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6 astonishing photos of Jurassic Park at night


As a child, the Jurassic Park movie was a bit of a frightening experience for me. Real life dinosaurs chasing people around an island with no form of transportation to escape what is hunting them… Yeah, that’s not my ideal vacation destination. When you see that for the first time at age 3, you tend to believe that what you are seeing on T.V. is real (or at least I did). It rattles you a bit. Fast forward a few years, and as I step into the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure, I find myself almost wishing for an Isla Nublar.

Seeing real life dinosaurs wander around sections of a park would be absolutely incredible, and probably something that I would visit multiple times just for photos. I know: that is not a good idea, but in theory, it seems to be crazy enough that it might work! Alas, no such island exists at the moment, but the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure seems to satisfy my photographic needs at the moment. With so many colors going on throughout Jurassic Park at night, I cannot help but share with you all some of my favorite nighttime shots throughout this “island.”

1. Front side of the Discovery Center

Front side of the Discovery Center

One of my favorite locations to escape the crowds would have to be the front side of the Discovery Center. You have a great view of the park and the Discovery Center sign (as mentioned above), as well as a moment of peace and quiet.

2. Empty Pathway

Empty Pathway in Jurassic Park

This is a path less traveled during non-peak times in the park, due to its dead end at the water. However, you do get a great view of the Discovery Center and Islands of Adventure should you decide to explore this empty pathway.

3. Discovery Center and The Burger Digs

Discovery Center and The Burger Digs

At night, the Discovery Center may close its doors to guests, but its lights remain on, casting a beautiful glow in the shadows of Jurassic Park.

4. Entrance to the Raptor Encounter

Entrance to the Raptor Encounter

I only have one question for all of you veterans of Islands of Adventure: Who remembers the old triceratops encounter that used to be stationed at this location of Jurassic Park?

5. Fire at Camp Jurassic

Fire at Camp Jurassic

Aside from the colors cast throughout Camp Jurassic during the night, my favorite thing about this section of Jurassic Park is hands-down the fire surrounding the playground.

6. A full Moon over River Adventure

A full Moon over River Adventure

What’s a visit to Jurassic Park without a full moon over the Raptor Containment Area? And with the clouds, colors, and waterfall to the right, it really did make for the perfect night.

We’ve taken you on a journey through Jurassic Park at night, now it’s time to plan your own trip to Universal Orlando Resort to see this section of the park, and all of its colors, in person. You can visit our Jurassic Park vacation planning pages or check out the other over 200 pages of Universal Planning information Universal planning information!

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Which is your favorite picture of the Jurassic Park at night? Let us know in the comments below.

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