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Super Nintendo World: Reviewing all three attractions


It’s finally here! (Well, sort of.)

After five-and-a-half years of waiting, we finally got the opportunity to slip inside Super Nintendo World over in Universal Studios Japan, the first manifestation of the global partnership between Universal and Nintendo. Even though the land’s grand opening has officially gotten delayed to an as-yet-unknown date in the (hopefully near) future, technical rehearsals actually started all the way back on December 20, 2020, giving us plenty of time to ride the warp pipe in and explore the fully detailed, fully animated Mushroom Kingdom.

And while there is, indeed, much to take in and absorb in this multi-sensory feast – such as delicious food, interactive activities, and exclusive merchandise – it is, of course, the new area’s three attractions that have most captivated our imaginations and tried our patience. As such, these are precisely the elements that we’re going to dive into right now, walking you through their queues, explaining their ride experiences, and otherwise letting you know what it’s like to walk in Mario’s world.

Now that the media embargo is officially over, you can find each of our in-depth thoughts below:

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

The headlining attraction of Super Nintendo World features a detailed queue, an augmented-reality ride experience, and a dedicated gift shop (the only one in the entire land!).

Yoshi’s Adventure

A smaller, simpler attraction, Yoshi’s Adventure is a page right out of the classic dark-ride book, using animated figures to tell small vignettes as you and your family ride around – and through – Super Nintendo World.

Bowser, Jr. Shadow Showdown

Accessible only to those who (a) purchase a Power Up Band and (b) complete three interactive challenges, this boss battle pits you and several other park-goers against Bowser, Jr. in a virtual experience that will have you ducking, jumping, and swatting your way to victory.

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(Photo credit to @Bee_my_honeyyy.)


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