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Top 5 romantic restaurants at Universal Orlando


You can find romantic restaurants pretty much anywhere, so what makes the locales at Universal Orlando special? Well these five eateries share a common theme: much like the spectacular resort in which they all reside, they each transport you to a different place or time.

5. Emeril’s Restaurant Orlando

Image courtesy Universal Orlando.

Found at: CityWalk
But Feels Like You’re in: New Orleans
Reservations Accepted: Yes (and recommended)
Suggested Attire: Casual or Business Casual
Price: $$$ (entrees $21-$38)

From the moment you walk inside Emeril’s, it’s like stepping into Naw’leans. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has brought the flavors and fun of The Big Easy to Orlando with an adventurous menu which obviously trends toward Creole-infused fare. It’s a spicy atmosphere for romance.

One of the first things you notice is the massive wine gallery with over 12,000 bottles to choose from. There is a huge open kitchen, separate cigar bar, and an aperitif bar as well. Huge windows provide wonderful views of CityWalk, so you can people watch to your heart’s content.

With its prices, Emeril’s is obviously a splurge but for a special date night at CityWalk, it can’t be beat. And whatever you do, save room for the incredible Banana Cream Pie!

After-Dinner Treat:
You and your significant other can stroll along the CityWalk and continue your date with a host of options in easy walking distance: shopping, playing miniature golf, hitting up the clubs, and singing karaoke.

4. Bice Ristorante

Found at: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel
But Feels Like You’re in: Northern Italy
Reservations Accepted: Yes
Suggested Attire: Resort or Business Casual
Price: $$$ (entrees $25-$48)

Commanding exquisite views of the lovely Harbor Piazza of the Portofino Bay Hotel, Bice (pronounced Bee-Chay) is a wonderful traditional Italian ristorante. Founded by Beatrice “Bice” Ruggeri in Milan in 1926, this Orlando location of the family trattoria will take you on a romantic journey through Northern Italy and you won’t even need a passport!

The Old World décor is elegant, with towering windows and lovely terraces overlooking the piazza, and the waterways beyond. The service is exceptional, with an extremely attentive (and well-dressed!) wait staff.

Pasta is hand-rolled on the premises each day, and unsurprisingly, there is an extensive wine list so vino lovers can share a toast to amore. And any restaurant with a dedicated pastry chef is a clue that you should save room for dessert!

Just be prepared, as the prices run on the high side. (Mamma Mia, that’s a pricey meatball!)

Learn more about Bice.

After-Dinner Treat:
You and your date can stroll along the lovely Harbor Piazza waterfront, which is beautifully well-lit after dark. Soak up the romantic ambiance of the Mediterranean under the twinkling lights, people watch, or just listen to the serene sounds of the water lapping against the shore.

3. Lombard’s Seafood Grille

Found at: Universal Studios Florida
But Feels Like You’re in: San Francisco
Reservations Accepted: Yes (Required for Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular Dining Experience)
Suggested Attire: Casual
Price: $$ (entrees $12-$20)

Universal Studios’ flagship restaurant has been around since the park originally opened, and continues to deliver great seafood in a lovely nautical atmosphere at a great price. With its nautical tchotchkes and decor, Lombard’s instantly transports you to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Take your date out onto the harbor side dock, close your eyes, and listen to the water lapping against the wooden pylons… You easily imagine buoys clanging, foghorns sounding, and sea lions barking. It’s a great atmosphere that makes you momentarily forget you are standing in the middle of a huge theme park.

To make your date even more memorable, make reservations for Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular Dining Experience. The package includes an appetizer and entrée, plus a dessert buffet in an exclusive viewing area for the Cinematic Spectacular featuring 100 Years of Movie Memories.

Learn more about Lombard’s.

After-Dinner Treat:
Take your date for a magical stroll through nearby Diagon Alley, which is amazing in the day, but even more transcendent at night. You can share a Butterbeer, hold your date close as you explore the mysterious Knockturn Alley, and marvel as the dragon’s fiery breath truly lights up your evening.

2. Mythos

Found at: Islands of Adventure
But Feels Like You’re in: Ancient Greece
Reservations Accepted: Yes
Suggested Attire: Casual
Price: $$ (entrees $12-$20)

Mythos may very well be the best thing left in The Lost Continent Island of the park. (Which, ironically enough, “lost” seemingly half of its square footage to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter back in 2010.)

From the moment you lay eyes upon its imposing craggy entrance, this restaurant literally appears to have been carved out from the massive rocks. Occupying a lovely grotto, the interior of the restaurant continues the cavern theme, with many tables affording couples semi-privacy due to the geological structuring.

Before settling in to your table, take a moment for you and your date to explore the cascading waterfalls, ornate fencing, undersea lighting, and figureheads carved into the rock (such as the fish fountain, sirens, and faces.) And don’t forget to look up at the ceiling!

The Mythos menu is certainly worthy of its award-winning pedigree, offering food quality that is rare for a theme park. Equally rare in theme park circles are their prices, which are affordable enough to allow you to sample even more culinary treats.

Learn more about Mythos.

After-Dinner Treat:
Take your date to the outdoor seating area which offers an impressive panorama of the water (the park’s “inland sea”) and nearly all of the surrounding Islands. In cooler weather (which in Florida is usually two weeks in January), you could even eat outside and enjoy this spectacular view.

1. Emeril’s Tchoup Chop

Photo Courtesy of Emeril’s Thcoup Chop

Found at: Loews Royal Pacific Resort
But Feels Like You’re in: The South Seas
Reservations Accepted: Yes (and Recommended)
Suggested Attire: Resort Casual
Price: $$$ (entrees $24-$36)

Tchoup Chop (pronounced chop-chop) is Emeril Lagasse’s second restaurant at the Universal Orlando Resort. Your first time through the door is liable to take your breath away, as the restaurant boasts some of the most beautiful and interesting décor in Orlando.

With an almost cathedral like quality, you’ll feel like you’re sitting down to dine under a jeweled Polynesian sky. From the tables surrounding a huge water feature replete with lily pads and gentle waterfalls, to the bamboo accents, and giant woks, Tchoup Chop takes you on a journey to the South Seas. This amazing atmosphere is both romantic and relaxing.

The Asian and Polynesian menu is incredible (and yes, you can still get Emeril’s signature Banana Cream Pie for dessert here too!), the service is always amazing, and the drinks are suitably tropical. Tchoup Chop offers not only a fantastic meal, but an experience, that you and your date will remember for a lifetime.

Learn more about Tchoup Chop.

After-Dinner Treat:
Take your date and continue the tropical adventure theme by exploring the beautifully landscaped grounds of the Royal Pacific Resort.

Now it’s your turn — take someone you love and experience the romance first-hand! Let us know in the comments what you favorite Universal romantic restaurant is!

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