Drinking around the world: Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort area edition

Drinking around the world: Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort area edition

Drinking around the world: Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort area edition



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Our last trip, Drinking around the world: Disney’s BoardWalk edition, left us thirsty for even more “adult beverage fun” at the world’s number one theme park destination. So, without further ado, I submit for your approval Drinking around the world: Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort area edition.

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Disney's Polynesian Resort: Pool bar selection - first stop is a doozy.
First stop is a doozy.

The tour

Open up my custom-made Google map to see all of the tour’s venue locations. This tour includes stops at Disney’s Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Contemporary, and Bay Lake Tower Resorts.

Let’s get the basics out of the way fast–my beer is getting cold. The idea for “drinking around the world” comes from Epcot, where the World Showcase area and its country-themed pavilions naturally lend themselves to a drinking trip “around the world.” This isn’t about going in and sitting down, and having a drink with dinner. This is about getting a cocktail or a beer or whatever and getting on our merry way to the next country.

But if you hadn’t figured it out already from Drinking around the world: Disney’s BoardWalk edition, there are places around Disney World property where you can experience the same type of active, go-lucky, celebratory experience other than Epcot’s World Showcase. Today I show you just how it’s done around the Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort area.


The venues

It’s time to get started on making those memories! For the purposes of this post, I’m going to assume we’re not already staying on-site at Walt Disney World. So however you need to do it, get your butt to the Ticket & Transportation Center. I know you want to ride the monorail–you’ll get a chance to do that later. Right now time is of the essence so we’re going to follow the signs from the Ticket & Transportation Center and walk to Disney’s Polynesian Resort right next door.

Remember, you can see the location of all the venues on my Google map.


Disney's Polynesian Resort: Tambu Lounge.
Tambu Lounge.

Tambu Lounge

Our first stop brings us inside the main building of Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Located on the second floor next to Ohana’s is a venue know as Tambu Lounge.

Perhaps the best aspect of Tambu Lounge is its proximity to everything else in the Polynesian two-story lobby. Whereas in some of Disney’s cocktail lounges you feel removed from the activity of the resort (e.g. Yacht Club’s Martha’s Vineyard), at Tambu Lounge you are right in the middle of the action. And during busier periods Tambu Lounge features live music to really get you in the mood.


Disney's Polynesian Resort: Barefoot Pool Bar.
Barefoot Pool Bar.

Barefoot Pool Bar

When you’ve had your fill of exotic South Seas flavor inside Disney’s Polynesian Resort, make your way outside and toward the pool area. Here you’ll find Barefoot Pool Bar.

There is plenty of fine drinks to enjoy as you watch your fellow guests bask in the sun or take a dip in the pool. Disney’s Polynesian Resort excels at creating a superb vacation atmosphere, and this is best experienced right where you are now sitting at the Barefoot Pool Bar.

From here we take have a short trek down the pathway from Polynesian Resort, past Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, to Grand Floridian Resort.


Disney's Grand Floridian beach pool bar.
Disney’s Grand Floridian beach pool bar.

Grand Floridian’s beach pool bar

As you make you’re way onto Disney’s Grand Floridian, you’ll immediately be struck by the beauty of the architecture and the casual elegance that surrounds you. You’ll also notice, as you walk a few more steps, a certain smaller pool area and its bar on your left-hand side. You’ve reached the Grand Floridian beach pool bar.

This bar is notable because it is the only stop along our tour where you can enjoy a drink right on the shore.


Disney's Grand Floridian Resort: Resort pool bar.
Disney’s Grand Floridian resort pool bar.

Grand Floridian’s resort pool bar

Located in the heart of Disney’s Grand Floridian resort, alongside their spectacular resort pool, you’ll find the resort pool bar.

Take in the sites and sounds of Disney World’s flagship resort and all its ambiance as you sip on a beverage of your choice. If you’re feeling competitive, there are ping-pong tables awaiting you right beside the bar.


Mizner's Lounge at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.
Disney’s Grand Floridian: Mizner’s Lounge.

Mizner’s Lounge

After so much time outside, you’ll be happy to make your way inside Grand Floridian’s main lobby for our next stop.

Mizner’s Lounge is located on the second floor, just behind the bandstand and only a few steps from Disney’s famous Victoria & Albert’s five-star restaurant. Personally I am not a huge fan of this lounge only because it feels very removed from the activities of the resort. Nevertheless, it is still worth a visit to enjoy outdoor views of Grand Floridian and rub shoulder’s with Disney’s elite.


Transportation between Grand Floridian and the Contemporary: At this point we get to switch up transportation a little bit. Because there is no connecting walking path between Grand Floridian and Magic Kingdom, we have to make a choice: Monorail or boat. The monorail is the quickest option, and it will take you directly to Disney’s Contemporary Resort, our next stop. On the other hand, a boat ride across the Seven Seas lagoon is an inspirational way to experience Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort area. If you do take the boat, just remember that you’ll need to walk over to the Contemporary or take the resort monorail from Magic Kingdom.


Disney's Contemporary Resort: Outer Rim.
Disney’s Contemporary Resort: Outer Rim.

Outer Rim

The Outer Rim is located up on the third floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It features the same selection of beer and cocktails you have by now surely memorized.

Nevertheless, the Outer Rim has a few unique characteristics that make it a stand out on the tour. First, it is the only stop that puts you so close to the Disney’s monorail system. Even though the monorail pre-dates many of the people reading this post, we still get a kick out of watching it zoom by. It’s like watching the past and the future all at once.

Outer Rim is also noteworthy because of its excellent location among the other destinations at the Contemporary: Chef Mickey’s, the shopping plaza, even a DVC desk. This means you get superb people-watching, like Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian.


Disney's Contemporary Resort: Sand Bar - who's buying?
Disney’s Contemporary Resort: Sand Bar – who’s buying?

Sand Bar

Making our way back outside, we are next headed to the Contemporary’s Sand Bar located next to the resort’s pool on the edge of Bay Lake.

Here you’ll find two options for ordering: A walk-up counter if you like to stand, or a small quick-service style counter if you like to sit (the entryway is right around the corner from the walk-up counter).

Sand Bar is a picturesque destination, offering sublime views of the pool area, Bay Lake, the Contemporary, and Bay Lake Tower. Even though we won’t be using the service, be sure to take a stole down the end of the docks where the Wilderness Lodge & Fort Wilderness boats pick up. It is simply beautiful.


Disney's Bay Lake Tower Resort: The Cove pool bar.
Disney’s Bay Lake Tower: The Cove pool bar.

Extra credit: The Cove pool bar

This stop is extra credit because technically the pool area at Disney’s Bay Lake Tower is reserved for on-site guests only. Depending on how much you’re enjoying the tour, this may or may not prevent you from making your way to the Cove pool bar. Just be aware that you need a room key to get through the gate surrounding the pool area.

The Cove itself is similar to the other pool bars you’ve already been to. But if you happen to make it this far, take a few steps behind the bar area to the secluded beachfront area–it is a perfect stop to soak in the fantasy of your Walt Disney World vacation.


The tour ends

You, my friend, have just completed Drinking around the world: Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort area edition. From the Contemporary its a quick ride on the monorail back to the Ticket & Transportation Center and on to your next adventure.

By the way, don’t forget that you can view the expanded photo album with 39 images on the OI Facebook page.

Did you have fun? Oh wait, you want more?


Disney's Wilderness Lodge: Territory Lounge.
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge: Territory Lounge.

The expansion pack

If you just haven’t quite got your fill from the tour so far, there is a outstanding expansion pack available for this tour. From the Contemporary docks, take the boat over to Disney’s Fort Wilderness & Wilderness Lodge. You’ll find three more lounges, one at Fort Wilderness and two at Wilderness Lodge, and plenty of more memories to make.

Certainly good times will be had by all!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Drinking around the world: Magic Kingdom resort area edition.

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