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Aquatica Orlando: Complete Guide and Overview

Welcome to Aquatica Orlando, the premier water park for animal adorers and park lovers alike. Here, you can come face-to-face with a number of aquatic animals and jump on some big (or small) water slides. This page in our SeaWorld Center includes vacation-planning information on Aquatica Orlando, including an overview of its amenities, attractions, and dining. 

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Aquatica Orlando Frequently Asked Questions

How much are tickets to Aquatica Orlando?

One of the best things about Aquatica is that (compared to the other big water parks in Orlando) it is one of the most affordable. To get the best deal on your tickets to Aquatica Orlando, we recommend purchasing your tickets from us here. You can also check our deals page for the best current ticket prices on Central Florida parks. 

What are Aquatica Orlando’s park hours?

As is the case with ticket prices, park hours will fluctuate throughout the year. You can generally count on Aquatica to be open from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm at the minimum, with operating hours fluctuating throughout the year. In the summertime, when the sun doesn’t set until 8:00 pm or later, the park will likely stay open until 9:00 pm. 

What is parking like at Aquatica Orlando?

There is one central parking lot for guests to access on their visit to Aquatica. You can select general or preferred parking from the parking attendant. If you get there early, we personally don’t see a huge difference in the distances between these two parking areas. Later in the day, you might have to hike from your car to the front gate if you select general parking. 

Parking Costs:
Cars and Motorcycles, General Parking – $30.00 
RVs – $40.00
Preferred Parking – $40.00
Bronze Annual Pass members – Preferred Parking for $30.00
Silver, Gold, and Platinum Annual Pass members – Free general parking

What should I bring to Aquatica?

Aquatica is, first and foremost, a water park, so bring anything and everything you think you’d need to enjoy a day at the beach or a day by the pool. The obvious items we think you should pack? Sunscreen, sunglasses, a comfortable bathing suit, and waterproof phone cases or wallets. Some things we think might go under your radar? Towels. It seems counterintuitive, we know, but Aquatica will not provide free towels to guests. If you don’t bring your own, you will have to purchase one at a gift store to use throughout the day. We also find that bringing ziploc bags (storage size or gallon) are useful for a number of functions, and having a couple plastic grocery bags is a practical way to store your wet clothes at the end of the day. That brings us to our last suggestion – bring a change of clothes. A dry outfit at the conclusion of your trip makes for a much more comfortable journey back to your hotel, or even allows you to be ready to go straight out to dinner. 

You might consider bringing water shoes (though we find these are just an easy way to get blisters) or a life jacket. There are pros and cons to each of these items. For example, a few rides (Riptide Race, Omaka Rocka, Dolphin Plunge, and Ihu’s Breakaway Falls) will not permit guests to wear (or hold) any footwear while on the ride. And while it’s true that guests under 48 inches will be required or highly encouraged to wear a life jacket to participate in most of the attractions, the life jacket must meet certain requirements. If you have a comfortable jacket at home for your little one, you can bring it and see if it passes muster at Aquatica. However, it should be noted that noodles, swimmies, or any in-suit floatation is not the same as wearing a life jacket and will not be accepted. 

Does Aquatica Orlando offer Express/Fast Pass?

If you are looking to skip the lines and get on as many participating rides as possible, you’ll want to take advantage of Quick Queue Unlimited Plus, which lets you do two things: have unlimited priority boarding on participating rides PLUS one-time priority boarding on Riptide Race and KareKare Curl. Prices for this pass will depend on when you go and will vary. For example, Quick Queue Unlimited Plus sometimes starts at just $59 per person per day (like during the slow season while SeaWorld is also running a promotion), but can swing up greatly when demand necessitates. 

The attractions that participate in Quick Queue Unlimited Plus are: 

Whanua Way – minimum height requirement 48”
Omaka Rocka – minimum height requirement 48”
Taumata Racer – minimum height requirement 42”
Ihu’s Breakaway Falls – minimum height requirement 48”
Riptide Race – minimum height requirement 42”
KareKare Curl – minimum height requirement 48”
Reef Plunge – minimum height requirement 42”
Tassie’s Twisters – lifejacket required for under 48″

One-time priority boarding:

Ray Rush – minimum height requirement 42”
Walhalla Wave – minimum height requirement 42”

Can I bring food, snacks, and drinks into Aquatica Orlando?

Unfortunately, parks are cracking down on folks bringing their own food and drink with them on their adventures. Aquatica is no exception here. However, the key difference between Aquatica and other parks is that Aquatica offers guests the option to rent a Picnic Locker, which actually does allow you to store food to eat later. The catch is that you must exit the park and consume your food outside before returning. Prices for this locker vary, but it could be a great option for larger families or guests with picky eaters or with strict dietary restrictions. Picnic lockers must be rented from a ticket booth for a $10 fee with a $10 refundable deposit. 

Inside the park, guests are welcome to bring their own water or refillable water bottles, or snacks for young babies and toddlers. Of course, baby formula and food is permitted, and guests with dietary needs are welcome to bring those specific foods as long as they check in with Park Security or Guest Relations upon arrival. From that point, food is subject to approval. 

How many days should I spend at Aquatica Orlando?

We definitely recommend a full day to enjoy Aquatica Orlando. You will need more days if you want to take advantage of the sister parks: SeaWorld (the theme park), and Discovery Cove (the immersive resort), are both in Orlando, and Busch Gardens is in nearby Tampa. However long you have to spend at Aquatica, just be sure to prioritize your time – between the attractions, rides, and relaxing you need to do, you will find your day goes by quickly here!


Can I rent a locker at Aquatica Orlando?

While it’s not required, guests can rent lockers for their day at Aquatica. Three Self Service ALL-Day lockers are available inside the park: by Ihu Breakaway Falls, near Walkabout Waters, and at the Main Locker location. At these locations, you can select renting a small or large locker to store your belongings that you might not need throughout the day. These lockers are (as the name suggests) Self Service, and can be managed by the kiosk at each station.  Small lockers fit one backpack and cost $20, a large locker fits two backpacks and costs $30, and an extra big locker is $45.

As a reminder, the picnic lockers mentioned earlier must be rented from a ticket booth for a $10 fee with a $10 refundable deposit. 

Can I rent a cabana at Aquatica Orlando?

If there’s one way to guarantee a relaxing experience at Aquatica Orlando, it’s through the use of renting a cabana. For a full run-down of cabanas and the details of each, read through our guide page and see which is the best option for you and your family. Here’s a snapshot of what’s available, but it should be noted that prices for cabanas can fluctuate wildly depending on season and demand. 

Roa’s Rapids River Cabanas – starting at $59 per day
Walkabout Waters Cabanas – starting at $59 per day
Beach Front Cabanas – starting at $99 per day
Premium Cabanas (only two available) – starting at $99 per day
Roa’s Rapids Family Cabana (only one available) – starting at $199 per day
Ultimate Cabana (only one available) – starting at $199 per day

Each cabana rental comes with its own set of advantages and discounts throughout the day. Some of the more notable perks are: privacy, towel rental, a refrigerator stocked with water, and 20% off merchandise. It’s worth noting that, while they’re not cabanas, the premium seating loungers are also a great way to kick back and relax in a reserved spot for the day. Prices for these start at $39. 


Rides and relaxation are what Aquatica Orlando is all about. There are many attractions to spend your time on during your visit, each with its own personality and set of requirements. Guests can have their height checked at the concierge cabana. Here, you will be given a colored wristband that indicates which attractions you are eligible for. Guests under 48 inches are required to wear a life vest and be accompanied by a supervising companion. 

Body Slides

Reef Plunge
Minimum height requirement 42”, In similar format to Dolphin Plunge, this all-new attraction will take guests through an aquarium featuring Commerson’s dolphins, sardines, and leopard sharks while sliding for over 300 feet!

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls
Minimum height requirement 48”, weight limit 300 lbs. Guests line up in four drop slides, each next to one another. You don’t know which slide will drop who first – but each slide will take you through twists and turns, and drop riders at an 80 degree angle. 

Taumata Racer
Minimum height requirement 42”, weight limit 300 lbs. Guests load up on individual mats and race each other down eight speedy side-by-side slides. You must go head-first, and have a good time!

Raft Slides

Whanau Way
Minimum height requirement 48” if supervising companion, guests under 48” must wear life jacket; weight limit 300 lbs for single rider, 400 lbs for double riders. Team up or go solo on this raft ride adventure! This slide tower features four distinct raft experiences for guests to enjoy. 

Tassie’s Underwater Twist
Guests under 48” must wear a life jacket and be able to maintain proper riding position unassisted in a double tube; weight limit 300 lbs for single rider, 400 lbs for double riders. Guests will board a two-person intertube to embark on a 129-foot journey through Australia’s Shark Bay seagrass meadow. The true highlight of Tassie’s Underwater Twist is the super-bowl element that will whisk guests around the basin as they are immersed in seagrass meadows, schools of fish, and even a shark or two. The experience comes to life through captivating video projections and a mesmerizing orchestral score.

Omaka Rocka
Minimum height requirement 48”, weight limit 250 lbs. In the only raft ride designed for strictly single-riders, guests twist through one of two tunnels that end in a pool of cool water. 

Round-Raft Slides

Walhalla Wave (2 riders required)
Minimum height requirement 42”, riders under 48” strongly encouraged to wear life vest; weight limit 600 lbs. This raft slide accommodates up to four riders to embark on a journey through pitch-dark tunnels before bursting back into the sunlight at the end of the ride. 

KareKare Curl (2 riders required)
Minimum height requirement 48”; weight limit 700 lbs for up to four people. If you want one of the most thrilling and unique ride experiences in Central Florida, KareKare Curl is for you. Guests start their journey by being launched up a 35-foot wall to achieve a feeling of weightlessness before coming back down into a tube slide. 

Ray Rush (3 riders required)
Minimum height requirement 42”, riders under 48” strongly encouraged to wear life vest; weight limit 1,000 lbs for up to six riders. One of the newer attractions at Aquatica, Ray Rush is the perfect raft ride for families looking to adventure together. This slide is designed to mimic the movements of one of the most majestic creatures in the sea – the manta ray. 

Riptide Race
Minimum height requirement 48”, guests over 42” permitted with supervising companion; weight limit 250 lbs for single rider, 400 lbs for double riders. The world’s tallest dueling water slide, Riptide Race is more than 600 feet of fun and thrill. Grab your family members and team up to race each other to the bottom!

Wave Pools

Cutback Cove
No weight or height restrictions. One of two wave pools at Aquatica Orlando, Cutback Cove is deeper (up to 6.5 feet) and produces stronger waves. Wave intensity will vary throughout the day, and just as is the case with real waves, the water here will knock you off your feet and drag you to deeper depths. Because of this, Aquatica Orlando advises everyone to consider wearing a life jacket while enjoying this attraction. 

Big Surf Shores
No weight or height restrictions. This wave pool is wider and shallower than Cutback Cove, usually allowing for a more relaxed dynamic water experience. The same suggestions are held at Big Surf Shores: Aquatica Orlando advises everyone to consider wearing a life jacket while enjoying this attraction. Big Surf Shores is also usually the wave pool that is open only seasonally. 

Kids’ Areas

Turi’s Kid Cove
A supervising companion must accompany children under age 6. This all-new water adventure attraction was made with play in mind! With tipping buckets, watering palms, spraying jets, water bobbles, and a brand-new wave slide designed for kids, Turi’s Kid Cove makes for the ultimate spot for the younger ones in your traveling party.

Walkabout Waters
A supervising companion must accompany children under age 6. This is the premier spot for kids to play at Aquatica. With a stunning playground that takes up nearly 15,000 square feet of park, this guest-favorite attraction has something for everyone. 

Lazy Rivers

Loggerhead Lane
Guests under 48” strongly encouraged to wear life jacket. Aquatica’s fun twist on the classic lazy river, Loggerhead Lane will take you on a relaxing journey downstream before also taking you through a beautiful aquarium that showcases exotic tropical fish. 

Roa’s Rapids
Guests under 51” strongly encouraged to wear life jacket. This lazy river takes guests on a high-energy journey down a whitewater river. Hold on to your tube! You’re going to need it. 


There are a number of places to grab a bite to eat at Aquatica Orlando. Whether you’re looking for something quick to take with you on the go, a refreshing drink to enjoy in the Florida sun, or a relaxing dining experience to share with a loved one, there are options for you here! Guests can also elect to participate in the All-Day Dining Deal, which is essentially what it sounds like. You can purchase tickets for that here. Not sure if that’s the right fit for you? Check out our guide page on dining and experiences at Aquatica Orlando here for a full breakdown of dining at Aquatica. 

All this information is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Aquatica Orlando and all it has to offer! Use the rest of our guide pages in the SeaWorld Center to plan your next vacation to SeaWorld Orlando.