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Disney reveals new Pandora – The World of Avatar details on ABC


Native bioluminescent plants found within Pandora - The World of Avatar
Bioluminescent plants found within Pandora – The World of Avatar

Disney released new footage and details from inside Pandora – The World of Avatar on various ABC shows throughout the day. The first segment featured GMA reporter Paula Faris taking viewers for a walk around Pandora with Avatar film Producer Jon Landau. The video gave us our first look at the all-new Flight of Passage attraction, including the goggles guests will wear on the ride and a clip of the interactive queue. The video also features a look at the huge assortment of flowers and plants that guests will discover throughout Pandora, some which are real, and some are not. We also got a look at the Na’vi blueberry cheesecake and a few of the drinks available within Pandora – The World of Avatar.

It’s also mentioned in the video that Pandora – The World of Avatar, while mainly it focuses on the original Avatar film, there are hints throughout the land of the upcoming Avatar sequels.

ABC’s The View  later showed another preview from inside Pandora – The World of Avatar featuring Avatar creator James Cameron and The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg walking around The Valley of Mo’ara section of Pandora. The video also features never-before-seen footage of the boat ride coming to Pandora – The World of Avatar, the Na’vi River Journey. James Cameron and Whoopi also discuss where Pandora – The World of Avatar takes place in the Avatar timeline.

“There’s Avatar’ the first movie, then there are the four sequels that we’re working on next, and then a whole generation after that when all the conflict, all the struggle, all the warfare between the Na’vi and the humans is over,” Cameron said. He also mentions that some of the ideas of Avatar came from his dreams when he was a just a teenager.

Cameron also discusses just how amazing Pandora – The World of Avatar will look at night once all of the bioluminescent plants come to life. ”This whole land will light up at night,” Cameron mentions. “I actually think, in a way, it’s more magical by night.”

The Chew sampled the Lumpia snack from the Pongu Pongu snack stand inside Pandora – The World of Avatar. The snack is described as a crispy pineapple-cream cheese spring roll. The Chew co-host Clinton Kelly described it as “pineapple cream pie in an egg roll.” The snack is Chinese of origin and is a popular snack in Indonesia and the Philippines. They are traditionally filled with vegetables and meats, but Disney has taken taken that concept and turned it a sweet treat for Pandora – The World of Avatar.

Nightline also aired a segment on Pandora – The World of Avatar later tonight on their show that will feature an in-depth look at the stories of the land. The clip features a close-up look at the seats for the Flight of Passage attraction. Check out the full clip above if you missed it.

Pandora – The World of Avatar opens May 27, 2017 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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