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Could wireless charging be coming soon to Disney World?


In a rather interesting post on the Disney Research website, a new technology called quasistatic cavity resonance, or QSCR for short, is being developed by Disney to allow for wireless charging of your mobile devices.

According to Disney Research, the new technology will allow structures such as cabinets, rooms, and warehouses to generate quasistatic magnetic fields that will then in return, provide power to devices within the area of the field. Disney mentions that after analysis, up to 1900 watts can be transmitted to a coil receiver, allowing for wireless charging while standing in a room, unlike traditional wireless charging, which requires you to place your smartphone on some sort of stand or platform to charge wirelessly.

With the latest rumors about the latest iPhone mentioning that Apple may finally introduce wireless charging, this technology would be a great way for Disney (in the future) to eliminate “charging stations” found throughout Disney parks, one of which is the incredibly popular “Tangled Toilets” area at the Magic Kingdom. A lot of the time these areas have broken USB chargers anyways, making it nearly impossible to charge your phone.

Surely we won’t see this technology anytime soon within Disney parks or resorts due to it still being in the research stage and the fact that smartphones will most likely have to be equipped to handle this sort of charging, but it is exciting to see the future of wireless charging may involve us not having to place our phones on some sort of mat or surface, but simply have it in our hand.

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