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Speak like the Na’vi with the Na’vi Translator Device coming to Pandora – The World of AVATAR


Na’vi is a constructed language that is spoken by the Na’vi people that live on the moon of Pandora in James Cameron’s film, Avatar. The language had approximately 1,000 words when the film was released back in 2009, but has now grown to over 2,200 words, thanks to Avatar expanding to other mediums, such as the Avatar video game. So just how is a tourist visiting Pandora – The World of AVATAR even suppose to begin to comprehend the language of the Na’vi? Enter the Na’vi Translator Device.

Learn how to speak Na'vi while visiting Pandora - The World of AVATAR
Learn how to speak Na’vi while visiting Pandora – The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney announced this new device today that will help people get familiar with the language of the Na’vi. The device will come with 15 translation cards. Guests can then purchase more cards to learn even more about the Na’vi language. There will be a variety of trading card packages for sale, each representing different cards, such as Nouns (Blue) and Adjectives (Purple). There will also be more hard to find cards, such as Animals (Orange), Phrases (Aqua), and Landscapes (Tan). There will also be really hard to find cards, which include Plants (Green) and Gear (Yellow).

The Na'vi Translator Starter Kit
The Na’vi Translator Starter Kit

Merchandise product developer Cody Hampton teamed up with Lightstorm Entertainment and Dr. Paul Frommer, who is the creator of the Na’vi language, to obtain audio clips for the Na’vi Translator Device.

The Na’vi Translator will be available for purchase inside Windtraders when Pandora – The World of AVATAR opens later this summer.

Until next time, “kìyevame.”

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