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Penguin Trek: First Look at SeaWorld Orlando’s New Coaster


As the temperatures begin to rise once again in Central Florida, SeaWorld Orlando is preparing to introduce a chilly adventure. We received a sneak peek at the development of SeaWorld Orlando’s latest attraction, Penguin Trek, which is set to open in Spring 2024.

Guests will board their snowmobile in the loading area here
Guests will board their snowmobile in the loading area here

This family-friendly launch coaster promises an exhilarating journey, emulating a high-speed snowmobile ride through the landscapes of Antarctica. Accommodating up to 18 passengers per snowmobile, the ride propels guests at up to 43 miles per hour along an expansive track stretching over 3,000 feet. The ride’s design incorporates a mix of indoor and outdoor elements, weaving through the Penguin Trek building with a series of dynamic twists and turns.

The design of the coaster’s track is particularly noteworthy, as it integrates the excitement of a thrilling quest with the educational mission of SeaWorld Orlando. Guests will navigate through the caverns of Antarctica, holding their own secrets, such as breathtaking vistas of the penguin’s habitat. 

But don’t be fooled by the beauty of this icy wonderland. Warning signs and close encounters along the way heighten the sense of adventure, leading to a climactic escape that propels riders into the outdoor portion of the ride.

This new rollercoaster concludes with the discovery of a live penguin habitat, ensuring that guests are entertained and connected with the natural world and highlighting the importance of penguin conservation and the Antarctic environment. Guests will disembark their snowmobile to get a closer look at the penguins that call SeaWorld Orlando home. 

The entire experience, from start to finish, spans approximately three minutes, but the impact of this adventure with these charismatic creatures is designed to last a lifetime.

If you have guests in your party who may not want to brave the perils of this snowmobile mission, they will still be welcome to take a visit to the penguin habitat without needing to experience Penguin Trek. 

A look at the current development in SeaWorld's Antarctica area
A look at the current development in SeaWorld’s Antarctica area
SeaWorld Orlando hard at work to make exciting enhancements to this land!
SeaWorld Orlando is hard at work to make exciting enhancements to this land
An early look at the new gift shop that will be located at the exit of Penguin Trek
An early look at the new gift shop that will be located at the exit of Penguin Trek

The introduction of this new attraction heralds a series of enhancements and expansions within the Antarctica area of SeaWorld Orlando. Among the upcoming additions is a new walk-up bar, offering guests a refreshing stopover during their explorations. Furthermore, the Expedition Café is currently undergoing renovations to expand its menu and increase seating options, with a special emphasis on shaded areas for added comfort. In addition to these upgrades, visitors will have the opportunity to take a piece of their journey home with them, thanks to a new gift shop at Penguin Trek’s exit.

SeaWorld Orlando’s Penguin Trek is set to open in Spring 2024, and you can experience this new adventure without breaking the ice in your bank account! Discounted SeaWorld Orlando admission awaits you through Orlando Informer!

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