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Exploring Discovery Cove: The Ultimate Guide for Animal Lovers


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In the heart of Central Florida lies a sanctuary that is an animal lover’s dream. Discovery Cove is an experience like no other as it combines a tropical paradise and up-close interactions with its residents. Encounter the wonder of Discover Cove with discounted admission through Orlando Informer!

Embarking on a journey to interact with the enchanting world of aquatic and feathery friends is an adventure, and Discovery Cove has some of the absolute best animal encounters to exist in the central Florida area. Something is available for all types of explorers, and we are here to break down the perfect day for any animal enthusiast.    

Have your admission ready to go before you start your journey, which can be acquired through Orlando Informer at a discounted rate here.

Playing with Dolphins

The number one experience Discovery Cove offers is its famous one-on-one dolphin encounter. Visitors have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the water and engage directly with these majestic sea mammals under the guidance of an expert animal care specialist. Throughout this interactive experience, the specialist will share insights into the dolphins’ habits and behaviors, enriching the encounter with educational value.

Each individual will then have the chance to personally interact with these marine mammals. If you are lucky, you may even receive a kiss from one of the dolphins!  

This encounter is an add-on that can be purchased with admission at a discounted rate on our website here.

Making Feathered Friends

After the incredible dolphin encounter, head to Serenity Bay and dive into the Wind-Away River. You will be whisked into a breathtaking aviary where you can exit the relaxing current and interact with countless species of tropical birds. Watch them soar from a distance or grab a cup of fruit to feed these stunning, colorful avians. No matter which way you “fly,” you are sure to be “tweeting” with joy from your aviary visit!

Get Up Close to Otters and Primates

Once you finish greeting beautiful tropical birds, head back into Wind-Away River and enter the Freshwater Oasis. Here, you can swim right next to some curious and fun otters as they play. View them above and below the water through the glass to feel absorbed in their habitat. Be sure to look up to try to get a glimpse at the marmosets frolicking in the trees above the otters.

Snorkeling among Rays and Tropical fish

One of Discovery Cove’s most immersive adventures is swimming in The Grand Reef. Grab some snorkeling gear, which is included with your admission, and jump into this coral oasis. Explore alongside thousands of tropical fish and varieties of rays, like Cownose and Southern Rays. Venturing further into the reef, you will see reef sharks swimming safely behind glass so you can gaze at these incredible predators.

Want to get even closer to the animals in the Grand Reef? Check out the SeaVenture and Ray Feeding upgrades, allowing you to get even more engaged in this amazing habitat.

Swimming with Sharks

Speaking of swimming with these sharp-toothed creatures, Discovery Cove provides the opportunity to do so! Grab your bravest fellow adventurers and come face to face with many different types of sharks. You will see species such as Nurse, Blacktip Reef, Bonnethead, and Zebra Sharks. This encounter is considered an upgrade on top of your admission ticket, with prices starting at around $169 per person.

Be sure to check in advance if this upgrade is available on the day of your visit as capacity is extremely limited for this experience.

Meeting Unique Birds and Mammals

Want to get an even closer look at some interesting critters? The Animal Trek upgrade has you covered! This experience takes guests on a 30-minute tour to engage with multiple types of birds, such as macaws and screech owls. You will also meet some very special Discovery Cove Animal Ambassadors, like their sloth, armadillo, kinkajou, or anteater. Spots are limited, and prices start at $89 per person.

The VIP Animal Experience

Ready for the ULTIMATE animal lover’s experience? The Trainer for a Day upgrade is just that! You and your group will have a second and enhanced interaction with dolphins, meet-and-greet with tropical birds and unique mammals, feed fish in The Grand Reef, hang out with otters in the Freshwater Oasis, and many other behind-the-scenes experiences during this incredible VIP tour. This package is perfect for the biggest animal lover in your life, with prices starting at $199 per person.

Discovery Cove is an absolute paradise for all animal lovers. This day resort allows everyone who enters to become enchanted with an array of different mammals, birds, and sea creatures. Be sure to check it out on your next Orlando vacation!

Ready to live your animal lover’s dream at Discovery Cove? Purchase discounted Discovery Cove admission here and follow Orlando Informer on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for the latest news and tips for trips to Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World, and other Orlando parks.


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