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Disney World’s new 50th anniversary additions


Disney had a one-two punch lined up for this morning regarding the upcoming 50th anniversary of its Walt Disney World Resort. First up, of course, was the big revelation of a brand-new nighttime spectacular for Magic Kingdom – truly headline news, as nearly all of Main Street, USA will now get swept up in the nightly proceedings. The second part of the early-morning combo, meanwhile, may not be as big on the wow factor, but it’s equally enticing in its application.

There are three additional celebratory items that Disney has just unveiled to us, elements that will join the previously announced experiences of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT, the makeover of the four theme-park icons, and the advent of sparkly new nametags for all of the resort’s cast members. The first of these is easily the most noteworthy: Disney Kite Tails, a new daytime show that will be held over at Animal Kingdom’s Discovery River Amphitheater. Various windcatchers and kites, some three-dimensional in construction and positioned out over the water, will represent various classic “animal friends” from Disney’s robust library of movies and television shows – such as Simba, Baloo, Zazu, and King Louie – as they soar to a familiar soundtrack comprised of timeless Disney tunes.

Mickey and friends' new EARidescent-fashion
Mickey and friends’ new EARidescent fashion

Although already discussed, Disney today gave us a fresh, expanded look at the birthday makeovers that Mickey and friends will brandish during the festivities. Officially dubbed “EARidescence,” this new fashion style will perfectly complement the icons’ and name tags’ new appearance – namely, sparkly and magical. The just-released photo shows the whole lineup of the new character processional, which will be called (of course) Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip ‘n Dale.

Disney Fab 50 character sculptures
Disney Fab 50 character sculptures

Bringing up the rear of this morning’s announcement trio is the Disney Fab 50, a collection of new golden character sculptures that will be arrayed across all four Disney World parks. These statues are meant to commemorate the figures’ legendary status as well as the big occasion, and Disney has even hinted that “you’ll be able to interact with these beautiful sculptures as part of the 50th-anniversary celebration.” The first eight of what will eventually be 50 total characters are the ones that we just listed as being part of Mickey’s cavalcade.

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