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Top 5 mouthwatering options at NBC Sports Grill & Brew


If more than 100 beers and a more-than-120-foot-wide HD stadium screen wasn’t overwhelming enough, NBC Sports Grill & Brew‘s menu holds more than 75 items for you to try. For anyone visiting that only has time to try one or two, here’s our top 5 mouthwatering options at NBC Sports Grill & Brew at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk.

If you want to see the full menu and details of the restaurant, jump on over to this page.

More interested in something sweet? Take a look at the top 5 delectable desserts instead.

5. Grand Slam

20151022-_DSC2796The Grand Slam Burger ($20.00) at NBC Sports Grill & Brew.

Two half-pound beef patties are paired with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, butter bibb lettuce, tomato, crispy tabasco onions, and barbecue ranch, all between a toasted brioche bun. $20.00

4. Deviled Eggs

20151022-_DSC2806Deviled Eggs ($6.99) at NBC Sports Grill & Brew.

While I have had my fair share of devilled eggs, this is the first devilled eggs I’ve ever had topped with applewood smoked bacon. The added uniqueness lands the starter on our list of items to consider. $6.99

3. Large Warm Soft Pretzel

20151022-_DSC2814The Large Warm Soft Pretzel ($11.99) at NBC Sports Grill & Brew.

This larger than life pretzel is the other starter to make our list. It is lightly salted, comes with jalapeno queso, Bertman Ball Park Mustard, and is served on a metal stand designed to look like a pair of hockey sticks. $11.99

2. Smoked Beef Brisket

20151022-_DSC2767Slow roasted meat being sliced at NBC Sports Grill & Brew.

This sandwich holds beef slow roasted for 18 hours and piled high, smoked Gouda, and horseradish cream. $13.99

1. Cedar Planked North Atlantic Salmon

20151022-_DSC2766Cedar Planked North Atlantic Salmons are cooked on custom-made rotating grills at NBC Sports Grill & Brew.

I’ve tried just about every salmon entree available at the resort and this is easily the best yet. Mythos at Islands of Adventure removed the cedar plank version of their salmon last year, so it’s great to see a cedar plank option return to Universal Orlando. This salmon is served with grilled asparagus, Yukon gold mash, olive tomato relish, and lemon caper butter sauce. $21.99


NBC Sports Grill & Brew is now open at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk. Click here for a full menu, HD photos, and details!


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Universal 101, part 2

Top 5 delectable desserts at NBC Sports Grill & Brew

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