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Bugs: Eaten Alive Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2022


Universal Orlando Resort has announced Bugs: Eaten Alive for Halloween Horror Nights 2022. Here’s how they describe it:

While touring a 1950s home of the future, you’ll be surrounded by the slime of bugs everywhere as hordes of many-legged terrors descend upon you and your scream squad. You’ll be dropping like flies.

It’s a simple concept, but one that plays off one of the most ubiquitous fears across humanity — our fear of bugs. Set in a 1950s theme, guests will walk in and see that a number of things have gone terribly, terribly wrong. Testing and experimentation will be getting worse and worse until they’re too horrifying to put into words. You’ve got to come see it for yourself! 

This house marks the first time bugs or insects have been the focal point of any maze at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida. Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood did host a scarezone called “Exterminators” in 2015. The concept there was that people had thoughtlessly been polluting (and inadvertently altering) the bugs and creatures that lived in the sewer system. Now it was time to pay the price. The subterranean infestations had developed into hybrid humanoid creatures and had emerged to the surface to take over. 

Over at Universal Studios Florida, bugs have made a less direct but still established appearance over the years. Universal’s Islands of Adventure hosted Halloween Horror Nights in 2002, and one of the houses that year was a popular household name at the time — Fear Factor. In this maze, Halloween Horror Nights brought to life the fears and tests that so many guests were familiar with through watching the popular TV show of the same name. One of these rooms included a number of snakes, spiders, worms, rats, and spiderwebs to scare people and test their fear. 

Years later, Slaughter Sinema (2018) also played on the “buggy” elements that skeez so many of us out. One room in this wildly popular house included a scene with a dead scientist who had been overtaken by tiny creatures now harvesting his body. Another scientist was fighting off a swarm of these creatures and trying to save himself from the same fate. 

All of this is to say that while bug elements have been included in HHN past years, this is the first time an exclusively-bug focused house is featured in the lineup of main houses.

We’re always a fan of expanding HHN lore, characters, and just generally testing the boundaries and realms they’re willing to explore in the name of fear. Halloween Horror Nights runs on select nights from September 2 through October 31, 2022. Learn everything you need to know about HHN tickets here.

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