffee Company
Located near the park entrance, this hidden Starbucks provider offers guests coffee, pastries, and other refreshments throughout the day. You can also get an acai bowl to hold you over to the next meal. 

Edy’s Ice Cream Parlor
Featuring “14 Fabulous Flavors,” Edy’s Ice Cream Parlor is the perfect pit stop for guests looking for a respite from the Florida sun. Located near the Dolphin Nursery. 

Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs*
Located in Key West by the Stingray Lagoon, Captain Pete’s has a simple menu of hot dogs and waffle fries.

Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen
This delicious snack spot is located near Orca Encounter, towards the back of the park. Guests can choose from a number of sweet or savory pretzels, delicious dipping sauces, and a selection of beer and wine.

Seafire Grill*
Seafire Grill provides a variety of salads and sandwiches for your family. If that doesn’t suit anyone, there’s always mac and cheese or fries, so even picky eaters can find something to enjoy here.

Voyager’s Smokehouse*
If you’ve got a hankering for BBQ, look no further. This is the place to be for briskets, ribs, or smoked chicken! Participates in the All-Day Dining Deal. 

Flamecraft Bar
This spot is located near Seafire Grill and has one of the best views in the park. Take your pick from old favorites, seasonal specials, or new concoctions in this full bar. There is also a small selection of snacks to choose from – nachos, tacos, and pretzels, to name a few. 

Glacier Bar
Find this hidden gem by Orca Encounter. This is the perfect spot to get a cold drink – alcoholic or otherwise – and snack on some finger food. 

Expedition Café*
Located in Antarctica, this food-court-style eatery offers chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches. With three main service counters, the cafe has enough selections to appease even your pickiest eater. Participates in the All-Day Dining Deal. 

Waterway Grill*
Delight in selections inspired by foods from Central and South America. With dishes like grilled churrasco steak or salpicao chicken salad, this is the spot to eat if you want some spice in your life. Remember – the bar opens early! Participates in the All-Day Dining Deal (restaurant only). 

Lakeside Grill*
Choose from an assortment of Mexican-inspired fare at this flavorful restaurant. Located on the Waterfront, you can enjoy burgers and fries or opt for tacos and rice bowls.

Altitude Burgers*
Located near Orca Encounter and Glacier Bar, Altitude Burgers has a menu of – you guessed it – burgers and fries.

Panini Shore Cafe*
Savor a delightful selection of handheld sandwiches and paninis, each grilled to golden perfection.

Dockside Pizza Co.*
Indulge in a slice of handcrafted pizza topped with savory selections such as pepperoni and a hearty three-meat combo.

Rita’s Italian Ice
Cool off with Rita’s selection of delicious frozen drinks, Italian ice, and frozen custards.


Sharks Underwater Grill at SeaWorld Orlando

Sharks Underwater Grill 

This specialty restaurant located in the Sea of Mystery is a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. The restaurant shares walls with the shark aquarium, and guests can dine on Kobe Beef Sliders or fresh Caesar Salad and sip specialty cocktails with themed names like “Sea Sangria” or “Mako Margarita” while watching stingrays, sharks, and fish cruise by. While reservations are not required, they are suggested – just stop by when the restaurant opens and check availability for the rest of the day. 

Specialty Dining

Orca Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando

Dine with Orcas

This separately ticketed event is one of the coolest experiences available in Central Florida. Dine with Orcas provides guests with an unforgettable meal on several accounts. This experience is a sit-down meal in a tranquil space adjacent to the Orca tank. While you and your family dine, these beautiful creatures will swim just feet from you. While the menu itself is pre-set, dietary accommodations are available, as are wine, beer, and cocktail selections. Through dinner, you will learn about Orca whales and what makes them some of the most interesting creatures on earth. After dinner, you and your family can see (first-hand) the relationships between SeaWorld animal caregivers and these powerful animals. 

Ticket prices vary depending on when you go, but typically these prices range from $31 – $59 for adults and kids (ages 3-9) tickets range from $22 – $29. Children age two and under get to tag along for free. Tickets must be purchased with reservations made in advance.