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How to use timeshares to make your vacation cheap(er)


Editor’s note: this article has been contributed by Joe, a timeshare insider and a fan of Orlando Informer.

Everyone wants to save the most amount of money on hotels when vacationing so they can spend more money on entertainment! In this article, I will share how you can possibly save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your hotel accommodations by doing a timeshare sales presentation.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “Why would I ever do a timeshare sales presentation? I have no desire to buy one, and I know how high-pressure it can be.” That used to be true, but it no longer is if you know what you are doing. By booking with large ownership companies that do more than timeshares, you are more likely to have a pleasant experience on your tour and save a ton of money. I recommend the following three companies: Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Hilton Vacation Club, and Marriott Vacation Club. They are three of the largest companies that also have major hotel brands; they do not want to do damage with a bad timeshare sales experience. (I don’t advise that you go with other companies that only sell timeshares – they may offer better deals, but because they are only trying to sell you on their timeshares and have no other reputation to be concerned about, they have no incentive not to pressure you at the presentation.) If you want an idea as to how much money you can save, here is one example. You could receive:

  • Five days, four nights at the Wyndham Grand at Bonnet Creek (normal price $150 to $250 a night – total $600 to $1,000)
  • Two tickets to Disney (1-day, 1-park – total $198) or two tickets to Universal (1-day, 2-park – total $272) or two tickets to SeaWorld (1-day – total $164)
  • An $100 Spend-a-Night-on-Us rebate coupon

I have seen this go for as low as $199 for the whole package that would otherwise cost as much as $1,300. (Note: you still have to pay room taxes and parking fees.) Also, with most of these packages, there is no restrictions for holiday travel, as long as you book it far enough in advance and the prices do not change. If you are looking to stay for long periods of time, there are no rules that say you cannot book a package with multiple companies and change hotels during your vacation; you would just have to do two presentations with two separate companies. In addition, normally you can do a package every six months to a year.

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Here are a few tips to ensure you have the best experience and get the best deals:

  • Always know how long you are committed to stay for the presentation and leave as soon as it is over – unless you are interested in buying, of course. They cannot stop you from leaving after the allotted time you promise to be there is up, which is normally two hours. Go get your gifts and enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Don’t ask any questions unless you are interested in buying – that is how the two hours two can turn into three or four.
  • When initially setting up your package, never take the first deal they give you over the phone. Timeshares are set up for you to have an objection and can always lower their prices or offer more incentives, like additional theme park tickets or a prepaid debit card. Keep in mind that the tickets they offer may not be the ones you want – for Universal, they are usually 1-day, 1-park tickets – but you can upgrade these tickets at the park and only pay the difference, saving a ton of money.
  • Be prepared when they call you; they are going to want your credit card to get you set up.
  • It is always better if you know the dates you want to travel so they can make all of the reservations when you sign up. However, usually you can also leave it open-dated and travel anytime in the next year.
  • If you call at the end of the month, they will do just about anything to get you to buy because they are trying to make their numbers for the month.
  • They will tell you they cannot call you back and you have to do it right then and there – not true, but you can use their desire to finalize the sale then and there to get better deals.

There are qualifications to take advantage of timeshare promotions, and these change with each company, so be sure to study up a little bit in advance. Furthermore, it is important not to lie about whether you qualify – if they find out you have misrepresented yourself, they will not allow you to travel and will keep any money you have paid. Here is how you can get in contact if you want to learn more: Wyndham Vacation Resorts Do not call the numbers on the site. That department does not have the best deals and will not be able to “gift” tickets. If you fill out the form, someone will call you within the next few days. Hilton Vacation ClubIf you call the number on their site, they will take down your info to have someone call you – so you can do that or just fill out the form yourself. Marriott Vacation ClubJust fill out the form, and someone will contract you. – Joe, a timeshare insider

DISCLAIMER: neither the author of this post nor Orlando Informer is a representative of any timeshare company, and we understand that promotions such as these are not for everyone. By publishing this article, our goal is to provide you with a window into the possibilities of how you might save money by attending a timeshare sales presentation – Orlando Informer is not actively recommending them. You are solely responsible for any action you take based on what we’ve provided here, and we encourage you to do plenty of additional research.

Are timeshares worthwhile endeavors? Let the world know in the comments below. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other in-depth features from the OI Universal Center: FREE 12-month crowd calendar, Our complete insiders’ guide to Halloween Horror Nights

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