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Zones REVEALED for Halloween Horror Nights 2017


After a dearth of information for what has felt like forever, Universal has finally cast open the floodgates and allowed a veritable torrent of Halloween Horror Nights 2017 revelations to come pouring out – just this week alone, we’ve already gotten the next haunted house (that’s Saw: The Games of Jigsaw, but of course) and the first of this year’s two stage shows (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, in its 26th and final season). And, now, Universal has added one more item to this announcement-heavy week: HHN 27’s five scare zones.

There’s a fairly impressive diversity to this year’s lineup, with themes ranging from the obligatory pumpkins to sci-fi to established intellectual properties, which is something that has been comparatively rare in the event’s 27-year history. That’s a lot to sink our parched teeth into, so we should get right to it, shouldn’t we?

The Purge (located in New York)

A returning scare zone, this year’s Purge takes a different tack: rather than recreating specific scenes or elements from the three movies, Universal will now show Horror Nights attendees what would happen if the Purge came to its New York streets – including the very messy clean-up process, wood chipper and all.

The Festival of the Deadliest (Hollywood)

This hallowed “celebration of blood and bone” will collect “the most unearthly, hellish terrors” in order to make your nightmares become real.

Trick ‘r Treat (Central Park)

Based upon the 2007 anthology film of the same name, in which various Halloween revelers are punished for breaking the holiday’s traditions, guests can expect to meet several characters from Trick ‘r Treat here, including Sam, its central – and oddly creepy – character.

Invasion! (San Francisco)

Apparently set in the 1950s, an UFO has crashed in the docs of San Fran and has started to disgorge its passengers out unto the streets. Watch out for the various medical experiments being conducted on hapless humans as you progress through the area.

Altars of Horror (Production Central)

A first-of-its-kind scare zone, Altars of Horror will function as something of a mash-up of all of Halloween Horror Nights 2017’s haunted houses, giving the “larger-than-life” characters their own area to run around in.

Roaming Hordes (various)

The somewhat-obligatory HHN roaming hordes are back, once again with their chainsaws. This time, however, this “grotesque gang of gigglers” has decided to dress themselves up as scary clowns.

These five scare zones will join Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure: The Farewell Tour, Saw: The Games of Jigsaw, Ash vs Evil Dead, The Shining, and American Horror Story at Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights, which runs for a record-breaking 34 select nights, from Friday, September 15 to Saturday, November 4.

Did you miss today’s other big reveal – the return of Academy of Villains to Horror Nights? Be sure to check it out here.

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