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Top Things to do at SeaWorld Orlando for Non-Roller Coaster Riders


SeaWorld Orlando prides itself on having a fantastic roller coaster lineup, and they should be proud of their current and growing collection. Mako, Manta, and Pipeline: The Surf Coaster are just a few of the thrill rides offered, with a brand new coaster, Penguin Trek, expected to open this Spring. 

But what if roller coasters aren’t your thing, or you have a family with little ones who are not quite ready for these intense thrills? No need to worry! SeaWorld Orlando has plenty of activities available for guests of all ages.

Animal Presentations

Dolphin Adventures at SeaWorld Orlando
Dolphin Adventures at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando offers an engaging and educational experience through captivating live presentations, providing guests with a unique opportunity to learn while being entertained. With shows like Dolphin Adventures and Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight, you are bound to be mesmerized by these unforgettable presentations. Check out the show times at the beginning of the day to plan which ones you and your party want to attend.

Encounters & Tours

Wild Arctic at SeaWorld Orlando

Want to get a closer look into the care of SeaWorld’s residents? The park offers a variety of behind-the-scenes tours and encounters alongside ambassadors. These add-on activities include penguins, dolphins, belugas, walruses, orcas, sharks, sea lions, and more!

Looking for a day filled with educational entertainment? Consider the Ultimate VIP Tour that allows you to customize your itinerary for a personalized experience!

Aquariums & Habitats

Manta Aquarium at SeaWorld Orlando
Manta Aquarium at SeaWorld Orlando

There are over 15 different habitats around SeaWorld Orlando for guests to observe and enjoy. They are easy to access and boast an abundance of viewing areas, ensuring everyone gets a front-row seat to the mesmerizing marine wonders. Some of these habitats are strategically located alongside major attractions. So, if part of your group wants to ride a coaster, but some do not, there is something nearby for them to check out.

For example, Shark Encounter is just steps away from Mako, while the Manta Aquarium perfectly complements (you guessed it) Manta. Other aquariums and habitats include Pacific Point Preserve, SeaWorld Rescue Center, Wild Arctic, Flamingo Cove, and one of my personal favorites, the Dolphin Nursery. There is something for everyone!

Events & Concerts

Halloween Spooktacular at SeaWorld Orlando
Halloween Spooktacular at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is always ready for a celebration, offering something exciting and festive throughout almost the entire year.

The park is kicking off 2024 with one of its first events – Seven Seas Food Festival. This event offers cuisine from around the world and live performances that you won’t want to miss! During the summer, check out Bands, Brews & BBQ – a celebration that brings together the perfect trio: fantastic music, flavorful brews, and mouthwatering barbecue. Enjoy live concerts on selected dates throughout the event, all included in the price of admission.

One of SeaWorld’s most anticipated events of the year is Howl-O-Scream. This scary, separately-ticketed event is not for the faint of heart. Brave the mazes and scare zones, and check out some great food! If the intensity of Howl-O-Scream isn’t your speed, or you are looking for a more lighthearted autumnal event for little ones, be sure to check out Halloween Spooktacular during normal hours for some family-friendly fun. The best part is that Halloween Spooktacular is included with daytime admission

At the end of the year, the Christmas Celebration is one not to miss; with its festive foods and jolly shows, everyone will have a blast. Discover what’s happening during your stay by checking our full event listing here and ensure you don’t miss any exciting experiences awaiting you!

Sesame Street Land

Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando
Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando

Grab the family and head over to where the air is sweet – Sesame Street Land! This area pays homage to the neighborhood that has entertained and educated generations. There are plenty of kid-friendly attractions, such as Elmo’s Choo Choo Train, Sunny Day Carousel, and Abby’s Flower Tower. Families can also join in The Sesame Street Party Parade or meet with the fan-favorite residents of Sesame Street.

As you can see, SeaWorld Orlando has a plethora of exciting activities to enjoy beyond the thrill rides. The park offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to every taste, ensuring a memorable time for everyone in the family!

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